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Why We Fail

According to Shiv Khera, author of You Can Win, failures most often occur for one of the following seven reasons: 

Lack of persistence. More people fail not because they lack knowledge or talent, but just because they quit. It is important to remember two words: persistence and resistance. Persist in what must be done and resist what ought not to be done. We all have had setbacks in life. Failing does not mean we are failures! 

Lack of conviction. People who lack conviction take the middle of the road. But what happens in the middle of the road? You get run over. People without conviction go along to get along because they lack confidence and courage. They conform in order to get accepted even when they know that what they are doing is wrong. 

Rationalizing. Winners may analyze but never rationalize. Losers rationalize and have a book full of excuses to tell you why they could not succeed. 

Not learning from past mistakes. Some people live and learn, and some only live. Wise people learn from their mistakes. Failure is a teacher if we have the right attitude. I’ve always said experience is the name we give to our mistakes. 

Lack of discipline. Anyone who has accomplished anything worthwhile has never done it without discipline. Discipline takes self-control, sacrifice and avoiding distractions and temptations. It means staying focused. 

Poor self-esteem. Poor self-esteem is a lack of self-respect and self-worth. People with low self-esteem are constantly trying to find themselves, rather than creating the person they want to be. 

Fatalistic attitude. A fatalistic attitude prevents people from accepting responsibility for their position in life. They attribute success and failure to luck. They resign themselves to their fate, regardless of their efforts, that whatever has to happen will happen anyway. 

If you see yourself in any of these, you have the power to change your “failures” into future successes. This is a corrective roadmap for your success and achievement…Take it and drive forward!

Charging Yourself for Manifesting

Create your vision and project it out into a bubble in front of you. Then feel yourself filling with divine golden light from above. Once you are completely full from head to toe–every cell–then begin directing that energy across the divide into your bubble. Let the bubble fill up fully with your projected golden light, while your light diminishes. Think of it as if you were filling a gas tank from a pump. As the amount in the pump diminishes, the quantity in the gas tank increases. Now you’ve imbued your dream or vision with divine light coming from Source, through you and into it. This is called Charging Your Vision

From Creative Visualization: Manifest Your Desires by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips

Conscious Creation Tip

How Are You? 

Here’s one that I am often guilty of… 

When someone asks you “How are you?” many of us launch into an assessment of everything that’s wrong with our lives. We need to look at this differently. It’s really an invitation by the Universe to be in our positive, consciously-creating mindset, allowing us to pave the way for our future. So instead of launching your usual explanation, say, “Wonderful, never better! Life is treating me very well…” and so be it!      

Top 10 “Soul Foods” that Nourish the Soul


  1. Standing up for your beliefs
  2. Purpose
  3. Creative self-expression
  4. Spending time in nature
  5. Communication and spending time with loved ones
  6. Satisfying social and cultural activities
  7. Laughing
  8. Eating smart foods
  9. Exercising
  10. Meditation

 From Dr. Barnet Meltzer in his book The Best Kept Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss

10 Steps to Self-Confidence

10 Steps to Self-Confidence: 

  1. Make a commitment
  2. Be proud of who you are
  3. Become an optimist
  4. Believe in yourself
  5. Reprogram your belief systems into winning belief systems’
  6. Stand up for what you believe
  7. Expect the best
  8. Respect yourself
  9. Be self-reliant
  10. Have the courage of your convictions 

From Dr. Barnet Meltzer in his book The Best Kept Secret of Permanent Weight Loss

Conscious Creation Tip

Disconnect Your Anger Buttons

Imagine that you are wearing a breastplate full of buttons. If people “push your buttons” and activate your anger, change your response by deactivating your buttons. Disconnect the button in your imagination. Then, if someone pushes the button, it won’t work. Remember that they will probably try another one. You can learn to deactivate your buttons ahead of time so that you are ready when someone tries to push one.

  — Dean Van Leuven from his book Life Without Anger

Conscious Creation Tip

Golden Hour! 

I love to walk. When I get out into nature and smell the grasses and flowers, listen to the birds, watch the squirrels, it lifts my spirits and relaxes me. My favorite time to go is in the two hours before the sun sets, at the end of the day when I can let go of the stress of the day and enjoy that "golden hour" of sunlight. Do you have a favorite time of day? Is there something you love to do during that time? Indulge yourself! Find the joy in both the beauty of the moment and the activity you love. 

It’s easier than I think…

Someone I know just gave me this wonderful piece of advice: If you are at all intimidated by something ahead, or worried about it being difficult or problematic, say this to yourself consistently: It’s Easier Then I Think! Stay in this thought and energy as you embark on the project and you may indeed find that it is Easier Then You Think! 

Conscious Creation Tip

Clothes Swap

For the last 25 years, a group of women in Southern California have gotten together about every four months to Clothes Swap! This is a wonderful experience for any women who doesn’t have a lot of money, but just loves the chance to wear something new (to her at least!) on no budget. I’ve been privileged to have participated for the 12 or 14 years once or twice a year. I take all of my unwanted old clothes still in good condition (some that I may have only worn once or twice or no longer fit me) and dump them into the giant communal pile. Then throughout the evening we take turns acting like Jay Leno or David Letterman, cracking jokes about the items–and holding them up for the bidding. The first person who claims an item, gets it unless she already has a large pile and the second bidder has very small one. People take back-up claims in case the item doesn’t fit the person who claimed it. At the end of the night we take our piles to the mirror to try the clothes on, and if they don’t fit we pass them to the second bidder, or put them in the bag to go to the women’s shelter. This way, we discover new treasures that bolster our closet and our self-esteem and everyone comes out a winner! So why not try this with your girlfriends? Your clothes will get a second life, you might get some lovely items, your friends will go away happen, and even the women at your local shelter will benefit! Happy clothes swapping!  

Conscious Creation Tip

Letting Go of Negative Energy Objects

Do you have items sitting around your home from old relationships that are painful reminders of the past? How about gifts from relatives you dislike? Or maybe items that you bought a long time ago but no longer fit in your life? It’s time to release them to someone else. Take a walk around your home and let your energy tell you what no longer serves you. If you get a negative feeling about something, or you think “oh that’s ugly and I’m only keeping it because my sister gave it to me,” it’s time for it to go! Give away anything that makes you feel unhappy, is a reminder of previous unhappiness, no longer fits within the realm of being life enhancing or beautiful, or is a no longer useful…allow someone else to love it. Leave room in your home only for those objects that inspire you and support your high frequency vibrations.

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