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Conscious Creation Tip

Bouncing Back


Are you a handball, a basketball or a beach ball? When life knocks you down, can you bounce back like any of these? When you “take a hit,” think of yourself as your favorite type of rubber ball and will yourself to bounce back! Smile when you think of yourself bouncing around like something in a Wiley Coyote cartoon! You have the strength and the resiliency! Happy bouncing!

Conscious Creation Tip

Who Can I Emulate?


While each of us can focus with intention on the traits we wish to develop in ourselves, some people find it difficult to sort out who they want to evolve to be. For some individuals it may be easier to look at someone else and think “That’s how I want to be!” Whether that is a close friend, someone you see on the street, a person you see on TV news, a celebrity who gives generously to causes or a Mother Theresa, other people can be your touchstone. This is not to say that you should be jealous or envious, that you should wish to be them or that you should worship them. It is only to say that people who exhibit worthy traits can be your inspiration to begin Consciously Creating those traits in yourself.

Tip #20 – How to Run Your Company Using Conscious Creation Principles

Continue To Believe In And Envision Success, Don’t Give Sway To Fear

Fear is the most corrosive element in the building of a company. If you believe that the economy is faltering and it is going to destroyyour company, than you are indeed paving the way for that exact thing to happen. If you base your decisions on fear instead of faith and optimism, your decisions are bound to take you down the wrong path. So continue to believe in and envision success, even in the most challenging times and that faith will be a beacon. Like the lighthouse, it will keep you off the shoals and moving toward your ultimate safe harbor. 


Tip #19 – How to Run Your Company Using Conscious Creation Principles

      Do What’s Right Not, What’s Expedient Or Easy


Success eludes the company that always does what is expedient, easy and self-beneficial, rather than what is morally right. It’s always easier to do whatever works for your benefit than what may be initially more difficult, but ultimately more honest and moral. Sometimes it is best to give back money, share the shortfall, own up to a mistake, split the difference, or let go of an expensive investment if these actions re-balance the scales. Focus on your integrity because that is one of the highest of frequencies.

Tip #18 – How to Run Your Company Using Conscious Creation Principles


Listen To Your Intuition And Encourage The Staff To Do The Same 


If you have that little “gut” reaction not to do something, than DON’T DO IT!!!! Don’t over-rule your intuitive guidance. How many people have your heard say, “If I’d only followed my instincts…?” This is an internal warning system. It will tell you want TO DO and want NOT TO DO. Conscious Creators understand that intuition is a gift provided to help you make decisions that are in your and your company’s highest good. If you feel uncomfortable with someone, don’t hire them or don’t partner with them. If a deal looks too good to be true and it feels that way, decline. Your antenna is better than you think! Teach your staff to also honor, acknowledge and act on their intuition as well. 


Tip #17 – How to Run Your Company Using Conscious Creation Tips

Make Sure You And Your Staff Have Balance In Your Lives

Working weekends and nights consistently is harmful to your body, your energy and your spirit. Everyone needs balance in their lives. So it behooves you to ensure that not only you, but your work force has plenty of rest and time for a balanced life. That balanced life should ideally include relaxation, meditation and reflection time, family life, exercise, recreation, and personal/community connection. Don’t force, shame or guilt people into working excessively to meet deadlines. Work smarter instead, or bring in extra support. And that goes for you, too! Ask the Universe for the right assistance and it will come forth. You don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Tip #16 – How to Run Your Company Using Conscious Creation Principles

 Keep The Clutter Out Of The Office

In order to prevent positive energy from being blocked and to open the flow of prosperity, you must ensure that the physical environment is clear of clutter. So if your desk is a mess of un-filed documents, your supply room is a disaster, your staff leave half-opened boxes everywhere and there is a general sense of disorganization—do something about it! Hold a filing and clean-up day. Hire a professional organizer. Create a Chief Organization Officer. Your success is a direct result of the clear flow of energy. So if you want more success, ensure that there are no obstacles preventing it from arriving.    

Tip #15 – How to Run Your Company Using Conscious Creation Principles

Let Go Of Control


Letting go of control is a very tall order for entrepreneurs and CEOs. We are used to being in control of our fate and the company. But the truth is that the more control we demand, the less room we give the Universe to step in and support us. If we stop fretting over everything (negative energy), trying to hold onto the reigns (choking off the positive incoming energy and opportunities), and pushing people around to get what we want (resulting in negative kickback from others), than we can simply relax and let the positive intentions we set work their magic—even while we are sleeping! Control is a powerful and destructive drug that we can wean ourselves off of. Place your ultimate faith in the Universe to bring your desire, and go on auto-pilot. You will soon see the doors open in amazing ways.

Tip #14 – How to Run Your Company Using Conscious Creation Principles

Make It All About Service


Make your company’s primary mandate and purpose to serve, not to make money. If you serve with good pure heart and operate with great clarity about your desired outcome and vision for the company, the money will follow. Companies that put money first may indeed be profitable, but the cost of fighting the battles, unhappy personnel and public outrage at corporate misdeeds is one that does not pay off in the karmic long run. So focus on giving value–and profitability will result from happy customers and greater word of mouth.     

Tip #13 – How to Run Your Business Using Conscious Creation Principles

Choose Partners For Their Abilities To Be Conscious Creators Instead Of Unconscious Creators


When you go to hitch your wagon to other partners and affiliates, choose individuals who share your Conscious Creation ideals and values, and recognize their own responsibility for what they create. Not people who look to place blame. Look for positive, optimistic, collaborative partners whose attitude creates positive outcomes, rather than whining, critical unconscious creators who never understand why “bad” things happen to their companies.