Life Coaching with Jackie

Let's Make Your Life Bloom!

Let’s Create the Right Vision for Your Life and Turn It Into Reality!

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Are you stuck in your life?
  • Is your business going nowhere?
  • Are you not enjoying life as you should?
  • Is life always a struggle?
  • Do you feel unsatisfied, but cannot figure out how to fix or change it?
  • Is your career in a holding pattern or the passion gone from your love life?
  • Does money always seem to be going out of your bank account, rather than in?
  • Do your dreams seem to always elude you?
  • Are you unclear on what next steps to take to make your business or your book successful?

Then it's time to do something about it!

You were not put on this Earth to be unhappy!

Turn to someone that can help you break through the energy blockages and raise your frequency so that you can create the life you have always wanted. Let’s together create the visions that will manifest what is in your heart! Lastly, we’ll put in place the Practical Conscious Creation practices that will attract and anchor your magnificent new life!



Practical Conscious Creation “Life Elevation” One-on-One Coaching

Bring Your Life to a Brilliant New Level.  Jackie Lapin, the consummate teacher of Practical Conscious Creation, employs her unique skills and perspective to helping you find a new path to your own joy and success. She’ll be your Practical Conscious Creation coach!

Jackie’s 30 years in business as a highly successful marketing strategist, coupled with her innate wisdom and knowledge of the Universal energy principles is applied to helping you unearth your personal energy roadblocks and developing both practical and visionary strategies for manifesting a personally and professionally satisfying future.

Make an appointment and submit a Life Survey that provides background history and perspective. Jackie assesses what is working in your life and what is not. The first in-person or phone appointment is a two-hour session in which the Life Survey is reviewed and explored to evaluate where your energy is blocked and to begin laying out a plan for your transformation so that you may manifest your dreams. Clients are given specific “practical recommendations” and “energy tactics” to put into practice and they receive periodic encouraging email to ensure progress.

Sometimes we just need someone else to make us see ourselves, our lives and our challenges differently….and release what is holding us back.

“Jackie Lapin in her wisdom and experience had the knowledge and innate intuition to spot my dilemma and directed me out of the maze and pointed me to my north. Everyone has a north– it’s the direction and the destination we all try to reach personally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Jackie is the guide—she knows the direction.” 

—Lisa Tenner–Marketing Promotional Consultant, Event Pro of the Year for 2007

“Jackie Lapin has acted as my catalyst on several occasions, most particularly when I started my own business, helping me make the transition from the corporate world. Jackie is smart, creative and focused. Instead of taking control, she helps me find my own answers so I can resolve my challenges.”

—Roberta Cohen, Marketing Strategist

“Jackie Lapin has had such a profound influence in my life on so many levels, it’s difficult to put into words. Throughout the past 22 years, Jackie’s abundant wisdom and compassionate support have guided me through challenging situations with great clarity.”

–Gigi Liberati, Marketing Manager and Single Mom

“There are times in our lives when our internal monologue needs to be heard by someone else. It needs an active sounding board with more experience, intuition and clear insight. Jackie has been that sounding board for me. Her caring advice and guidance put me on a path toward reconciling the issues in my past, approaching my present life each and every day with an honest and positive frame of mind and changing the future by sending that positive energy out into the world. Jackie didn’t just help me learn to address this energy, but also to purposefully position and direct it so it changes my future and the world around me. Though Jackie came along after the chaos in my life had already begun, her words and thoughts spoke to me at a time when most words meant little or nothing. They helped me learn to adjust and readjust the internal monologue and the negative lost. Jackie constantly encourages me to want and EXPECT to be happy and, though that is never as simple as it sounds, I now know it is indeed within my power.”

— D. R. Johnston, Primary School Educator and Business Consultant

Practical Conscious Creation "Life Elevation" Coaching Fees

  • First 2-Hour Coaching Consultation - $400
  • Each Hour Thereafter - $200
  • 6-Hour Package ($200 savings!) - $1000

How to Start:

Download and Complete Your Life Survey:

OR Download and Complete Your Business Survey:

After you have completed your survey: