Book Jackie to Speak

Jackie Lapin is available to be a guest lecturer at Conscious Living/Mind, Body, Spirit events; corporate meetings; New Thought churches, civic, social, environmental organizations; educational institutions and centers, etc.

Jackie is available for lectures, keynote speeches, half-day, full-day and weekend seminars.

Download Jackie’s speaker information packets:​

Topics Include:

Practical Conscious Creation

  • Practical Conscious Creation–Daily Techniques for Manifesting Your Desires
  • The Art of Conscious Creation–How to Become a Conscious Creator and Live the Life You Envision
  • Raise Your Personal Frequency –The 25 Guiding Universal Principles That Will Open the Door for Personal Empowerment
  • Power Up Your Life! Conscious Creating Love, Health & Wealth
  • Personal Frequency Management—Living the Life You Envision
  • The 20 Things You Should Have in Your Frequency Management Tool Box
  • So Now I Know I Can Create It, But What Is It I Really Want?
  • Becoming a Detective of Desire

Global Consciousness

  • The Art of Conscious Creation—Manifesting a Better World
    • For Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Business Executives and Authors
  • Be An ‘Actionary’ In Your World—Making a Difference
  • Unity—How We Can Join and Build the Community of Manifestors

Business Consciousness

  • ​Consciously Create Your Business Trajectory!– Take Control of Your Success, Rather Than Leave It To Fate
    • 15 Powerful Tips for Transformation
  • Conscious Creation in the Workplace– ReShaping Your Work Experience
    • For Corporations and Small Businesses