Reviews of The Art of Conscious Creation

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Practical Conscious Creation is an extraordinary gateway to anchoring manifesting and law of attraction into your daily activities to create a life of YOUR choosing, vision, ease and prosperity. A life-changing book!

–Marie Diamond, Marie Diamond, transformational leader and speaker and star of The Secret

Practical Conscious Creation makes conscious manifesting a way of life! Here’s the key to applying it everywhere, in every circumstance so that you can create a life of ease, success and prosperity.

— Peggy McColl, New York Times best-selling author of Your Destiny Switch

Jackie Lapin has done it! Practical Conscious Creation provides a concise road map for implementing daily innovative, creative imagery and inspired actions in ways that result in both incremental and life-changing alterations. If you are looking to have more health, wealth and overall prosperity, this book will take you there.

— Ken D. Foster, bestselling author Ask and You Will Succeed.

I like this book! It points in the direction mankind is clearly headed: an age of solution-consciousness rather than of problem-consciousness. As my guru Paramhansa Yogananda put it, “The greater the will power, the greater the flow of energy.”

Practical Conscious Creation is about clearing away the cobwebs that prevent people from thinking greatness!—Swami Kriyananda, worldwide spiritual leader, author of 140 books including the award winning The New Path: My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda and last living, still-teaching disciple of Yogananda.

It’s not always easy to remember to be a Conscious Creator or to practice the principles of law of attraction and positive energy. And that’s why Practical Conscious Creation is so powerful! It helps you anchor those principles into a way of life—into everything you do!

— Christine Kloser, Author of The Freedom Formula

Law of Attraction Blah-blah-blah, it’s a lovely idea, but ideas without a practical application have left large groups of disillusioned people in their wake. Finally someone steps up and gives you the nuts and bolts of Practical Conscious Creation. This book breaks it down, showing you how to take Conscious Creation from a general concept into everyday practice. If you are fed up with the empty promises from the Law of Attraction crowd, get your knife and folk out and dig into this meaty material.

–Dov Baron, Elite Mind Strategist, Best Selling Author, creator of the CORE Affluence System for Leadership, and Host of The Accidental Guru Show

As humanity awakens into oneness, it is vitally important to be conscious of our own thought patterns. With optimism and sincerity, Jackie Lapin encourages us to examine our personal frequency and raise our vibration to the highest level possible. This book will teach you to broadcast energy that will improve your relationships, workplace, and personal life so you can discover your co-creational power with the Universe.

— Charlene M. Proctor, PH.D., best-selling author of The Oneness Gospel: Birthing the Christ Consciousness and Divine Human In You.

I consider myself an attraction connoisseur, and a snobby one at that! I love someone who can speak to the practical ways to integrate how to be a conscious creator. I’ve always loved Jackie’s way of teaching these principles because she is right on target and always consistent in her message. There are very few people who I’ll even pay attention to on this topic, but Jackie is one of them!

– Jeanna Gabellini, co-author of Life Lessons on Mastering the Law of Attraction