Reviews of The Art of Conscious Creation

The Reviews are in...

“An astonishing book! This is the first paint-by-the-numbers approach to creating a personal and planetary life that is abundant and happy for all.”

— Dr. Joe Vitale, author “The Attractor Factor,” star of “The Secret

“If you’re ready to create your personal world into a veritable “Garden of Eden,” read, drink in deeply these profound insights and together let’s positively change the world.”

- Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Brilliant! Inspiring and uplifting! The Art of Conscious Creation provides a powerful blueprint to become the deliberate Creator of your own life and reminds us of the enormous power we wield collectively to create a thriving and abundant world. Each page invites us to dream and live in possibility. A must-read for anyone on a path of enlightenment and peace.

- Lorraine Cohen, CEO of Powerful Living, Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer

Amazing! This is your answer to the call of awakening to your highest self. If you want to create as a master, read this book!”

–Christel Hughes, C.Ht. Transformational Coach

Jackie’s book is a “manual of life” for us all. Her vision for the transformation and unification of our lives and the world is amazing!”

–Marla Frees, Psychic Medium and Counselor

A must for anyone tuned into awakening their spiritual power. The Art of Conscious Creation is easy to understand and practical. This is a welcomed addition to my spirit library.”

— Donna Blevins, Inspirational Speaker, Journalist and Personal Business Consultant

It’s no secret that the world needs a shot in the arm right now; The Art of Conscious Creation is that shot. Jackie Lapin has offered us a way to address suffering, waste, loss and inhumanity and insensitivity in general. A way to create a force against it, together as one, and to help make this world the place we visualize it can be.”

— Ivan Klarich, Business Turnaround Expert and Corporate Brand Builder

When a person steps through the gateway toward enlightenment, they open the door and bring with them a community. Jackie Lapin has opened a door that will certainly lift the quality of humanity as we know it to a more beautiful expression. I am thrilled with the growth and leadership of my friend and mentor as she steps forward to lead us toward Conscious Creation and United World Healing.”

—Ellin Todd, Raja Yoga Instructor

What I find about The Art of Conscious Creation is that it does a wonderful job of taking many beautiful ideas about how to Conscious Create in your life and puts them in a why you actually can grasp them, understand them and use them immediate to start making changes in your life….” 

–Beverly Segner, College Instructor, Social Worker

I have watched my life transforming before my very eyes! I am going to buy a copy for everyone in my family.”

–Peggy Rosenberg, Health Consultant

Your brilliant book arrived. My fifteen-year old daughter and I are reading it together. We are having fascinating discussions about how we will transform our personal world(s). We are also excited about our part in global transformation and how we can help bring peace, prosperity, and unlimited opportunity to all.”

–Carolyn Bradford, Internet Marketing Specialist

“Your book on CD is amazing and it makes me feel good. I can listen to it over and over and not get tired of hearing the information. You have a gift for encapsulating a vast amount of data. Yet, you still maintain my interest and this is not an easy task. You are a gifted communicator and teacher. Your voice is uplifting, too.” 

–Jack Harris, Alarm Works

“I read the rest of your book last night. Wow! Truly you are on the right track in your movement toward a better World. Your words are life changing, pointed, eloquent, and permanent, I now have no escape from the truth…. I thank you…. as the world will also thank you for reminding us of what we know to be true.”

–Kathleen Connor, Massage Therapist

My heart was singing and tears were falling from my eyes as I read Jackie Lapin’s precious creation. I was especially moved as I read through the “Visions” section near the back of the book, feeling my energy aligning with the wondrous pictures she was painting of a unified and peaceful Earth. “Each and every one of us are “agents of change” and as she says, “Every human has the potential to refresh and vitalize the Universal energy ecology.” I encourage you to get your copy of The Art of Conscious Creation as you will certainly raise your frequency through reading her book, and awaken your souls’s longing to be part of the incredible transformation happening right now!

—Marcia Breitenbach, The Songletter Lady and Transformation Specialist

“LOTS of great things explained in really easy to understand terms! Wow!

—Mitch Newman, The Relationship Coach

Most people hope a book will inspire them, but hoping implies the possibility of uncertainty.With this book, you can expect inspiration. Within are the tools to not only heal and improve your own life, but to heal the world as well. This book inspires you to take action and expect to have an impact.”

-Eden Livingood, Executive Assistant

“The Art of Conscious Creation by Jackie Lapin. She is the founder of United World Healing, an international organization uniting millions around the world in daily acts of Conscious Creation. We all know that our thoughts are powerful. Jackie Lapin gives us scientific evidence that our thoughts create our reality. It is her belief that together we can transform the world. I highly recommend this seminal work."

–Mark Susnow, Inspire Possibilities

To merely say it was a great book does not do it justice. Jackie Lapin’s fabulous book is wonderfully awakening. It can help us all re-focus for a more meaningful and abundant life as well as a world of harmony, balance and peace.” 

–Dr. John Bathe, Urban Street Ministries

Wow!!! A beautiful book that provides tools to consciously create a happier, more fulfilling and prosperous life.”

—Darren Jacklin, Creator of THE “BIG” IDEA PARTY EVENT

Sensitive. Thorough. Inspiring. The world needs it!

—Laura Walcher, Media Relations Consultant and Musician

Come to this book with an open mind and an open heart and you will find wisdom and love on every page.”

–J.Muir author of Tigers and Songbirds

In the 15+ years I have known Jackie Lapin as a close friend, I have been confident she could and would accomplish anything she set as a goal. Nonetheless, I was completely, and delightfully, caught off guard when we talked shortly after she had her breakthrough revelation… her “moment of profound connection with the Universe”…that lead to a magnificent change in her life…and this book. To say I am impressed by changes that represent an about-face would be an understatement. I am NOT surprised that she has undertaken an paradigm shift that brings her life’s goals more into alignment with her ability to inspire, motivate, and generally help others. I am surprised by how quickly, completely, and wholeheartedly she has been able to make this change, though knowing her drive, intelligence, and competence I should not be. I am excited by the prospects of what she, and her associates in this endeavor, will bring about…in our personal lives, our immediate communities, and throughout the world. If the populace as a whole goes through the changes Jackie has already made herself, we are in for an exciting ride that will lead to wondrous changes of a magnitude we cannot yet imagine. Jackie has always been a force to be reckoned with; now that she has such a powerful understanding of how the energy of our Earth works, we can all watch out…and benefit!” 

–Peggy Rosenberg, Health Consultant