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Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Dreams—available in Paperback and eBook

How You Can Transform the World–available in Paperback, Workbook, eBook, and Audio Book


Includes One Hour Consultation and More!

Consciously Creating Wealth, Health, Love and the Perfect Life For You


8 Weeks to Living Your Dreams!


Get Advice from Luminaries in the Manifesting World—Joe Vitale, Peggy McColl, Marie Diamond, Mark Victor Hansen and more–on How You Can Become a Better, Faster Manifestor!

Guided Meditation by Jackie Lapin to Help You Realize Your Full Potential for Success, Happiness and Prosperity!

17 Visions of a Healed World…word pictures of a world transformed by beauty, peace, tolerance, freedom, environmental balance, compassion and more. For use in personal and group meditations.

Guided Meditation by Jackie Lapin for Entrepreneurs, to Help You Step Fully Into Your Brilliance and Confidence as a Successful, Abundant Entrepreneur

This one hour teleclass recording….is the first step in helping you come into your own as a Conscious Creator of prosperity and wealth– allowing you to leave behind your days of struggle and financial pain.