Power Up Your Life: Consciously Creating Wealth, Health, Love and the Perfect Life For You

The Power Up Your Life Kit: Consciously Creating Wealth, Health, Love and the Perfect Life for You! lets you be the architect of your own life.

You don’t have to let life happen to you any longer. You don’t have to be a victim. You don’t have to be miserable. No more Unconscious Creation! You can take charge of your life!

THIS WORKS! There are consistent unfailing principles at work in the Universe and the only point of difference is the individual—whether you are consciously using them to create your future or allowing them to manifest your experience without your clear direction. Since the only difference is you, my commitment is to navigate you through the process of aligning your energy and your desires, and then seeing those dreams come to fruition.

With The Wisdom in This Kit, You Can Live Your Perfect Life.

Here’s what you will get in The Power Up Your Life Kit: Consciously Creating Wealth, Health, Love and the Perfect Life for You!

Five Amazing Products in One Remarkable Kit!

Amazon.com #1 Best Seller –The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World—Paperback book or Audio book (Retail Price: Paperback Book/$16.00; Audio Book/$40.00)

The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World—100-Page Workbook on CD-Rom (Retail Price: $50.00)

Simple exercises that will help you really discover what’s holding you back from being a Conscious Creator, shift your thinking and then anchor in these key principles to unleash your power of creation. This lets you personalize the information you are learning and apply it to your life!

Master Conscious Creators Reveal Their Secrets —2 CD Set (Retail Price: $60.00)

“Master Conscious Creators Reveal Their Secrets,” is a 2-CD set of interviews that I’ve just completed with leading luminaries including Joe Vitale, Marie Diamond, Peggy McColl, Mark Victor Hansen and 15 others. And here’s the best part, each one will tell you what they do to create the magic in their lives and then offer you a special tip on Conscious Creation. There are incredible gems here that will change your life. A true gift of insight and knowledge in bite-sized bits that I believe are amazingly illuminating! Something you don’t want to miss…!

Affirmations of Attraction— CD (Retail Price: $30.00)

Reach your highest potential to live a rich and happy life guided by these vital words. You’ll hear more than 200 key phrases that will apply to your personal spiritual growth, your ability to attract wealth, to increase the love in your life and to manifest health. Play them over and over again and let them unlock your power to live your life to the fullest!

Visions for a Better World— 2 CD Set (Retail Price: $25.00)

If you are to live Your Perfect Life, you’ll want to do that on a safe, sustainable and peaceful planet. So we must all contribute to creating a far better world than we have today.”Visions for a Better World” is the first step. Lending your vision and heart to these 20 Visions–guided meditative journeys of a healed world –either alone or with friends and family—will begin Consciously Creating that world of peace, abundance and prosperity for all. Here is your chance to make a difference without ever leaving your living room. You can start changing the world just by listening to this powerful CD!

Choose the Option that Best Fits You:

Power Up Your Life Kit with Paperback


Power Up Your Life Kit with Audio Book


Power Up Your Life Kit with No Book