Manifest Your World

The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World
‘Manifest Your World’ Kit

By Jackie Lapin

If you want to supercharge your learning curve and leap into the next dimension of Conscious Creation, here is your kit! The 80-page Workbook offers more than 100 thought-provoking, results-producing exercises based on the book, exercises that will guide you to a higher frequency and begin training your mind to become a prolific producer of effective Conscious Creations. In addition to the book and the Workbook, you will receive a copy of the 2-CD set of Visions for a Better World to guide you in your world transforming manifesting. Also in this package, you will get an incredible Masters of Conscious Creation Reveal Their Secrets, a 50-minute CD of Wisdom and Manifesting tips from some of the World’s Leading Conscious Creators. To top it off, you will be entitled to a 1-hour Conscious Creation Coaching Session with author Jackie Lapin by appointment.

Includes a ONE-HOUR Personal Frequency Management consultation with Jackie!


  • The Art of Conscious Creation Book
  • Visions for a Better World CD Set
  • The 80-Page Art of Conscious Creation Workbook
  • Masters of Conscious Creation Reveal Their Secrets CD
  • PLUS! – A one-hour Personal Frequency Management consultation with Jackie Lapin