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Conscious Creation Tip

Keep an Affirmations Log.  Affirmations are a powerful way to generate positive energy and raise your personal frequency.  They help you change your core beliefs and open you to growth.  Keeping a log or compendium of affirmations has several purposes:

• It reminds you to affirm these statements daily and to have them all in one place so you don’t forget any of them.
• It keeps them in a place where you will always find them.
• It allows you to add new ones that you create or obtain from other sources or subtract those you have outgrown.
• If you keep all of them, it provides a record of your growth and how you have evolved.
There are several simple ways to create your log.  You can do this on your own computer.  I have heard of a few places that allow you to archive your affirmations on the web, but I’m still searching for their web addresses.  A few sites on the web give you ways to record your personal affirmations, so you can play them back as an MP3.

One easy way to do that is to set up an inexpensive account at Audio Acrobat, where you can record them over the phone and you can then download the results to your computer or digital player.  You can play these each day when you arise, go to sleep or when you are exercising.  And then there’s, where you can download hundreds of prerecorded affirmations.

Conscious Creation Tip

Walking Conscious Creation.  While sitting, being quiet and meditating are the traditional ways to get into the Conscious Creation mode, I find that walking is also a very conducive way to start the energy flowing.  First, you are outside in nature, deeply breathing fresh air already!  Your body is getting energized just by your movement.  You feel good because you are doing something nice for your health. 

What a perfect setting for Consciously Creating…you’re already flowing positive energy!  Then just begin directing your thoughts inward to your heart.  Find what you most want to manifest.  And start visualizing while you walk and feel great about it with every positive step you are taking into the future!  But just make sure that while you are visualizing, you don’t walk into a fire hydrant or a tree! 🙂

Conscious Creation Tip

Here’s a practice that will really start your day powerfully … Consciously aligning with Universal energy.  It was taught to me by one of my spiritual mentors.  Each morning before I start work, I stand before a big picture window and drink in the beauty outside.  I center myself; legs balanced apart, bring my hands to my chest in a prayer position, take a deep breath, and as I do, I lift my hands pressed together to the sky.  I recite to the Universe that “I am in the flow,” and then allow my hands to part, facing outward/downward and circle back down to my outer thighs.  I do this at least four times.  I also then verbally invite the glorious energy of the day into my life.  If I’ve had a negative day on the day before, I release all negative energy into the earth, and then again, welcome the fresh energy.

I can only tell you that on days that I forget to do this practice or am too busy to make the time, my days do not go as smoothly as when I make sure to consciously connect to the Universal energy flow.

It’s Time To Get Into The Flow!

Oh how I love it when the days are longer.  I bet you do, too!  Even if there’s snow on the ground where you live, Daylight Savings Time heralds the spring to come.  But most of all, it gives us more hours in the day before we settle in for nighttime.  So let us ask: What do we want to do with that time? More work?  More chores?  More errands?

Why not use those extra hours deliciously for yourself?  I love to walk during the two hours before dusk, that “golden light” time.  But DST also means I might be able to get in a half hour or hour of meditation in the morning before I get to my desk, or perhaps in the evening in my backyard, amongst the trees, cooing doves, running waterfall and fresh smelling flowers.  On the weekends, it means I can spend more time outdoors reading wonderful mind/body/spirit books or perhaps immersing myself in a historical biography or novel.

What can you do with those extra hours?  How can you enrich your life, de-stress, find joy?  Take a yoga class, visit with friends who feed your soul, take your dog for a long walk, dance, sing, indulge in a hobby that takes you away from the cares of the day, or take your kids to a culturally stimulating program that’s interactive for adults, too.  Etc…

Make a list of the things you desire to do and then block time for this in your calendar — and just to make sure you are creating the right energy for it, consciously create a visualization where you see yourself doing these things.  Revel in the emotions of joy, relief, fun, ease and satisfaction that go along with being in that experience.  Now, go enjoy those extra daylight hours!

Conscious Creation Tip

Changing Your Frequency Fast.  Elevators and Mood Changers.  So you’re in a funk.  Things came crashing down at the office today and it all seemed to be on your head.  Your boyfriend dumped you.  The laundry trashed your shirts.  Your cleaning lady is sick and you have to do it all and shuttle the kids all over town.  You started the day by spilling coffee all over your work clothes.  You were late and missed the Fed Ex drop off.

Whatever it was that started your energy spinning down toward the lower realms of the Frequency Yardstick, it’s time to put a halt to the skidding. What are some quick ways to jump-start you back into the higher frequency ranges? 

Here are a few ideas:
  • Take a walk
  • Get out in nature
  • Play with your pet
  • Call your partner and tell him/her you love them
  • Do some exercise
  • Take time to get away for a few minutes and meditate
  • Listen to upbeat music you love
  • Buy or cut flowers for your home (my personal favorite since I have 250 roses!)
  • Clean your files
  • Watch your kids play
  • Do something for someone else in need
  • Go to the movies
  • Play a musical instrument

The key is … do something positive that brings a smile to your face!

Conscious Creation Tip

Music is a window into the soul and a way to prepare yourself to receive.  I find that whenever I turn on my favorite instrumental music — either New Age or soft jazz — I can actually feel my blood pressure go down and the stress drain out of me.  If music has this same effect on you, it is helping put you in a receptive frame of mind for your two-way communication with the Universe.  If you take the time to just relax and listen, rather than busy yourself with activities, music can help you open yourself to messages from the Universe, clear your energy blocks, and alter your brain wave pattern so that you are a more effective sender-receiver of positive high frequency energy—the energy that speeds manifestation.  So, next time you put on something restful and beautiful to listen to, give yourself the quiet time to fully allow its magic to work on you.

Conscious Creation Tip

Mirroring Reading. When I engage in dialogue with people who become angry, short and irritated, I look to see if I had any hand in their response or reaction.  Certainly their type of emotional response stems from their own issues and it is not my responsibility to resolve their personal relationship with themselves or their past.  However, others can be an excellent mirror in helping us determine if we are projecting our negative energy outward, energy that may indeed trigger an unnecessary response.  Were my own unconscious words and energy attracting a negative response from the person?  If I had chosen different words, a different tone of voice, or a different energy to enter the encounter, would I have gotten a different result?  If I hadn’t felt tired and frustrated, had smiled instead of looking impatient to get out of there, if I had asked instead of barked my request to the clerk–would he have snapped back, or carelessly torn the shopping bag with my stuff spilling all over?  Look to use others as a mirror to remind you to mind your own personal frequency!

Conscious Creation Tip

Do you have trouble sleeping? Then try Consciously Creating sleep, as I do. When your head hits the pillow, set an intention to release your thoughts and go to sleep. My next step is to follow a simple procedure for self-hypnosis. Tell yourself that when you are in the hypnotic state you will give yourself the instruction to sleep. Then begin counting backward from 5 to 0, willing each part of your body to sleep—lower legs and feet, upper legs and buttocks, lower back, upper back and then head and neck—each one corresponding to one of the numbers. Once you are in that state (and I know that I am when I cannot lift my eyelids easily), then say, “I am going deeply, easily and quickly to sleep.” Repeat this five times. Then count back up from 0 to 5. (You don’t want to go to sleep in a hypnotic state.) This method works for me 9 out of 10 times. Happy restful sleeping!

Welcome To The Conscious Creation Chronicle

As I embark on this first newsletter, I am struck with wonder and gratitude at the way that so many people in the New Age/Personal Growth have extended their hand in friendship to me. It has only been for the past two years that I have “gone public” with my spiritual journey and the message of Conscious Creation that I feel I’ve been given to deliver. So I am still just a relative newcomer compared to many who have been doing this for many years.

Yet, from all quarters have come people who have offered their advice, their resources, their endorsement and even access to their mailing lists and their radio shows. They tell other media about my book, they pass me along to other authors to open doors of friendship, they invite me to events to meet other experts in the field. They prove that many, many leaders in the Consciousness movement really live the generosity of spirit that they espouse.

This gives me a great sense of joy, knowing that as the Universe awakens us to our ability to create and mold the future, we will be in good hands with our spiritual Consciousness leadership. These are the people who will stand together as we help people to live their most authentic, responsible and fulfilling lives. These are the people who are helping to raise the resonance of the planet! My utmost gratitude to all of them!

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