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Clothes Swap

For the last 25 years, a group of women in Southern California have gotten together about every four months to Clothes Swap! This is a wonderful experience for any women who doesn’t have a lot of money, but just loves the chance to wear something new (to her at least!) on no budget. I’ve been privileged to have participated for the 12 or 14 years once or twice a year. I take all of my unwanted old clothes still in good condition (some that I may have only worn once or twice or no longer fit me) and dump them into the giant communal pile. Then throughout the evening we take turns acting like Jay Leno or David Letterman, cracking jokes about the items–and holding them up for the bidding. The first person who claims an item, gets it unless she already has a large pile and the second bidder has very small one. People take back-up claims in case the item doesn’t fit the person who claimed it. At the end of the night we take our piles to the mirror to try the clothes on, and if they don’t fit we pass them to the second bidder, or put them in the bag to go to the women’s shelter. This way, we discover new treasures that bolster our closet and our self-esteem and everyone comes out a winner! So why not try this with your girlfriends? Your clothes will get a second life, you might get some lovely items, your friends will go away happen, and even the women at your local shelter will benefit! Happy clothes swapping!  


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