Cosmic Ordering for Beginners – Book Review

Cosmic Ordering for Beginnersby Barbel Mohr and Clemens Maria Mohr 

This book really educates readers on the power of the unconscious mind, but more important lays out the way to re-program it. The subconscious is the key to manifesting according to this book, so the most powerful act you can do is to reprogram it to send the right signals to the Universe. These two leading German experts in motivation and manifesting offer great insights and

shortcuts to discovering and securing your desires.  They each offer a unique formula for manifesting and Conscious Creation—a Ying and a Yang version—allowing individuals to pick which works best for themselves.    

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10 Steps to Self-Confidence

10 Steps to Self-Confidence: 

  1. Make a commitment
  2. Be proud of who you are
  3. Become an optimist
  4. Believe in yourself
  5. Reprogram your belief systems into winning belief systems’
  6. Stand up for what you believe
  7. Expect the best
  8. Respect yourself
  9. Be self-reliant
  10. Have the courage of your convictions 

From Dr. Barnet Meltzer in his book The Best Kept Secret of Permanent Weight Loss

The Magic of Changing Your Perspective

The Magic of Changing Your Perspective

For most of us, dealing with changes and events that take us out of our comfort zone instantly takes us to a place of fear and negative thinking. It is the rare person who doesn’t emotionally invest the experience with anxiety and assign a negative value to it. 

Yet the truth is that all things are neutral, they just are—until we bring our perspective to them and assign value. More importantly, every experience brings with it an opportunity for growth, for greater wisdom, for new knowledge, for redirection from the Universe, for expansion in some way, shape or form.

 The task for us as Conscious Creators is to retrain ourselves not to immediately go to that dark place, but instead to seek the light. To assign POSITIVE value to every experience. The best way to do that is to learn new perspectives, and to apply them to each situation. You can magically turn a perceived problem into a blessing by asking the right questions or applying the right filter.   

So this article is designed to give you many options on new ways to look at things. By having these “tools” in your tool kit, testing the ones that work best for you and then applying them through practice many times over, you will be able to change your knee-jerk negative pattern of thinking to a welcoming and positive perspective that raises your frequency. And eventually will become your new permanent pattern of perspective. 

Here are some really insightful questions that will lead you to look at your perceived challenges, problems and issues as your next opportunities, gateways and gifts: 

  • What is the joy to be found here?
  • What is really great about this?
  • What can I learn from this experience?
  • How can I apply this in the future?
  • How does this ultimately serve me?
  • What is the upside to this experience?
  • What is the “take-away” here?
  • What message is the Universe offering me?
  • How can I turn this experience into something positive?
  • What is the underlying truth about this experience–what is the reality without my emotional charge?
  • What is the good that can come from this?
  • Who can I help with this wisdom, knowledge and experience?
  • Where is this experience directing me?
  • What is the invitation here?  
  • What new opportunity does this open up?
  • How can I grow from this?
  • Where is my expansion in this?
  • What is this calling me to let go?
  • What burden is being lifted through this experience?
  • What deep calling within me wants expression through this change—even though it may be subconscious?

You undoubtedly know that everything happens for a reason. Here’s an opportunity to look at that reason as Source does. You would not be offered this experience if there was not purpose here for you, your life and your spiritual growth. But the Universe gives you these experiences out of its desire to help you reach your own truth and highest good. Use these questions to be open to seeing a more objective view of what is in your highest good.

Book Review

The Art and Practice of Creative Visualizationby Ophiel 

This a very strange book, but if you are looking for the mystical underpinnings of manifestation, you might find some really intriguing information and approaches. Ophiel, who has since passed on, has a very esoteric approach to creative visualization, which includes fixing on specific symbols to help open the doors for “advanced” manifesting. He offers 10 Laws of Creative Visualization that frame this process in a completely unique way. It’s a quick read for someone looking for a different “take” on the process of creating your reality. 

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Manifest Message

When you are relaxed, suggestions are absorbed by your subconscious mind much quicker.  Those suggestions, either positve or negative, manifest results in your life very quickly.  Because of this you should relax only with happy people who think and speak constructively.
by Catherine Ponder, "Open Your Mind to Receive"
For more wisdom from "Open Your mind to Receive" please visit, where this book is available.

Conscious Creation Tip

Disconnect Your Anger Buttons

Imagine that you are wearing a breastplate full of buttons. If people “push your buttons” and activate your anger, change your response by deactivating your buttons. Disconnect the button in your imagination. Then, if someone pushes the button, it won’t work. Remember that they will probably try another one. You can learn to deactivate your buttons ahead of time so that you are ready when someone tries to push one.

  — Dean Van Leuven from his book Life Without Anger

Manifest Message

Deliberately bring into your life socially other people who think and believe as you do.  They can be constructive friends to you.  Stop compromising with the types of people you allow in your world Catherine Ponder, "Open Your Mind to Receive"

For more wisdom from "Open Your Mind to Receive" please visit, where this book is available.

Note from Jackie

Happy Valentine's Day! I want to remind you that you are your most precious Valentine. You must languish your love on yourself and not wait around for others to do it. Indeed it is wonderful when someone makes you the recipient of their love. But even if you do not have a romantic partner or admirer, this is a time to be in a heightened state of love. Remember, you are a being of the fabric of love, and as such you are a touchpoint of light. Your own heart is grand. Treasure it. Love all that you are. Embrace your shadow and love it, for it is most in need of love and forgiveness. BE LOVE. 

Receive love blissfully in all its forms…support, gratitude, affection, passion. And then give all of those to yourself, too. Let your love overflow in all ways. Treat yourself with the utmost kindness and unconditional love. Start with letting go of self-judgment for just one day—Valentine’s Day–and then try it the next day, too. Revel in the gift that you are to your own heart, to your soul, to the planet and to the Universe. So today, I suggest write yourself a Valentine. Remind your heart why you are so special. And then live from a place of knowing you are a Valentine to all of us!

In light and love to all my dear Valentines!


Manifest Message

The Universe likes speed.  Don't delay.  Don't second guess.  Don't doubt.  When the opportunity is there, when the impulse is there, when the intuitive nudge from within is there, act.  That's your job.  And that's all you have to do. 

by Ellen Peterson, "Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance"

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Manifest Message

"What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."  

 by Ellen Peterson, "Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance"

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