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 Here’s a guided meditation that I have created specifically to help us manifest renewed financial health for ourselves, the nation and the world!  Feel free to let this inspire your own vision of abundance.

Sit back and close your eyes.  Get comfortable, making sure your feet are on the floor.  Now allow yourself to connect into the Universal flow…See a golden light that reaches all the way up into the heavens and another one from your torso that connects into the earth.  See light, love, peace and unlimited positive energy flowing down to the crown of your head, through you and into the earth.  You are now in the flow.

Now allow your mind to drift to a place of wonder and joy, a spot of great beauty.  You are wandering though America’s breadbasket, you stroll the flourishing fields, your fingertips just sweeping over the tall grain stalks.  Feel the robustness of this food and how it replenishes and nourishes people all over the world.  See the weather cooperating everywhere in the world, manifesting record harvests of grain, corn, rice and other staples so that the costs return to affordability in every corner of the globe.  Farmers plant new fields or bring back fallow fields, so they can grow both Bio-fuels and feed corn, and the storehouses of corn have filled up again.  Wheat stores are replenishing as well.  Rice fields are flourishing and the price of rice has eased.  Every person—child and adult—has enough food, whether they are buying it, growing it, receiving government support or getting food from aid organizations.&nbs! p; The supply of healthy food is plentiful and affordable.  Restaurant costs are also falling just enough so the owners do well, the workers are paid nicely and patrons are coming back because the prices are attractive.  Grocery prices are declining as the price of oil and transportation of food products has come down.  People are buying more at the store!

With increasing oil production around the world and cooperation between nations, gas is again under $3 a gallon!  This has also reduced cost for air travel, the price of goods, plastics, building materials and so many other key elements in our economy.  People are traveling again!  They hop a plane because the prices of airline tickets are reasonable, and they get in their cars and drive.  They spend money as tourists and so tourism is up.  In fact, while the dollar is coming back to equilibrium on the world economic stage, it’s still low enough that foreign tourists are flooding to America.  Communities are benefiting from this increased spending.  Jobs are up/unemployment is down in all sectors as the economy heats up again—blue collar, white collar and every sector.  You can feel people’s optimism.  Entrepreneurs are thriving, finding wonderful niches in which to attract business.  Large corporations are ! again announcing strong earnings.  The market is demonstrating renewed zeal, and the numbers for the Dow and S&P are climbing!  Look at the euphoria on the floor of the stock market.  People are excited and happy, feeling abundant as stock changes hands joyously.  Business is being conducted with a social consciousness and the goal of environmental salvation.  This is creating new industries, but old industries are operating with a new Earth-sense and respect for the environment.  We all benefit from this renewed personal and business commitment to the environment.

The financial services sector is rebounding from the mortgage downturn.  New legislation and the willingness of lenders to be flexible is helping individual homeowners renegotiate their loans, erase and overcome the limitations imposed by having undergone a foreclosure and get back into homes.  Families are breathing with relief, homes are selling again, the real estate business is thriving again and builders have gone back to their construction sites.  Foreclosure/For Sale signs are disappearing from neighborhoods and there is a sense of renewal on the nation’s streets.  People are again re-discovering the American dream.  The rest of the world is also springing back as the global economy is being injected with our revitalized dollars and powerful upswing.  Money is trickling down to the lowest income individuals and families, and this is providing relief and opportunity for them.

American consumers are spending more freely again too as money is easing up.  The shopping malls are seeing record sales!  You feel the prosperity.  You sense it.  You are living it.  Your bank account is filled up and overflowing.  You are seeing money come from unexpected places.  How fantastic is that!  Your investments are thriving and your retirement funds are growing.  You’re paying down all your credit cards and there is money left over to spend on those special small luxuries.  You’re taking vacations, relaxing in the sun, seeing new parts of the world.  Your increased spending makes you feel free and affluent and you know you are helping others by spreading around funds.  Better yet, you’re giving money to causes that are close to your heart, and helping those people you know who can use a few dollars to get a head start on their prosperity.

Breathe deep.  Abundance and prosperity are all around!  Now anchor this wonderful feeling!  Claim it.  It is yours.  It is ours.  Take a moment to let it sink into every cell in your body. (pause) Feel your incredible gratitude for the beginnings of this renewed prosperity for both you and for all people around the globe.  Thank the Universe for already granting this replenishment and wealth everywhere.  So now open your eyes and rejoin our workshop.  Welcome

On the way to Nowherestan

On the way to Nowherestan…Michael Elefteriades, a Lebanese
entrepreneur, who has lived through the strife of Lebanon’s recent wars
and skirmishes, decided their had to be a better way. So he created
"Nowherestan," where boundaries cease to exist and individual
identities are blended. He maintains that the world’s problems stems
from the predominance of identities–racial, religious, ethnic, and
political–and thus in Nowherestan, people will share a common
identity. The poet, composer and painter has attracted more than 50,000
"citizens of Nowherestan" to his website. He has produced a record
album bearing the name of his utopia and conducted workshops throughout
Europe and the Middle East. There is even a "national orchestra of
Nowherestan." Elefteriades has a vision that people around the world
would share in the wealth, technology and benefits from other regions.
He is meeting with world leaders to promote his concept of a borderless
blended identity world. Says Elefteriades, "People everywhere are fed
up with the way the world is today. But change is possible.The march to
Nowherestan, like Gandhi’s movement, is going to be peaceful."

It’s A Time of Transformation!

The first month of the year—a clean slate!  December 31 was a great opportunity to leave behind your negative energy habits and any of the unhappy moments of 2007.  It’s a time of transformation.

I’m embracing the beginning of the year as the time to start creating a positive energy field around me and in my mind, a positive pathway into 2008.  I’ve Consciously Created my business and personal visions for these next twelve months.  Over the holidays, I spent time in quiet meditation creating the feeling and the emotions of living that vision throughout the coming year.  I am consciously letting go of those actions, thoughts and emotions that don’t serve me as I go forward into 2008.  I choose to raise my frequency to join with so many others who are becoming conscious, as together we help raise the frequency of the planet.

Won’t you join us?

Lighting up the New Year

I love this time of the year. It is all about light. This year it began
with the lighting of the Hanukkah candles; then it moved to lighting
holiday trees and decorations as Christmas approached. The candles of
Christmas burned bright in people’s home as they celebrated their love
and friendship with others in their lives. It would be so wonderful if
the goodwill and inner light that many of us feel at this time of the
year could spread out to everyone else worldwide, year round. On a day
when the world has learned about the assassination of one of the
world’s truly courageous women, Benazir Bhutto, it cries out for light
to reach out and illuminate all of the hidden corners of the world,
into the darkness of the heart of man. Light one more candle this year
on New Year’s Day. Join me in lighting a candle to illuminate the world
and creating a vision of light for the future of our planet!

Follow Your Bliss

This week Merv Griffin past away, a man of humble origins who rose to a place of great wealth. Griffin was not the most talented or funny talk show host , but he brought something else to his work–joy! And that joy attracted the Universe’s goodwill, and allowed it to inform his life. In memorium this week, a wonderful story appeared in the LA Times by Peter Barsocchini, a former producer of The Merv Griffin Show who reminisced about the talk show host/mogul. One of the headlines reads: "He followed his bliss to great fame and fortune." Here’s what Barsocchini said: "When his empire grew and business press inerviewed him about the secret to ‘becoming a mogul,’ he told the truth. He just wanted to have fun. He liked doing puzzles and playing games. He created Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune not to build an empire, but to have fun. Once during the Joseph Campbell "Power of Myth" craze, I suggested he watch the PBS series. He did. He called me and said, "I’ve been following my bliss all these years and didn’t even know it." Barsocchini suggested that the reason The Merv Griffin Show was such a success was that the host came to each show like a wide-eyed youngster curious about the lives of his celebrity guests, never feeling as one with them, instead giving his audience the sensation that he was just as in awe of the celebrities as they were. And his awe and wonder was genuine. A toast to a man who lived life to the fullest–in its rarest and most pure form–bliss.

The Supreme Optimist

I just sadly read about the death of Terry Ryan, author of The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. Her wonderful book captured the spirit of her mother Evelyn as one of the Universe’s premiere natural conscious creators. Evelyn, portrayed by actress Julianne Moore in the movie by the same name released in 2005, was the supreme optimist, a woman who lived her life in a state of constant joy, despite having an abusive alcoholic as a husband and ten children. While her husband squandered the family livlihood on drink, leaving them often without food and even nearly homeless, Evelyn wrote contest jingles, slogans and limericks in the 1950s for such products as Beech-Nut gum, Purina Dog Chow and Dial Soap. She loved her "hobby," the winnings from which ultimately fed, clothed, provided transportation for her family and even covered the mortgage in desparate times. By staying in her state of joy regardless of what happened around her, envisioning herself winning, and confidently knowing that the Universe would provide, Evelyn attracted the success and money that helped her raise 10 children in a home filled with her love. Hats off to this incredible woman and the daughter she raised who would tell her amazing story!

Good Deed Day

I was truly impressed to see reports in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times on the growth of Big Sunday, begun 8 years ago by David Levinson, a Hollywood writer who started it as a "Mitvah Day"–(translation Good Deed Day) at his synagogue. That event has now grown to include 50,000 volunteers in Southern California, volunteering their time over a designated weekend in the spring to help others. Volunteers coordinated more than 300 projects which included planting, painting, cooking and cleaning for those in need. One woman thought she’d help by setting up a lemonade stand for her daughter’s brownie troup and instead managed 400 volunteers pouring 2,000 liters of lemonade at 50 stands around the region! Parks and school grounds were beautified, women’s shelters were cleaned and renovated, etc. It is expected that Big Sunday will continue its exponetial growth next year. We applaud David Levinson! He shows the power of one man’s vision coupled with action. If you’d like to volunteer for Big Sunday, we urge you to go to to get more information.