Good Deed Day

I was truly impressed to see reports in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times on the growth of Big Sunday, begun 8 years ago by David Levinson, a Hollywood writer who started it as a "Mitvah Day"–(translation Good Deed Day) at his synagogue. That event has now grown to include 50,000 volunteers in Southern California, volunteering their time over a designated weekend in the spring to help others. Volunteers coordinated more than 300 projects which included planting, painting, cooking and cleaning for those in need. One woman thought she’d help by setting up a lemonade stand for her daughter’s brownie troup and instead managed 400 volunteers pouring 2,000 liters of lemonade at 50 stands around the region! Parks and school grounds were beautified, women’s shelters were cleaned and renovated, etc. It is expected that Big Sunday will continue its exponetial growth next year. We applaud David Levinson! He shows the power of one man’s vision coupled with action. If you’d like to volunteer for Big Sunday, we urge you to go to to get more information.


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