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Book Review “Five Good Minutes” by Jeffrey Brantley, M.D. and Wendy Millstine, N.C.

Is your workday filled with chaos and stress? Do you have mountains of projects ahead of you, but feel helpless to tackle them? Do you race through your day, come home, shovel in dinner and collapse into bed? In less time than you would spend on a coffee or juice break, you can fill your day with calm, balance and serenity. The authors of this charming series of books offer 100 mindful practices to help you relieve stress, have your best day and unwind from the pressures of a day on the go. Clever little practices including “Float Away,” “Find Your Release Valve,” “Your Worry Basket,” “Mental Vacation,” “Better Boundaries,” and “Lessons from Nature,” set you on the course for a day and night of greater serenity. This wonderful little resource and reminder of who we are supposed to be, Five Good Minutes has companions in Five Good Minutes at Work and Five Good Minutes in the Evening. You can get this resourceful book at

Book Review “Let Go: Let Miracles Happen, The Art of Spiritual Surrender” by Kathy Corboda

Here’s how this book makes your life easier. It teaches you to:

•    Let go of the emotions and situations that hold you back
•    Surrender any problem and experience miraculous results
•    Go with the flow and let your intuitions and Higher Power guide your life
•    Surrender to love by releasing fear and anger

I found this book both a revelation and a comfort.  It completely reaffirmed for me that trusting the Universe is the cornerstone of manifestation.  It is chalked full of incredible stories where people created miracles in their lives by surrendering to the Universe.  It contains great advice and useful, practical reminders of the ways in which letting go can make our lives more successful, livable and peaceful.

You can get a copy of this inspiring book at

Book Review “Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life” by Byron Katie

If you’re looking for true inspiration, look no further than this amazing book.  You will follow Katie from the depths of her despair in a mental institution to her resurrection as a world-renowned sage as she learned to turn off the chatter in her mind.  This stunning journey into knowingness gives us each a pause to reflect on the beliefs we hold and the thoughts we allow that contribute to our own suffering and misery.  Katie provides a simple way out with her four questions, called “The Work.”

You can get a copy of this inspiring book at

Book Review “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, The Astonishing Power of Feelings” by Lynn Grabhorn

This wonderful book, originally published in 1999, has been overlooked by many as the more recent bestsellers in the new age/conscious creation movement have overshadowed it. But this delightfully written handbook is still one of my Bibles, with kernels of great wisdom written in a crisp, witty and entertaining style. We are treated to author Lynn Grabhorn’s tales of depression and redemption as she gradually learns how her emotions begin to correspond with the consequences in her life. She says: “You can boil all the fancy techniques (of psychotherapy) down to one simple remedy for creating an abundant and fulfilling life: Learn to identify a good feeling from a bad feeling.”

Grabhorn sagely gives people the tools for leveraging their emotions, and great techniques for unlocking one’s self from the grip of negative emotions. I especially like her chapter on “Relationships and Other Treasures” about the dynamics between two people—one who is on the consciousness path and another who may be a bit further behind. Sadly, Grabhorn is no longer with us in this dimension, but her wisdom lives on.

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