Tips to Get the Most from Personal Growth Conferences …

Tips to Get the Most from Personal Growth Conferences When You’re Bombarded by Wisdom–Today’s New Tech Tools Help!

So you’re intent on finding better ways to live and expanding your consciousness, but you’re easily overwhelmed by the all that fabulous wisdom coming at you in one big dose when attending a conference…what to do and how to retain it? 

With Hay House publishing’s extraordinary I Can Do It! conferences in San Jose in March and Atlanta in April–chock full of luminaries and emerging leaders, and attended by thousands–it’s a good time to examine what works and what doesn’t. 

And fortunately, some of the new technologies that are changing our lives are helping us to retain much of this content. 

So here are some tips for soaking it all in and fostering growth: 

  • Where it was impractical to take notes with a laptop in previous years given space restrictions and limited battery power, today’s tablets are the perfect easy and rechargeable way to keep tabs on the important concepts you want to preserve. They are so self contained you can indeed use them regardless of your seating conditions. But don’t try to take photographs as these are almost always forbidden during such speaker conferences. 
  • Don’t have a tablet? Use your smart phone. You may well have a “filing cabinet” to contain information, but it may not have a lot of memory, so just hit the high points.
  • Tweet those memorable lines! That will not only share the wisdom with your followers, it’ll give you a record you can go back and retrieve.
  • When all else fails, take notes the old fashioned way! With pen/pencil and notebook.
  • Focus your note-taking on the speakers who are the most important to you so you don’t come home overloaded with so much content you are discouraged from even returning to it.
  • Or simply record just the headline concepts across the board—those key phrases or concepts with which you truly resonate and which create a “shift” for you.
  • If you are a book buyer, either get the books at the conference, or (if you don’t want to carry them), buy and download them to an ereader quickly, so the information is fresh. And if your ereader allows you, highlight the critical concepts. 
  • And the last step is the most important—list the actions you will take to implement what you’ve just learned, and then act on the list! There’s no short- cut to that part. You’ll simply have to do the work!   

And should you be in the mood for a little wisdom, personal growth, motivation and inspiration, look no further than the I Can Do It! conferences March 17-18 in San Jose and April 14-15 in Atlanta, to use these new skills! You’ll learn from such luminaries as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue, Carolyn Myss, Cheryl Richardson, Brian Weiss, Gregg Braden and other emerging leaders!

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