Life Bloom Group Tele-Coaching

Practical Conscious Creation “Life Bloom”
Group Tele-Coaching

Share the coaching experience with other blossoming Practical Conscious Creators. Jackie will offer wisdom on specific topics and then open the call to you and the other weekly participants. Ask questions, discuss your energy blocks, learn from others and share your victories. Establish Practical Conscious Creation actions, tools and benchmarks. She may also have guest authors occasionally on the calls.

Participate in six 1.5- Hour Interactive Coaching Calls

Topics will include:

    • Leaving fear in your rear view mirror
    • Tapping your inner flow for outer wealth
    • Facing up to challenges and challenging people
    • Unblocking your love stream
    • Joyously living your authentic self
    • Overcoming self-sabotage

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6 1.5-hour group coaching calls