Business Transformation Consulting

 Practical Conscious Creation “Transformational Business Elevation” Consulting

Transformational Business Consulting to Move Your Business Forward and Gain Marketing Insights

Elevate your business success through Jackie Lapin’s Transformational Business Elevation Consultations. Among her specialties are revitalizing a brand, developing a strategic marketing campaign, taking advantage of today’s Internet opportunities, penetrating the Consciousness marketplace or supervising the development of a website.

Today, with rapid changes occurring in business, one of the most valued services is strategic consultation. To survive, today one must have a business, service, product, book or type of media that connects to the marketplace in a very tactile way–it must reach the consumer where he or she lives, works, plays or interacts via the web. It should appeal to the head and the heart.  Furthermore, it has to have media appeal and wherever possible, adhere to new standards of environmental sustainability, global consciousness and social responsibility.

In Other Words, It Must be Transformational!

Jackie can help you achieve that transformation. She consults and advises on:

  • Personal Roadblocks and Hindrances to Growth
  • Clarifying New Directions
  • Solopreneur Strategies
  • Company Strategies
  • Creating Visions and Intentions
  • Goal Setting and Objectives
  • Defining the Market
  • Market Positioning or Repositioning
  • Website Design, Creation and Content
  • Logo Design or Re-design
  • Brand Building
  • Product Launches
  • Marketing and Publicity Strategies
  • New Media Strategies
  • Marketing Resources and Partners
  • Conscious Business Strategies and Connecting to the Conscious Marketplace
  • Internet Marketing

To get started, download the business survey and submit it, so Jackie can rapidly get up to speed on your business, the challenges you face and your goals.

“Jackie Lapin changed my life. We spent two hours talking and as a result she helped me repackage myself as a Business Development specialist. She helped me see my skills in an entirely new way and it opened incredible new doors for me in the way of business opportunities, clients and income.”–Kelley O’Hara, Business Development

“After a 45 minute conversation with Jackie about two books I am currently writing, I finally had a tangible direction and at least half a dozen strategic ideas that I can wrap my head around. Jackie’s no-nonsense approach and marketing experience gave me a focus and approach that I know will yield incredible results. Completing the two projects and diving into the book proposals doesn’t seem nearly as daunting. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can’t wait to finish my first set of action steps and finally see myself moving forward!”Anita Pathik Law, author, The Power of Our Way; A Path to a Collective Consciousness

“I just wanted to thank you for a powerful session yesterday.  I am going to take what you told me and do the exercises on clarity this weekend. I am really grateful for connecting with you and I feel very empowered about myself emotionally and for my business.  You are a powerful woman with amazing gifts!”– Heather Picken, Self Improvement Coach and Intuitive Specialist

“I feel a tremendous relief after months …I feel much more capable in my business when you give examples of realistic landmarks and actions without pressure. Meeting you has been a pivotal step forward in my life.”– David Chen, Internet Entrepreneur

Business Transformation Consulting Fees:

 Consulting Fees

Per Hour

10-Hour Package

Per Hour Consultation for Large Businesses (Over $250,000 Revenue Annually)



Per Hour Consultation for Small Businesses (Under $250,000 Revenue Annually)



Per Hour Consultation for Individuals, Solopreneurs and Authors



Per Hour Consultation for Non Profits



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