Receiving: The Lost Art

There’s much written in the spiritual/self-help/motivational books about how important it is to give, but there is much less written about how vital it is to open yourself to receive.

In our modern culture, it is the strong male energy that is dominant. This male energy is proactive, aggressive and out-reaching. Yet, spiritual teachers have known for eons that it is the feminine energy that is receptive, willing, and open.

Men in our world have difficulty with receiving. Most feel they must achieve, acquire or conquer to gain with integrity. They don’t feel comfortable when they receive–and especially from women–because they perceive that it diminishes their power. How often do you see men casually brush away gifts, praise, or acknowledgement? Few are masters of receiving with grace.

Many women today have assumed the mantle of masculine energy due to demands of today’s working environment. Their feminine energy is sublimated because of the need to fight to have all of their financial and material needs met. As a result, many women have also lost the ability to attract and receive passively.

So it is an art that men and women must re-learn as we grow spiritually. Whether it is receiving money from new and unexpected sources; receiving assistance or help; receiving wisdom and guidance; receiving love; receiving kindness; receiving praise and acknowledgement; receiving gifts; receiving honor; receiving peace and tranquility; receiving ease; receiving unforeseen and wonderful opportunities—we must discover ways to make ourselves better vessels for receiving.

Here are some ways to cultivate the Art of Receiving:

• Commit more time to “being” than “doing.” Stop and relax, be quiet and meditative. When you are active, you’re not in the actively receptive mode. Slow down. Make sure you have enough rest.

• Make sure that the left side of your body (the feminine side) is un-constricted. Get massages, stretch, use essential oils to make sure it allows the free flow of energy.

• Consciously invite The Universe to send you gifts by intentioning: “I am willing to receive today.” “I am open to receiving.”

• When you are given anything—including praise–show your gratitude. Do not demure in embarrassment or brush it off. If you are not grateful for what you do receive, why should the Universe send you more?

• Whether you are a man or woman, indulge your feminine side. Pamper yourself using whatever tools bring you enjoyment. The feel of silk shirts, occasional professional shaves, bubble baths, spa days, etc. For women, wear more feminine clothes, especially flowing, indulgent apparel.

• Listen to soft music that puts you in a receptive, graceful and contented mood.

• Visualize beautiful rainbow colored energy flowing to you from all different directions and filling all your cells with brilliant radiance.

• Be in a vibration of love. Love is the most powerful attractor in the Universe and creates the signal that you are a deserving recipient.

• If you ask for something and it manifests, do not take it for granted…Feel the wonder of how effectively the Universe works. Wonder opens the door for more.

• Make sure there is fun in your life. If you are about all work, and no play, there is no space for the new blessings to plant themselves. Have fun. Enjoy. Laughter and joy will open the door for you to receive more blessings.

• Say “yes”…when the Universe puts something in your path, it may be a gift and you may not know why. Unless you are convinced that it is absolutely and clearly NOT in your highest good, say “yes” and see what gifts come forth. If you shut down too many opportunities, fewer will come.

• Be willing. Be aware. Be receptive. Be grateful.

May you receive in abundance, joy and radiance!


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