Part two – Clear Your Cache

Clear Your Cache
(Second of two parts) 

In the last newsletter, we looked at ways to “clear your cache” emotionally and spiritually. In this second of two parts, we explore how to “clear your cache” in your physical sphere. 

  • Your Work Files – Now we begin to get into the physical changes you can make in your environment. The Universe abhors clutter, so in order to attract new possibilities you must start discarding what is no longer of use and straightening, organizing, filing and labeling what you are keeping. So begin with your work files. De-clutter your office and make space for new opportunities that can offer greater prosperity.  
  • Your Personal Files—Tackle the personal files at your home or create files so that you don’t have piles of confusing documentation. Label by content and if desired, by year. This should apply to your financial documentation, your household records, the articles you wish to keep stored, your recipes, your personal identification documents and passports, your contracts, your mortgage docs, your warranties, your correspondence, your legal matters. However, check with your accountant to see how long you should keep financial information—some say five years and others say seven. Get rid of anything older and keep shedding the older information each year.     
  • Your Drawers and Cupboards—This is where clutter accumulates and you are not even aware of it until something falls out on your head or the drawer is so full you can’t close it. Before it gets to that point, go through every drawer or cupboard in your house and start tossing old, useless items—including the ones you can’t even figure out why you got them in the first place! This means food pantries, kitchen drawers, bedroom drawers, bathroom cabinets, etc. Don’t just toss, organize! Put like things together. For example, I have now reorganized all of my Band-aids into separate containers based on size and shape. Now there’s less time sorting them to find the one I want. Not only will you and the Universe “breathe” easier once you’ve done this, you’ll have more time to spend on joyful activities instead of looking for things you want or need amidst the mess.    
  • Your Home, Garage & Attic—Junk the junk! That’s job one. Then start eliminating things that don’t fit your life any longer…furniture that you don’t like but once belonged to your grandparents, design features that are out of style, colors and objects that are no longer in keeping with where you are spiritually, items that take too much care, things that don’t work and you fantasize you’ll fix someday,  pieces of your old life with ex-husbands and ex-wives, etc. Think of it as “housecleaning for happiness.” 
  • Your Yard—Your yard is a reflection of the state of your life. Let you neighbors and the Universe see a lovely space free of weeds, unkempt plants, overgrown trees, trash, old equipment and tools, children’s toys or anything that takes away from order, cleanliness and beauty. 
  • Your Clothes –You have probably been exhorted previously to clear your old clothes out of your closet for spiritual as well as space-making reasons. This is definitely an important “clear your cache” action. First let go of all those items that you no longer like, then the ones that don’t fit, then the ones that don’t flatter. Ask yourself honestly if you can still see yourself wearing each piece in the next year. If not, put it in the “to-go” pile. This includes shoes, belts, purses and accessories. When done, organize the remainder by color and category. You’ll save time if you always know where something is because it’s where it belongs.  
  • Your Old Medicines, Vitamins and Exercise Equipment—Don’t clutter your medicine cabinets, counter tops and home with old out-outdated stuff you don’t or can no longer use. If you bring in new, commit to using it and don’t let it go to waste.   
  • Your Old Books—Most of us hold onto books just because we paid for them and received some educational or enjoyment value. But books can simply be an added drain on your space and your spiritual shelf if you just accumulate them. So go through and determine which ones really hold value for you today and which you can pass along to someone else who might appreciate them. You may find that you have outgrown your old collection of James Bond novels, or that your current spiritual values don’t mesh with books from your days as a practicing Catholic, or that books about war don’t reflect who you are today.  

So “Clear Your Cache” and open the way for new miracles!


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