Mainstream Conscious Creation

I am increasingly struck by signs that spirtuality, Conscious Creation and the physics of consciousness are seeping into the mainstream. Yesterday, I finished four days at a terrific conference, The National Speakers Association annual convention in San Diego, and the theme was "Soul and Substance." I attended all of the keynote addresses and a half a dozen breakout sessions and I would say that 8 of the 14 sessions focused on spiritual issues relating to consciously creating our personal futures, the physics of co-creation, and conducting business ethically and morally–and teaching these values from the platform. Some of the truly exciting speakers included two of the featured individuals from The Secret, Dr. Joe Vitale and John Assaraf, plus a really dynamic woman Dr. Sue Morter, who had us all on our feet during a really fun presentation on Quantum Physics and spiritual health. Each keynote was powerful and inspiring. But what really struck me is that the attendees are largely individuals who conduct their business in a corporate enviroment. They are paid speakers to corporations, associations, seminars and sales training. Many are personal coaches. Five years ago, these would have been the first people to say that Conscious Creation is just a lot of ravings from airy-fairy metaphyiscal minds. Today, they are not only buying it, but teaching it. We’ve definitely come a long way, baby!


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