My Book Launch TODAY!

Today’s the Day! You might have noticed in my last newsletter that I said my new book was on the way.

Today, we need your help in taking it to Number 1 on Amazon! This means you must buy today to make it count!

Here’s the book you’ve been waiting for—even if you didn’t realize it!

By now you’ve probably heard plenty about the Law of Attraction/Conscious Creation/Conscious Manifesting and Visualization in my newsletter, but how often do you actually remember to practice these?

What if there was a book that helped you to incorporate these practices into EVERY SINGLE DAY?


Where Your Dreams, Wishes and Desires Start Materializing NOW!

There is such a book!…It’s called: Practical Conscious Creation:Daily Techniques for Manifesting Your Desires 

Practical Conscious Creation is the second book in my Practical Conscious Creation Series. My first book was the Amazon #1 bestseller, The Art of Conscious Creation—a book that was called “life-changing,” “awakening,” and “powerful.”

This new book takes Conscious Creation down to the cellular level—charging each day with Practical Conscious Creation wisdom–employing this powerful form of inspired thought in all actions, decisions, and routines. A methodology for reenergizing and reempowering your daily experiences, making them the engine for the change you intend.

Order Now and Speed Up Your Manifesting!

Get 70 incredible articles that provide step-by-step actions to achieve a greater sense of empowerment and a more satisfying lifestyle.

You’ll discover chapters on Trust and Expansion, Wealth and Prosperity, Conscious Living, Compassion and Love, Romance and Relationships, Business, Health, Happiness and Peace, Clarity, Personal Expression, Daily Application and so much more!

  • Learn to Use The Power Of Your Directed Thought To Pave The Way For Greater Happiness and Contentment
  • Find Out How to Get Comfortable with Change and Risk
  • Break Through Mental/Emotional/Energetic Roadblocks and Limitations
  • Live Life More Deeply and More Deliciously
  • Jumpstart Your Abundance and Flow
  • Empower Your Relationships and Love Generously
  • Express Yourself Fully and With Passion
  • Live More Consciously and with Greater Zest
  • Savor Every Day and Discover the Freedom Within

Speed up the Manifesting Process!

How Will Speeding Up the Manifesting Process Serve You?

All those things you want for yourself will be yours much sooner!

  • Greater success in life and business
  • A career or business that excites you, impassions you and creates wealth for you
  • More love, more romance, more heart-felt two-way communication
  • Inspiration and joy springing forth from inside you
  • Clarity about what it is that will empower and ignite you
  • A lifestyle that reflects who you really are
  • More time to achieve what you desire, to spend with those you love, to enjoy leisurely pursuits
  • People and resources to guide you, support you and make your life easier
  • A home that fulfills your dreams
  • More self love, self respect, self care and self-esteem 
  • Greater regard and appreciation for your deeds, your contributions, your commitment and your love.
  • Travel to wherever your heart desires
  • Expected and unexpected new sources of income
  • Inner peace and contentment
  • Graceful relationships with everyone in your life
  • New friends, relationships, lovers and mentors who honor you
  • A new awareness of wonder and beauty in your world
  • Sparkling health
  • More fun!

This is the first book of its kind—

The first to give you specific details on how to engage the Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation as your way of life!

Buy this book today on, and get these great bonuses:

  • A chance to win a four-week personalized Practical Conscious Creation coaching program with Jackie Lapin.
  • A chance to be one of five people to win a free copy of Jackie’s two CD set of guided visualizations “Visions for a Better World
  • Three video tips from Practical Conscious Creation on How to Consciously Create Your Day, How to Manifest Your Beloved and Travel the World With Your New Partner, and How to Take That Important Leap of Faith When at a Crossroads in Your Life
  • And FREE entry in the first “Pathway to Practical Conscious Creation” introductory call.
  • A special $5 discount coupon for The Art of Conscious Creation, the first book in the Practical Conscious Creation Series. This book will show you how to manage your personal frequency, the first step in achieving your dreams and Consciously Creating your life!
  • Amazing FREE gifts from Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff, Marie Diamond, Peggy McColl, Joe Rubino and more!

I hope you order this book right away, and begin your new lifestyle immediately—the one that changes everything and puts your manifesting on the fast track!

And if not for you, order for someone you love!

Order Now and Make Every Day Magical with Possibilities!

And help us take this to No. l – but you have to buy today to make it count!

In love and light,



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