You Don’t Get What You Want in Life, You Get What You Are!

There’s a wonderful little catch to the art of manifesting that many peopleLapin-YellowCloseUp have overlooked. When we are setting our intentions, putting forth our wavelengths and visualizing for the future, there is an important truth that we often don’t take into account.

You Don’t Get What You Want in Life, You Get What You Are!

This is the Law of Attraction stripped to its barest essential. What we vibrate is what we get. If we vibrate love, we attract love in all its forms. If we vibrate fear, we will attract more to be fearful of. If we vibrate self-pity, we will attract more that will cause us to feel self-pity. If we vibrate lack, we of course, attract more financial struggle. If we vibrate, joy and beauty, more is given to us that enables us to experience joy and beauty.

You must EMBODY what you want in life so you can truly live your desires.

How can you begin this transformation?

1. Create an ideal. What would the person who has what you want be, do and have? Create a written profile of that ideal person. What traits and values would that person embody? What actions or activities would that person undertake? What material and non-material elements would that person have at hand? What achievements would that person have accomplished to reach this point of success? Etc…

Here is now your blueprint. Which of things do have you already? What can you embody by simply changing your mindset? What is within your ability to acquire without placing yourself in financial jeopardy? What priorities can you shift in your life to be in alignment with this ideal person? What activities or actions can you undertake to put you in the space of having at least a semblance or a simulation of your desire? What must you embark on to put you on the path to being what you envision?

2. Hang out with similar people. Choose to be with people who embody what you wish to have and be. Allow their vibration to tune yours, life a tuning fork. If you don’t have them in your life currently, ask the Universe how you can connect with them or to bring them to you.

3. Start living “as if”… Go about your life “as if” you are already the embodiment of what you seek. Assume the mantle in attitude, dress, demeanor, presentation, self-respect, self-regard, wealth-consciousness, and integrity.

4. Location, location, location…Go places that you would go if you were fully embodying that new state of being. You don’t have to stay a week, stay overnight! You don’t have to order the prime rib, but have an elegant hors d’oeuvres and a glass of wine. I recently heard of one man who hung out in the high roller section of casinos just to get the feel of what it would be like to have the financial freedom of a high roller…to soak up the environment and inspire the emotion of having that kind of abundance.

5. Body Image…If you want to have a better body tomorrow, than love it today and give it good food and lots of exercise. Dress it with style and panache, just as you would if it were trim and you wanted to show it off…Than act as if you’re proud of it just the way it is!

6. Relationship leadership. If you wish to have a better relationship, embody how you would behave and feel if it was a perfect relationship. Don’t take responsibility for your partner’s change. Just take care of your side of the equation.

7. Feel It! Remember that your emotions are the magnetizer. Match the emotions of what you would be feeling if your goal/vision/intention were to materialize right now!

8. Find a coach. If you’re having difficulty achieving a state of embodiment or transformation, seek a professional mentor or coach who can help you reach that state, someone who will guide you in the process, and help you eliminate any limiting beliefs that will prevent you from achieving your goal.

Become what you wish and you will be as you are!


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