30 Days Without > I Can’t

Recently my physical trainer gave me an ultimatum: only one “I can’t” during a session. The second one earns me extra repetitions! When you are lifting huge weights and you are fatigued, you really have to think twice about uttering that “C” word. By nature, people are self-limiting. We seem never to have enough faith or lack of fear to push beyond the point that we envision for ourselves. As my trainer Jack has shown me, I can do more than I think I can if I just do it slowly and carefully, increasing a bit each time.

So I challenge you to go 30 days without saying “I can’t.” And set a consequence for each time you do. I guarantee this will make you think twice about limiting yourself and it will open up new horizons and new self-confidence. Most of all, it will make you a more positive high frequency person!


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