The Gift of Risk

What do you think of when you contemplate RISK? Gambling at the crap tables? Starting a new business in an economic downturn? Jumping over a chasm?

These are all pretty extreme versions of risk, but we actually face risk in almost every daily decision we make. Which unfortunately is why many people are stuck on neutral in their lives, because they are so risk averse.

How do you define risk? It is when one must evaluate a new opportunity in light of standing steadfast on previous ground…it is taking a leap into the unknown when you can safely stay where all the factors are known and familiar. What must a person give-up to gain anew?  

But what most people do not realize is that risk is really a gift. It is an opportunity to rise to a new level, to have and demonstrate courage, to sharpen our decision-making skills, to explore new vistas with eyes open, to gain self-confidence when one has chosen well, to force us to confront limiting beliefs, to truly face what we are capable of. In other words, risk is an exceptional tool of spiritual growth. 

Yes, risk can be scary, but it can also be a doorway to vast new personal and financial blessings. Accepting the right risks can mean new fortune, new love, new freedom, new expression, new joy and more. 

On the other hand there is a risk in not taking the risk. If you never say yes to taking your future in your own hands because you fear not having a paycheck, what might you lose? If you don’t ask her to marry you because you fear commitment or constraint, what then happens when she accepts another proposal?

So how does one know what risks to take and which to forego?

  1. When the Calculated Risk Adds Up Right–When you have thoroughly evaluated the upside and downside vs. what you would be sacrificing or changing. If your upside outweighs all else, take the risk.
  2. When The Only Thing Holding You Back is Fear—If the opportunity has great promise and you’re waffling because of “what if…” and you’re envisioning all the scary reasons that things could go wrong–than turn it around and ask: “What if I didn’t have any fear about this, would I do it?” If once you’ve eliminate all the “made-up” scenarios, instead looked at the reality, and the opportunity is still strong, than do it! Fear should not be the reason holding you back from advancing. 
  3. When You Have the Capital to Invest—If you have enough to invest safely—whether that is your time, money, expertise, emotional capacity—than why not? Leverage what you have for something potentially greater.
  4. When It’s Time to Burn the Ships—If you have refused to move forward because it’s safe where you are or you always want to have an “out”, it’s time to burn the ships. Without risk, there is no reward. Life can be very debilitating when you’re in a rut. Take the risk and get out of the rut.
  5. When What You’re Going to Could Be Better Than Where You’ve Been—Sometimes you just have to take a risk because it can’t get any worse than where you are. Risk in this case represents movement and progress because you’re not really making a sacrifice. You can only go up from here.
  6. When Your Intuition, Instinct or Internal Voice Urges You Onward—Ah…a very important reason to say yes to the risk. Your divine connection is telling you there is a purpose for your soul in moving forward. Listen carefully in your quiet state, and hear what messages you are being given. Contrarily, if your inner voice tells you not to advance, do NOT ignore it. Wait till the next opportunity comes along. 
  7. When It Feels Right—There is a feeling that often tells you when you are on the right path. It simply “feels” right. You have a sense of expansion and openness. Project yourself ahead into the opportunity and see how you feel—is it expansive or is it constrictive? This should help guide your decision as to whether to take the risk. 
  8. When Your Passion is Engaged—If you are excited about the opportunity because it involves something that you love, or it springboards you creatively, than clearly the Universe is going to help support you in the new endeavor. It is no guarantee of success, of course, because other factors may be at play, but your passion and love will energetically go a long way toward aligning the forces for success.
  9. When All the Synchronicities are Lining Up in Your Favor—This is guidance that is leading you to make the change that this risk represents. If the Universe is already showing its support, isn’t it time you climbed on board?
  10. Consciously Create the Opportunity with Vision and Love—Put your efforts toward using your extraordinary powers of Conscious Creation to manifest the success of the venture or decision, and minimize any of the risk. See it succeeding with no roadblocks, obstacles or downsides. Then step into that new reality.


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