Returning to active duty

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a few weeks. I’ve been off
doing book tours of Colorado, Santa Barbara and Southern
California, appearing on TV and guesting on radio shows–in other
words, out spreading the word about Conscious Creation. I’m pleased to
be back!I just read about an upcoming movie that I’m looking forward to
knowing more about. It’s called "Happy-Go-Lucky" which premiered at the
Berliln Film Festival. It’s said to be about "the power of positive
thinking." It sounds right up our alley! "Happy-Go-Lucky" is by
British filmaker Mike Leigh (Vera Drake), who says the film is about a
character who is "special in a sense that she has this positive
energy." Leigh remarked that he wanted to counter a trend toward
pessimism and show that "there are in the world people being–despite
everything that’s happening–positive and getting on with it. It is
important that we confront ourselves with the realities of  life
and the negatives…but it’s equally important that we take life and
celebrate it where and how we can," he said at a news conference.  I
find it wonderful that such concepts of spirituality and positive
thinking are beginning to show up all over the media–whether films, TV
or radio! Let’s support those filmmakers and TV producers!


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