Note from Jackie

Recently I found myself feeling overwhelmed at trying to fulfill other people’s expectations of what I am capable of achieving. Because I am a high achiever and because people are paying money for my efforts, they have an expectation of what they would like to have occur. And since I truly desire to give value, I put a lot of pressure on myself to provide what those people expect of me. 

But I had to step back and realize I can only give my best, and my best is as good as it gets. There are many factors outside of my control that influence my level of success…factors that have nothing to do with my personal performance or commitment. So I finally had to take the pressure off of myself and say, “I will do everything in my power for success and surrender the outcome.” I focus on what I can do today, and let go of the expectation and the anxiety or worry that comes from my fear of not succeeding at the level of my desire—or their desire. 

The result is that I’m more able to focus on my work and do so with enjoyment. And joy, of course, leads to a better, more satisfying result! 

So let go of feeling that you haven’t done enough or that you’re under pressure to perform. Just do your very best and surrender the outcome! Then relax and enjoy. Whatever comes is what is! 

In light and love, 



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