Increase Love Today

As we enter February, in which Valentine’s Day is such a symbol and reminder of romantic love, we are reminded that love is the frequency that is the essence of the Universe.  Each of us can be a powerful conduit for love in this dimension. 

We experience self-love; love for our family, the world and other fellow Earth inhabitants, and spiritual/romantic love with an individual.  Each of these paths of love connects us to the divine energy in unique and special ways.  Each day I begin my day by getting in the Universal flow and affirming to the Universe “I AM LOVE.” 

It is amazing what this one statement does to change my outlook, and ensure that I am in the right frame of mind before welcoming the rest of the world into my day.  Each of us can use more love in our lives—and we can give more love.  At the end of each day, ask yourself “What have I done to increase love today—for myself, for my beloved, for my family, for the world?”

So let every beautifully rendered heart you see as Valentine’s Day approaches remind you of your opportunity to fulfill your role as a loving presence on this planet.  I know that I will!


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