Do you have a shining star in your life? Someone who always brightens your day, embues you with hope, inspires you, provides comfort for you, can always be counted upon, never fails to tell you the truth, and offers their love unconditionally? I am so fortunate to have a whole constellation!—my officemate and associate Rita, my close girlfriends, a number of men who offer me their support and friendship…. Your shining stars may not always be your closest friends, relatives or lovers. Look around…you may even discover a few indispensable supporters in some very unexpected places in your life – venders who always give you a “special discount” just because they care about you, your local librarian who always has a cheerful word, your neighbor who looks after your cat… Your shining stars are a true gift and yet sometimes we take them for granted. This is just a reminder that when you look into the beautiful summer night sky, you should also recall that there are earth-bound stars that are equally awesome–and deserve your praise, love and gratitude. They each gift you with a tiny bit of their heart. So do make sure to make a phone call, deliver a hug, give a gift, say thanks or surprise your shining stars with a bit of YOUR LIGHT! Keep our world shining bright with a glimmer of love.


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