Conscious Creation Tip

Mirroring Reading. When I engage in dialogue with people who become angry, short and irritated, I look to see if I had any hand in their response or reaction.  Certainly their type of emotional response stems from their own issues and it is not my responsibility to resolve their personal relationship with themselves or their past.  However, others can be an excellent mirror in helping us determine if we are projecting our negative energy outward, energy that may indeed trigger an unnecessary response.  Were my own unconscious words and energy attracting a negative response from the person?  If I had chosen different words, a different tone of voice, or a different energy to enter the encounter, would I have gotten a different result?  If I hadn’t felt tired and frustrated, had smiled instead of looking impatient to get out of there, if I had asked instead of barked my request to the clerk–would he have snapped back, or carelessly torn the shopping bag with my stuff spilling all over?  Look to use others as a mirror to remind you to mind your own personal frequency!


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