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Pursuit of Happiness

The Barna Group recently asked adults to identify the things they regard as very impotant in their "Ideal Life." You might think that in America today that "having a comfortable lifestyle" would be near the top of the list, but it only came up 7th. Here were our priorities:

  • Good physical health 85%
  • A high degree of integrity 85%
  • One marriage partner for life 80%
  • A clear purpose for living 77%
  • A close relationship to God 75%
  • Close personal friendships 74%
  • A comfortable lifestyle 70%

This is very heartening, to know that integrity, life purpose and spirituality are all valued higher than lifestyle. Let's hope that these numbers would hold up through all demographics! 


Jackie Lapin is the author of bestseller, The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World.   She is also the founder of Jackie Lapin Media Relations, an award-winning public relations firm that helped launch the worldwide poker phenomenon and has served such clients as Toyota, Mazda, Upper Deck, Avon, Caesars World, Philip Morris, Seagram, Heineken, Borden, Old Spice, The World Poker Tour, NHL, Doctors Foster and Smith, Showtime, GolfChannel, PetSmart, Star Trac Fitness Equipment and U.S. Playing Card. 
Now she is combining both expertise’ in Conscious Media Relations, (,) a specialty division of her company, aimed at helping authors, speakers, coaches, leaders and companies serving the self-help, personal development, consciousness marketplace.  The agency has been created to aid with book and product launch media relations, publicity for speaking tours and seminars, media tours, radio media tours, article distribution, awards submission and more.


With 30 years of experience, Lapin has long been a leader in the PR industry, but she is now applying her knowledge of both media and the dawning of the Consciousness movement on behalf of the agency’s clients. Lapin is in a unique position to know what a New Age/Self-Help/Personal Development author, coach, speaker, visionary leader or company needs in terms of media relations, having been there herself and brought to the table her expertise from decades of successful PR experience. Thanks to publicizing her own book, Lapin has assembled proprietary lists of media in this specialized market segment, including nearly 600 radio and internet radio shows.


“Our campaigns will offer either a full package, for example a book launch, or will provide an à la carte menu to people with more directed objectives or funding,” said Lapin. “Depending on subject matter and whether it has wider appeal to the mainstream market, we will tailor the campaign to meet the client’s needs and budget. An excellent option for an author with a limited budget is our highly targeted Radio Media Tour.”


 Conscious Media Relations’ Radio Media Tours will package an individual’s current topic, platform or book into a means to reach thousands of prospective buyers or clients without ever leaving his or her desk. The effort can also increase opt-in lists by thousands of subscribers though the booking of targeted radio show interviews with hosts who have wide audiences both online and on broadcast radio.  


For more information, go to or call (818) 707 1473.

Still Interconnected 10000 Miles Away

For those who may live the illusion that we are an island unto ourselves in this world, we had an experience this week that reminds us how interconnected we all are. You can read about the headlines of terrorists on the other side of the world and think that it’s not our concern, those are not "our" people under seige. But then again you might pick up the phone the other day, as we did, and talk to someone in India who is helping on an outsourced web project we have initiated, only to hear him say that he has been asked to stay home the rest of the week, so he won’t get blown up by a terrorist bomb in the tech center of Banaglore.  That day bombs had killed two people and injured five–people just going to and from work, like you and I do. While we may not personally know the horror of terrorist bombs, here is someone we know and respect –who is committed to helping us –seeking shelter from these nightmares. The world is getting smaller by the day. Let us all put our hearts and minds to work Conciously Creating a world where no one has to worry about terrorists on their way to work.      

In the News

Jackie was interviewed on:

• Darlene Braden’s “What Stops You”
• Elaine Ireland’s Show “Going Global for Spirit”
• Whitley’s Strieber’s Dreamland hosted by Marla Frees (see below)

Jackie Lapin on Dreamland
If you’ve never heard of Jackie Lapin, get set to have your life changed, because she is the first interview in a frequent series we’re embarking on that focuses on the positive–positive change, hope, and making the world better.

The relentless negativity of the media is disempowering, and is rendering millions of people helpless with what, according to Whitley Strieber, is basically a lie: that we are small and powerless.

Listen as our resident psychic medium Marla Frees finds out from Jackie Lapin how to recreate your own consciousness as a vital, empowered force for abundance and goodness in your own life and the life of our suffering world.

In the News

Jackie has been interviewed on:

• Internet Radio — Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland, hosted by Marla Frees.  Available on and

• Radio — The Donna Seebo Show.  Available on

Jackie has been featured in:

• Creations Magazine –
• No Niche Virtual Magazine –

In The News

Review of The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World:

“In her book, Jackie Lapin eloquently shares the simple secrets of getting what you want.  She has the gifts of a creative and quick-witted mind, not to mention an amazing sense of humor, compassion, and clarity.  Her style is playful and quirky, yet profound and to the point.  She knows how to clearly help the reader tap into conscious abundance on all levels, from thinking happier thoughts to actually achieving and receiving material abundance … This book will wake up to what it is you are truly creating.  It is a must-read for anyone who wishes to have a more focused, creative and abundant life.”
–Reviewed by Bliss Wood, Aura Magazine

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In the News

Jackie has been interviewed on:

• Internet Radio — Nancy Wallace Show

Reviews & Articles:

• Creations Magazine — March Issue

Review of "The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World":

“I felt my entire outlook on life was altered by reading this paperback book.  I found this a fascinating study on life and the individual’s purpose or value in life. … It is an uplifting, inspiring, motivating book that will have you thinking differently about every single thing in your life.”

–Reviewed by Lillian Brummet: Author of Towards Understanding; Host of The Conscious Discussions radio show (

In the News

Jackie has been interviewed on:
• Internet Radio — Pam Oslie Show in Santa Barbara, CA
• Internet Radio — Barbara Alexander Show in Monterey, CA
• Television —  KUSA TV  Denver
• Radio — AM Sunday Show in Denver
• Radio — Living Dialogues Show with Duncan Campbell in Boulder, CO

Upcoming Interviews:
• Internet Radio — Donna Seebo Show in Seattle, WA — Tuesday, February 19 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time
• Internet Radio — Law of Attraction Tools with Julie Johnson — Sunday, February 17 at 5:00 pm Pacific Time

Reviews & Articles:
• Balance Magazine — January Issue, "Consciously Creating Your Day"

In the News

Jackie has been interviewed on:
• Radio — Artist First Radio
• Radio — No Boundaries with Charles Barone
• Radio/Internet Radio — Inez Bracy Show (WPUL Daytona Beach)
• Internet Radio — Lights On with Nancy Lee
• Internet Radio — Valder Beebe Show (KXVI 94.3 Dallas)
• MP3 — Anita Pathik Law’s Intimate Dialogues
• Webinar — Kimberly Marooney’s Divine Grace

Upcoming Interviews:
• Internet Radio — Pam Oslie Show in Santa Barbara, CA — Wednesday, January 23 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time
• Internet Radio — Barbara Alexander Show in Monterey, CA — Wednesday, January 22 at 8:30 am Pacific Time

Reviews & Articles:
• The Acorn, a paper in the Conejo Valley, Northwest of Los Angeles
• LA Daily News — Front Page, New Year’s Day

Upcoming Reviews:
• Look for a review in the Spring Metaphysical Guide to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.