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Manifesting: Checking the Warranty – What Has Gone Wrong When It Doesn’t Work


Why is it that some people seem to be able to easily manifest their desires, and others get frustrated and just give up? What do some people seem to have the golden touch and others get disillusioned and think manifesting is a bunch of bunk?


That’s because manifesting is like a car. Each part of the system has to be working effectively in order for the engine to work and the car to drive forward. If any portion is out of alignment or non-functional,  than you won’t be going anywhere.  So we thought we would provide a simple checklist to make sure all the parts are working!


Here are all the systems that need to be working properly for you to manifest optimally and rapidly:


  1. You’ve Injected High Personal Frequency—Make sure you have filled your tank with high vibrations. This makes all the other parts work at peak performance. Operating with joy, hope, confidence, love, compassion, trust, etc. in your tank allows the Manifesting to happen. Low vibration energy won’t power the vehicle.


  1. Is This Good for You and It Doesn’t Diminish or Take Advantage of Others—Check this gauge. If it says that your highest good is the ultimate goal, and you’re not hurting others, than you are good to go.


  1. You’ve Turned the Whine Off—If you are whining and complaining, sorry, go back to the garage. Your Manifesting engine runs on pure positive thoughts and desires.


  1. Your Windows are Clear and You Can See The Direction You are Going—Clarity is essential. If your windows are fogged up, and you are at all confused about the direction, then you are destined to wander all over Creation and back. Once you have clarity, your Manifesting vehicle can take you where you want to go.


  1. The Seats are Comfortable and All The Outside Noise is Eliminated—If you’re not really comfortable and you’re getting all kinds of distractions, then your driving will be erratic. Your engine and your interior have to be in sync to make Manifesting happen. 


  1. The Driver Has to Commit the Time and Focus – Make sure that you can give yourself enough time to drive to your destination. You can’t shortchange the process, and the focus must be consistent. 


  1. The Imagination Gear is Engaged—Open this up to its fullest! Go for full speed and distance. Reach for the horizon; don’t just settle for what’s close. You’ll be limiting yourself if you do. Let your visualizing gear be expansive. Remember to visualize your destination as if you were already there!


  1. Turn off the “How? Switch”—You really don’t need to know this to manifest. You just need to focus on your ultimate destination. Your automatic Global Positioning System (GPS) will take care of HOW you are getting to your desired location.   


  1. Trust the Manufacturer — Don’t question whether it’s working. Don’t try to maintain or wrestle control of your Manifesting vehicle. If you do, your stubbornness may take you down a wrong path. Let the vehicle do what it’s supposed to, since it has a very trusted Manufacturer—proven over time. 


  1. Disengage – Once your Manifest vehicle is in motion, disengage. You don’t have to drive the same route again and again. The vehicle knows what’s in your itinerary and will take you there. Let go and you’ll get there with ease and grace.


  1. Watch for Signs—Now you might see signs that are meant to guide you along to your destination. Be looking for them. Don’t ignore them, because you ignore them at your peril. You’ll miss the right turn-off, lose a key shortcut or end up on a dirt road somewhere. This could compel you to start over. 


  1. Be Patient and Grateful. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your Manifesting destination. Impatience can stall the vehicle. Remember it’s not YOUR timetable that will get you there. It’s the Manufacturer’s. Patience and gratitude will be rewarded with a lovely, relaxing and fun journey that ends in a remarkable destination of your choice.

Conscious Creation Stories

My name is Crystal O.  I own a new business that assists casinos in their marketing efforts to poker players.  I also play poker – mostly small stakes here and there, as well as the occasional high stakes tournament.    Between the business and the poker, I contribute a modest amount to the family income.  Yet, my husband and I still struggle financially to raise our family.  So, after reading Jackie Lapin’s book “The Art of Conscious Creation” I was committed to using her techniques to help our finances.

Every February the bill arrives for my daughter’s school tuition and every February my husband and I struggle to pay it.  This year was no exception.  Coincidentally, every February the local casino hosts one of its biggest poker tournaments of the year.  This year I had only two choices — either come up with the money to pay for her tuition or place her in public school, which I was determined not to do.  Now, even though I play poker I do not consider myself a gambler.  To put my newfound techniques to the test would be a true challenge. But, I was determined to create the money I needed.

As I handed over the money for the tournament entry fee I felt a profound sense of guilt and shame.  After losing the first hand I played, my instinct was to play ultra-conservative and pray that good cards would come to me.  Doubt began to overwhelm me.  I felt weak and scattered.  Then, I remembered the techniques on creation.  I remembered that doubt is the killer of dreams; that it was up to me to pull myself out of this state.  The words, “Play as though your life depends on it” snapped into my mind.

“Play as though my life depends on it!”

"Yes", I thought.  That’s it!  I began to pretend that every decision I made in that game was a life decision.  I said it over and over, letting it sink into my psyche.  Suddenly I felt light, strong, and very alert — as though a lion was stalking me and I was walking through dark woods.  My hearing and sight became more acute.  The adrenaline was flowing and I felt alive.  I won the very next hand I picked up!  I started to feel confident.  It was then that the good cards began to flow my way.  With every hand I won, my faith was renewed.  I repeated the mantra that my life depended on each decision.  Soon I found myself sitting at the final table expecting to win each hand I played and I Did!

That night I walked away with third place and over $10,000, the exact amount I needed to pay my daughter’s tuition.  It wasn’t magic or luck.  It was hard work to keep my mind focused on the correct outcome.  It was a chore not to doubt, not to feel guilty, to concentrate on feeling good and positive about every decision.  But I did it and I’m much more confident now that I have the tools I can use to create.

Conscious Creation Stories

I would love to hear from you!  Send me your best Conscious Creation Story, and I will send you — totally free– a digital copy of the 100-page Art of Conscious Creation Workbook.  The workbook contains insightful, powerful and fun exercises that will help turn you into an unstoppable conscious manifestor!  This $50 value is a perfect companion to the No. 1 bestseller!

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Conscious Creation Stories of the Week

In this issue, we’ll look at how a few famous people manifested their future:

• From USA Today: “Just before Brian Boitano was about to skate the long program of his life, he thought of a dream a training partner had of seeing the Olympic rings and panicking.  As the seconds ticked before his program music to Napoleon was about to play at the Saddledome in Calgary, Boitano glanced at those Olympic rings.  But unlike the nightmare, he didn’t panic.  “I imagined these gold grids on the ice and they were telling me, ‘You pass through one gate and then another.’  It was about taking one thing at a time.  It wasn’t so much ‘I’m thinking of my triple lutz now.’  It was, ‘Now I’m doing a crossover.’  I had thought about each and every movement.’  It paid off in a gold medal.”

• From The Los Angeles Times: “When Bobby Jindal lost his first race for Louisiana governor four years ago, some experts told him white people there were not ready to elect a dark-skinned son of Indian immigrants.  On Tuesday, as he dashed across the state in a victory caravan after his historic landslide win, Louisiana governor-elect had a message for his supporters: Thank you for proving the conventional political wisdom wrong.”  Jindal never lost his vision of being governor despite the odds and the prognostications.

• From The Los Angeles Times:  On the day Oprah Winfrey announced her deal with Discovery Communications for her new TV network called OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, the times noted: “Winfrey said she wrote in her diary 15 years ago that her goal was to one day create her own TV network, named OWN, that would be an extension of her show.  The name, she said, means more than “The Oprah Winfrey Network.”  “It’s about owning yourself, owning your possibilities and owning your future,” she said.  “When I wrote that down in my journal on May 24, 1992, I said to myself: ‘Look at that.  Isn’t it great how the name worked out that way?  And this announcement today fulfills my vision.”

Conscious Creation Story of the Week

"For six years, I was preoccupied with mind-numbing pain from a devastating ankle-leg break.  After multiple operations, in 2006 the mental fog began to clear, and I took stock of my life.  A once lean, fit healthy body labored under the burden of an extra 150 pounds, which had triggered complex challenges associated with obesity . . . diabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, reflux, depression, chronic pain, and incontinence . . . a sad state of affairs for a lovely woman in her 50s.

When I realized that I still saw myself as a lovely woman trapped inside that morbidly obese body, I consciously took action to re-create myself and heal my life, using the skills of Conscious Creation.  It is now January 2008. I have shed 145 pounds as well as five of the six prescription medicines, and I am now pain free.  I am grateful every day for my personal empowerment and rejuvenated health.” — Donna Blevins

Conscious Creation Story of the Week

I am blessed with a such a wonderful colleague and co-worker in Jeff Donovan.  Many of you may have spoken with him when calling my office.  Sadly, Jeff lost everything he owned in the Corral Canyon fire in Malibu, CA.  He is a renter, who did not have rental insurance.  No amount of money will replace his lost memories.  But being the spiritually-connected person that he is, Jeff looked forward instead of back, knowing that something better is in store for him.  In the meantime, I set have created a fund to get him back on his feet and sent emails to everyone I know—friends, clients, and more.  We set an intention of generating $12,000.  I am proud to say that we are closing in on that number as this newsletter is distributed!

Conscious Creation Stories

Greetings Jackie,

We live consciously, and are proof that conscious creation works. My husband and I work for a retail chain and make retail salaries. Yet we were able to purchase 300 acres of mountain land and build our dream log cabin on it, while paying less for a mortgage than many people pay for rent. We tell our story every chance we get, to encourage others to live consciously.

We dreamed of being the caretakers (we don’t often say "owners") of land in the mountains, where we could live quietly amid nature’s creations. We made lists of what we wanted, visualized the peaceful place, and affirmed that we knew it would come to us when the time was right. For four years we searched for the right place, then one day it found us. Roy saw a small ad in the paper just before Yule in 2000. It offered 250 acres for $125,000. It was only half an hour away from us, so we drove up to see it. There was over 3 feet of snow on the ground, so we climbed the steep hillside on snowshoes, and were immediately drawn in by a feeling of welcome and "rightness." We were overwhelmed – We had been to so many places, and none had resonated like this mountain did. We called the realtor and started the process to buy the land.

As we did the prep work to purchase the land, we asked for confirmation that this was the right path for us. Immediately, amazing things started happening: First, the owner dropped the price by $25,000 without us even asking! When we put it under contract, the realtor told us the owner was including a piece of land adjacent that included 11 acres and a hunting cabin. Then when we met to sign the papers, the realtor informed us he had some news regarding the size of the parcel. It was not 250 acres as previously stated, but 300!

We put Roy’s house up for sale, and it sold the very first week, and for $20,000 more than our realtor wanted us to list it for, to his chagrin. We moved into the hunting cabin on the mountain while we built our log home. Friends and relatives appeared to help us build it for a reasonable cost, and we did much of the work ourselves, cherishing every moment. The crowning moment was when Roy was working on the top row of logs for the main floor. He was sitting atop the log wall, pounding in a spike, when a big red-tail hawk swooped down from the mountain and landed on the log wall! The spot where it sat was directly above our front door hole, and it calmly sat there, only a few feet from Roy, where they stared at each other for a long moment. I saw it all, and it brought tears to my eyes. After holding Roy’s gaze for several seconds, it calmly spread its wings, held them out, then purposefully lifted off into the sky again. Neither of us could ever doubt that we are blessed after that encounter.

One day when we were working on the inside staircase, a man appeared at the door. He introduced himself as Ravenwolf, a Native American man who lived across the river on a nearby mountain. He presented us with a handmade dreamcatcher and thanked us for buying the mountain. He told us a story we hadn’t heard: The reason the land appeared in the paper in time for Roy to see it, was that a gravel company had tried to buy it the year before. They had come in with excavators and dug test holes. They went to a town meeting and told the townspeople their plans to blast the rock with dynamite and dig gravel. Ravenwolf said they declared, "When we’re done, you’ll be able to see town from here." The townspeople, disgusted, declined to allow them a business permit. Ravenwolf said they’d prayed that someone would come who would appreciate the mountain the way it is. So you could say they were creating the mountain’s future at the same time we were creating ours!

I’m sure you’ve heard many similar stories, as have we. Each one confirms again that Conscious Creation is fact. Some people insist that Conscious Creation is no more than wishful thinking, but wishful thinking doesn’t account for us waking up on this beautiful mountain each morning, and knowing that we belong here.

Bright Blessings to you and yours!
Eleda Towle
Hiram, Maine