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Conscious Creation Tip

We just added something very fun and useful to the ManifestBooks.com inventory. It’s “Speed Dial the Universe” by my friend Jeanna Gabellini, a leading Laws of Attraction expert.

CD Review

LifeVisioning by Michael Bernard Beckwith

From the moment I heard him speak on The Secret and saw him on Oprah, I was entranced by the words of Michael Bernard Beckwith. I have also had the pleasure of seeing him speak

Conscious Creation Tip

Burning candles are a wonderful way to support your spiritual unfolding. There are many reasons you might want to burn candles, not just for atmosphere. Candles represent light--your inner illumination and the Universe’ power of illumination---knowledge, wisdom, connection, expansion.

Book/DVD Review

The Moses Code by James Twyman


James Twyman is an internationally renowned “Peace Troubadour” and best selling author of ten books, but with the creation of The Moses Code, he also becomes a compelling documentary producer. Much in the

Book Reviews

So when you are buying gifts for little munchkins this this coming year, why not introduce to spiritually uplifting children’s books that provide a message of empowerment and Conscious Creation.

Manifest Books Open and Looking for for Affiliates!

If you are committed to educating other people about their infinite power to Consciously Create a rich, happy and abundant life--and you'd like to make a little extra abundance for yourself, then sign up to be an affiilate of ManifestBooks.com.

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