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Conscious Creation Tip

Speed Dial the Universe by Jeanna Gabellini

We just added something very fun and useful to the ManifestBooks.com inventory. It’s “Speed Dial the Universe” by my friend Jeanna Gabellini, a leading Laws of Attraction expert. This very cute little spiral bound notebook is a daily Manifesting Journal which is the perfect aid for Consciously Creating Your Day. Each day you record your thoughts in each of its categories, starting with “Today (date) I appreciate….” You then record what the dominant feeling you want to have that day. Then you list the six most important tasks you have for that day, setting an intention to achieve them and letting go of lesser ones that might drain your focus. That category ends with this phrase” Everything else I desire is being delegated to the Universe. Thank you, Universe for handling the following for me:” Hand over all the rest. Then she includes this wonderful section called “My Wild Hair Intention…Wouldn’t it be awesome today if….” The next category gives you the opportunity to create the perfect vision for that day…”One of my desires has manifested in the most perfect way. It unfolded like this…” Lastly, you would fill out a section that allows you to state “the most important thing for me to focus on today is…” and here is where you declare your intentions for your focus and attention. After a brief affirmation about how you, the Universe and your higher spirit are working together to support you, you affix your signature. This great tool lets you create wonderful vision, focus and manifesting habits that can sustain you for a lifetime.       

CD Review

LifeVisioning by Michael Bernard Beckwith

From the moment I heard him speak on The Secret and saw him on Oprah, I was entranced by the words of Michael Bernard Beckwith. I have also had the pleasure of seeing him speak at Agape International, the



that he founded. Beckwith has as amazing gift for choosing the right words and putting them together in a way that is extraordinarily meaningful and beautiful…appealing directly to the soul. He is always uplifting, inspiring you to reach for ascendance and living your highest potential. This six-CD set gives people the wisdom and guidance to go beyond becoming a manifestor, but to reach for becoming a being that allows the Universe to work through you. He sites the four stages of spiritual growth: Stage One, “Victim Consciousness,” finds ones in constant reaction to things happening “to me” at the hands of a power outside of our control. Stage Two, as “Manifestor,” you take responsibility for your life and put the laws of the Universe to work for you. In Stage Three, as a “Channel” we surrender our will to a higher intelligence that functions “through us.: In Stage Four, “Being Consciousness” manifests as enlightened living, allowing the Universe to function “through you.”    


This is powerful content, compellingly delivered. Beckwith uses guided meditations, creative visualizations, affirmations and more to help individuals navigate the four stages, allowing you to fully be the person you were brought here to be. It was incredibly elevating for me and I know you would find as much value in it as I did.


You can find this CD Set at www.Manifestbooks.com

Conscious Creation Tip


Burning candles are a wonderful way to support your spiritual unfolding. There are many reasons you might want to burn candles, not just for atmosphere. Candles represent light–your inner illumination and the Universe’ power of illumination—knowledge, wisdom, connection, expansion. Candles are energy. They help to create a powerful vibration that resonates in concert with the Universe’s frequency. When you light a candle with intention, it is like sending a message to the cosmic post office. You are delivering it priority mail. You’re taking advantage of the candle’s energy transmission to hitch a ride with your intention. Concentrating on the candle allows you to focus your intention, to give it greater opportunity to manifest. You can light candles for others, as people have done throughout history, or you can light candles to support your desire to manifest. To make it even more powerful, we actually have candles in stock at ManifestBooks.com that are designated to support specific intentions including: Abundance, Compassion,  Confidence, Courage, Creativity, Good Health, Harmony,  Healing,  Joy,  Love,  Money,  Motivation,  Peace,  Positive Energy,  Problem Solving, Wisdom and even Manifest-A-Miracle.  The ingredients and scents are a vibrational match to your intention! Whether you use these or any other, hold each candle in your hands and invest it with your intention and desire before burning it.

Book/DVD Review

The Moses Code by James Twyman


James Twyman is an internationally renowned “Peace Troubadour” and best selling author of ten books, but with the creation of The Moses Code, he also becomes a compelling documentary producer. Much in the tradition of The Secret, the video—also a book like its sensation predecessor—looks at one of the great mysteries of the world—one that each and every one of us can call upon in our lives to begin working in concert with the Universe to manifest our truest desires and most fervent dreams. This beautifully rendered film features Debbie Ford, Neale Donald Walsch, James Van Praagh, Gregg Braden, Sonia Choquette, Michael Beckwith and more. They lead you to an inevitable conclusion that your dreams are within your grasp if you simply…..I will stop here and you’ll have to watch it or read it for yourself!   


You can find this DVD and book at www.Manifestbooks.com

Book Reviews

Children’s Books for the Holidays

What I Believe by Jennifer Murphey Morrical

Fun Is A Feeling        by Chara M. Curtis

Just Imagine    by John M Thompson/George M Schultz



      by Sandra Hanken

Little Soul  and the Earth     by Neale Donald Walsch

Little Soul and the Sun        by Neale Donald Walsch

Who Am I?     by Brian McClure


So when you are buying gifts for little munchkins this this coming year, why not introduce to spiritually uplifting children’s books that provide a message of empowerment and Conscious Creation. We have assembled a delightful selection of books that are a perfect way to begin giving kids a sense of positive vision and unlimited horizons. Each have beautiful illustrations and charming articulation. Two are by Neale Donald Walsch, the acclaimed author of “Conversations with God” and one is by Brian McClure, founder of The Universal Flag Foundation. These are a great addition to any child’s library.    


You can find these book at www.Manifestbooks.com

Manifest Books Open and Looking for for Affiliates!

If you are committed to educating other people about their infinite power to Consciously Create a rich, happy and abundant life–and you'd like to make a little extra abundance for yourself, then sign up to be an affiilate of ManifestBooks.com. I'm proud to say that we have created an affiliate program for anyone who would like to put Manifestbooks.com on their website or distribute on their ezine (maybe even post to their social networking page!) You will earn 10% of any sales on the 400 books and products on the site.

Among the titles are those by by best-selling authors Dr. Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, Shakti Gawain, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joe Vitale, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Lynne McTaggart and more. Here you will also find many of the classics in prosperity living — Earnest Holmes (365 Days to Richer Living), Neville (Neville Reader), Christian Larson (The Pathway of Roses) and Florence Scovel Shinn (The Game of Life).

The products will be easy to find for your friends and colleagues—either by category (books, CDs or DVDs) or by topic: Manifesting –including Law of Attraction, Conscious Living, Creating Global Transformation, Meditation and Intuition, Healing, Conscious Relaxation, Love & Relationships, Abundance and Prosperity, Conscious Business, Science of Conscious Creation, Parents & Children, Spoken Word Recordings (includes Guided Meditations) Music CDs and more. The children’s section offers books that enhance children’s understanding of their power to co-create their world, along with books for parents on how to raise a consciously aware child.

To sign up as an affiliate, go to www.Manifestbooks.com and click on the blue bar at the top where it offers you the affiliate sign up.