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Conscious Creation Tip

Clothes Swap

For the last 25 years, a group of women in Southern California have gotten together about every four months to Clothes Swap! This is a wonderful experience for any women who doesn’t have a lot of money, but just loves the chance to wear something new (to her at least!) on no budget. I’ve been privileged to have participated for the 12 or 14 years once or twice a year. I take all of my unwanted old clothes still in good condition (some that I may have only worn once or twice or no longer fit me) and dump them into the giant communal pile. Then throughout the evening we take turns acting like Jay Leno or David Letterman, cracking jokes about the items–and holding them up for the bidding. The first person who claims an item, gets it unless she already has a large pile and the second bidder has very small one. People take back-up claims in case the item doesn’t fit the person who claimed it. At the end of the night we take our piles to the mirror to try the clothes on, and if they don’t fit we pass them to the second bidder, or put them in the bag to go to the women’s shelter. This way, we discover new treasures that bolster our closet and our self-esteem and everyone comes out a winner! So why not try this with your girlfriends? Your clothes will get a second life, you might get some lovely items, your friends will go away happen, and even the women at your local shelter will benefit! Happy clothes swapping!  

Frequency Matching

Frequency Matching

As we look to manifest and Consciously Create our lives, we have begun to understand the power of raising our frequency, and carefully and fully crafting our vision. But one of the most important –and forgotten—elements of attracting and manifesting our desires is the concept of FREQUENCY MATCHING.

We know that energy attracts or repels. The fastest and most effective way to bring something to you is to match the energy of the thing that you want to attract.

For example, if you desire to become wealthy, you must project the energy of wealth and prosperity. If you want to attract love, you must project the energy of love, acceptance and compassion. If you desire to experience companionship with supportive new friends, than be a supportive and caring friend.

In order to bring it to you—whatever it is—you must already be emitting that energy, in some either tangible, thoughtful or emotional way.

Thus doesn’t mean that you must already be wealthy. It isn’t just that the wealthy get wealthier, although that is certainly likely if they exude joy and gratitude over their prosperity. It’s more about how you FEEL!  If you are a person of little means, but you feel wealthy in spirit, love and whatever you DO have, than you can attract greater means. So here are ways you can Frequency Match:


  • Action—Perform actions that put you in the situation where you would experience what you are trying to attract. Dress up and go dining in Beverly Hills, or fly first class on a short flight, but one where you get pampered. Put on your best work out clothes, and go work out where the well-to-do work out if you want to feel moneyed. If you want to have more fun, do kid’s things—finger paint, build sandcastles, ride bicycles. Be like what you want to become.  


  • Thinking/Imagination—Use your mental energy to create visions and scenarios where you are experiencing that which you want to attract. Imagine the money tree inside of you that continually replenishes each $1000 bill you pluck from it. Imagine putting thousands of dollars into a bank account from a new investment that pays a monthly dividend. Make choices about your life based on the assumption of having money.  Be grateful for the money you have and remember that all your other money is just waiting for you to call it forth!. Think wealthy to become wealthy.


  • Emotions—Feel as though someone wonderful loves you and wants to lavish you with their affection. Feel lovable and worthy. Feel loving toward everyone you meet –strangers, friends, family, animals. Feel passionate about your art or your singing or your dancing and translate that passion into your sensuality. Just send out love from every pore—be a love machine. Feel love to attract love.

Your job—if you choose to take it (remember Mission Impossible?) is to match your frequency with whatever you desire to draw in.

So sit down and make a list of the top three things you wish to experience. Then create a corresponding action, thought and emotional expression for each one of those desires. Now go out and live it! Rev up those vibrations so that you can become a frequency broadcaster like no other! Call forth your future by energizing it and Matching Your Frequency!


Conscious Creation Tip



As you grow spiritually, do you speak and then realize that you said something very counter to your new spiritual believes—something that just might manifest an unpleasant or unwanted experience? Does this happen when you are even thinking things that could manifest unhappily for you. When don’t despair…Many highly advanced spiritual beings (and some far less advanced!) use a very simple phrase to undo the damage.  They say –or think–these words: Cancel/Cancelled! And then restate their desire or their thought in a more positive framework. It tells the Universe that you’re taking responsibility and to disregard the errant statement or phrase—Please Universe, listen to the next one and act on that instead!

Quote for the month

"Being True to your vision means fitting your Life into Your Dreams rather than trying to fit Your Dreams into your Life." –Barbara De Angeles

Book Review

Joy on the Job, Over 365 Ways to Create the Joy and Fulfillment You Deserve   by Doris Helge, PhD


If you’ve been waiting for a book to come along that will help you reinvigorate your worklife, then this book meets your objective!  Written in a snappy, no-nonsense fashion, Helge provides hundreds of specific tactics to put the Joy back in Job. She reveals the three simple secrets of happy working people and using interviews she conducted all over the world, distills the actions, emotions and attitudes that transform a job into an inspired lifestyle. She shows you how to maximize what you already have to turn it into a golden asset, and ways to eliminate, reduce, manage or cope with stress. There’s something for everyone here who is an employee, a treasure trove of working wisdom.


You can find this book at www.Manifestbooks.com

Assorted Wisdom

Dress As If…


Let’s say you don’t feel very attractive this week. And you’re used to going around in a ratty old pair of jeans and a decade old top. You’re in the dumps and life doesn’t seem real abundant right now. How to dump the funk? Dress As If…You’re a Million Bucks! Don’t leave the house without putting on appealing clothes, full make up, jewelry, a jaunty hat, a sexy scarf, your nicest boots…whatever makes you feel fantastic! It doesn’t matter if you are just going to the mall, a mixer or the mailbox. Dress up and Consciously Create a feeling of being wealthy, well-cared for and charismatic. As you feel better about the face you are showing to the world, the more the world will show you the face of welcome, opportunity and love. Strut your stuff!

Conscious Creation

The Source of Your Prosperity


I’ll bet you think that you’re money comes from the company that pays you a salary or the clients that pay your consulting fees?


But you would be wrong about that. Your money and abundance of all kinds comes from The Universe—the unlimited Source of all things. This is a very important fact to remember. Because just as assuredly as The Source can create what you now have, it can create more!


It can also create less if you are greedy, sloppy with your money, unhappy about your life in general, mistrustful of the Universe, ungrateful, or filled with fear.


So let’s look at this unlimited source of income. How does it create prosperity? It transforms positive intentional energy into the form of currency that we use as exchange in our world today—money! Energy is limitless, so the prospect of more wealth is limitless.


Even if you are living on a fixed income today, this doesn’t mean that that is all there is. Using your inspiration and your creativity, you can find other ways to bring in more, stretch what you have, change what you are currently doing and open the door for something else.


And then there is the occasional surprise! An unexpected tax return or gift from a friend. A mistake in your favor by the bank. A medical reimbursement check. A leap in your mutual funds. An investment that’s matured. A back child support payment. Someone wants to buy something you created and just hung on your wall. A girlfriend buys you a plane ticket to visit her in another city. Someone hands you a coupon in the store that they cannot use. 


So if you would like to optimize your possibilities of attracting more abundance, here are certain keys to keeping the wellspring flowing


  1. Radiate Love and Gratitude—First and foremost be in a state of love and gratitude. When you are emitting these vibrations, it creates a positive “receptor” for wealth and abundance. Most of all, be grateful for the money you have and any new money that comes to you. However, the more grateful you are for EVERYTHING in your life, the more abundance you experience.  


  1. Be in the Flow—Money is like water; it is always flowing. You just need to be in the right place and mindset to receive it. So spend every day creating the perfect garden to be watered by this flow. Be at peace. Start your day with a ritual that consciously puts you in the Universe’s flow of positive energy — a beam or cone of golden light shining down upon you and surrounding you. Daily ask for this flow of light and love to shower you with grace. Do actions during the day that honors this flow; stay in integrity and speak with your heart open with compassion spilling forth.


  1. Stay Open—Be open to being directed to new and other sources of income. Don’t turn something down because it’s different from what you now know comfortably, or it requires time and effort. The Universe may be presenting you with an opportunity. This is not to say you MUST do everything put in front of you, but at least give it careful consideration. New ideas and new opportunities can lead to new wealth.


  1. Remember That Financial Limitation is a Temporary Condition—If you are moping about, feeling the economic crunch is a downward spiral that will create long term deprivation in your life, cut it out NOW! Because if you feel that way, that’s what you’ll get. If on the other hand, you consistently remember that financial limitation is a TEMPORARY condition and that it can be reversed at any time, you’re already on your road to recovery.


  1. Be Confident in Your Ability To Manifest—The more confident you are that you are a fast and rapid manifestor, the more you will likely manifest money quickly and easily. Know that you have this ability and this power, and that wealth is headed your way! That confidence and wisdom primes the pump.


  1. Ask For Guidance; Seek Inspiration—If you don’t have any good ideas about increasing your abundance, then ask for guidance and inspiration. You’ll be surprised at what ideas might come to your mind, or opportunities placed in your path. Take inventory of your skills, passions and unique talents to see how you might make additional money in fun ways that satisfy your heart and soul.


  1. Create Visualizations–I always think of myself standing under a waterfall, with the Universe pouring down abundance on my head. Money is just flowing everywhere. What visions can you create that place you in a situation to be saturated, blessed or in receipt of money?


  1. Install a Fountain in Your Home – In the Chinese Feng Shui tradition, flowing water in or around the home is a means to increase the energy (Chi) that attracts wealth. Find and buy an inexpensive floor or table-top fountain that keeps money flowing to you. (And make sure to close all the toilet seats in your house regularly since money will flow down the drain and out of your home if you don’t!)


  1. Trust the Universe – Once you express your desire for increased money, have faith that the Universe is working on it. (But just do your own housekeeping to make sure you are not doing anything else that can keep that wealth at bay—including being in a state of fear or emitting other negative vibrations.) Go about your business and remember to trust.


Remember and Revere the True Source of Your Wealth—When you are pitching an account, or having a conflict with the executives in your company, remember that it is not they who are the source of your income. Always remember and revere the TRUE Source of your money and this will serve you well. It releases your beholden-ness to anyone but the Universe. This allows you to make wise decisions and not decisions based on fear. And it keeps you in a proper state of gratitude and awe at the amazing Source that grants you the means to enjoy your life more fully!

Notes from Jackie

Did you know that being an optimist is not only good for your ability to manifest positive experiences, but it’s actually good for your health?  A recent article in Parade Magazine pointed out that researchers tracking 100,000 women over eight years concluded that optimists had a 16% lower risk of heart attacks. A study by the Mayo Clinic looked at 800 patients over 30 years and observed that pessimists had a 19% higher risk of early death!

Wow! Are those statistics validation that our positive thoughts are powerful elixirs for a longer and happier life—and our negative thoughts are toxic to health. So as we get close to winding up 2009 and we enter into 2010, I urge you to make a concerted effort in the new year to see the best in all things and to optimistically look forward to and anticipate wonder, joy and abundance—so that you can indeed enjoy these over a long, happy and healthy life!  Make this your resolution for 2010 and may it be the best year of your life—So far!   


Conscious Creation Tip

Minding Your Masterminding


If you feel alone in your personal or business life and you really would like to have a support group of like-minded people, trying putting together a Mastermind group. Even better if they are Conscious Creators, individuals who understand the power of personal empowerment, self-determination and self-responsibility. Look around your social and professional circles for people whom you trust and for whom you have regard. Don’t be intimated if your prospective mastermind partners are folks with more experience than you, or you perceive as more successful. Those are just the kind of people with whom you want to join, people who can provide guidance and help you advance. You’re looking for compassionate individuals who are willing to share what they’ve learned and are team players, they like to support others. The goal of the group is to provide support, guidance and information for each other. If everyone is on the same page, it should be a synergistic process—every person grows and benefits from the process and the group evolves as well. You can discuss your personal struggles, your business challenges or your spiritual evolution—whichever format the group decides upon. Start your group off with a positive visualization of what you want it to be!

Manifesting: Checking the Warranty – What Has Gone Wrong When It Doesn’t Work


Why is it that some people seem to be able to easily manifest their desires, and others get frustrated and just give up? What do some people seem to have the golden touch and others get disillusioned and think manifesting is a bunch of bunk?


That’s because manifesting is like a car. Each part of the system has to be working effectively in order for the engine to work and the car to drive forward. If any portion is out of alignment or non-functional,  than you won’t be going anywhere.  So we thought we would provide a simple checklist to make sure all the parts are working!


Here are all the systems that need to be working properly for you to manifest optimally and rapidly:


  1. You’ve Injected High Personal Frequency—Make sure you have filled your tank with high vibrations. This makes all the other parts work at peak performance. Operating with joy, hope, confidence, love, compassion, trust, etc. in your tank allows the Manifesting to happen. Low vibration energy won’t power the vehicle.


  1. Is This Good for You and It Doesn’t Diminish or Take Advantage of Others—Check this gauge. If it says that your highest good is the ultimate goal, and you’re not hurting others, than you are good to go.


  1. You’ve Turned the Whine Off—If you are whining and complaining, sorry, go back to the garage. Your Manifesting engine runs on pure positive thoughts and desires.


  1. Your Windows are Clear and You Can See The Direction You are Going—Clarity is essential. If your windows are fogged up, and you are at all confused about the direction, then you are destined to wander all over Creation and back. Once you have clarity, your Manifesting vehicle can take you where you want to go.


  1. The Seats are Comfortable and All The Outside Noise is Eliminated—If you’re not really comfortable and you’re getting all kinds of distractions, then your driving will be erratic. Your engine and your interior have to be in sync to make Manifesting happen. 


  1. The Driver Has to Commit the Time and Focus – Make sure that you can give yourself enough time to drive to your destination. You can’t shortchange the process, and the focus must be consistent. 


  1. The Imagination Gear is Engaged—Open this up to its fullest! Go for full speed and distance. Reach for the horizon; don’t just settle for what’s close. You’ll be limiting yourself if you do. Let your visualizing gear be expansive. Remember to visualize your destination as if you were already there!


  1. Turn off the “How? Switch”—You really don’t need to know this to manifest. You just need to focus on your ultimate destination. Your automatic Global Positioning System (GPS) will take care of HOW you are getting to your desired location.   


  1. Trust the Manufacturer — Don’t question whether it’s working. Don’t try to maintain or wrestle control of your Manifesting vehicle. If you do, your stubbornness may take you down a wrong path. Let the vehicle do what it’s supposed to, since it has a very trusted Manufacturer—proven over time. 


  1. Disengage – Once your Manifest vehicle is in motion, disengage. You don’t have to drive the same route again and again. The vehicle knows what’s in your itinerary and will take you there. Let go and you’ll get there with ease and grace.


  1. Watch for Signs—Now you might see signs that are meant to guide you along to your destination. Be looking for them. Don’t ignore them, because you ignore them at your peril. You’ll miss the right turn-off, lose a key shortcut or end up on a dirt road somewhere. This could compel you to start over. 


  1. Be Patient and Grateful. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your Manifesting destination. Impatience can stall the vehicle. Remember it’s not YOUR timetable that will get you there. It’s the Manufacturer’s. Patience and gratitude will be rewarded with a lovely, relaxing and fun journey that ends in a remarkable destination of your choice.
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