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Conscious Creation Tip

Clothes Swap

For the last 25 years, a group of women in Southern California have gotten together about every four months to Clothes Swap! This is a wonderful experience for any women who doesn’t have a lot of money, but …

Frequency Matching

Frequency Matching

As we look to manifest and Consciously Create our lives, we have begun to understand the power of raising our frequency, and carefully and fully crafting our vision. But one of the most important –and forgotten—elements of attracting …

Conscious Creation Tip



As you grow spiritually, do you speak and then realize that you said something very counter to your new spiritual believes—something that just might manifest an unpleasant or unwanted experience? Does this happen when you are even thinking

Quote for the month

"Being True to your vision means fitting your Life into Your Dreams rather than trying to fit Your Dreams into your Life." –Barbara De Angeles

Book Review

Joy on the Job, Over 365 Ways to Create the Joy and Fulfillment You Deserve   by Doris Helge, PhD


If you’ve been waiting for a book to come along that will help you reinvigorate your worklife, then

Assorted Wisdom

Dress As If…


Let’s say you don’t feel very attractive this week. And you’re used to going around in a ratty old pair of jeans and a decade old top. You’re in the dumps and life doesn’t seem real

Conscious Creation

The Source of Your Prosperity


I’ll bet you think that you’re money comes from the company that pays you a salary or the clients that pay your consulting fees?


But you would be wrong about that. Your money

Notes from Jackie

Did you know that being an optimist is not only good for your ability to manifest positive experiences, but it’s actually good for your health?  A recent article in Parade Magazine pointed out that researchers tracking 100,000 women over

Conscious Creation Tip

Minding Your Masterminding


If you feel alone in your personal or business life and you really would like to have a support group of like-minded people, trying putting together a Mastermind group. Even better if they are Conscious Creators,

Manifesting: Checking the Warranty – What Has Gone Wrong When It Doesn’t Work


Why is it that some people seem to be able to easily manifest their desires, and others get frustrated and just give up? What do some people seem to have the golden touch and others get disillusioned and think

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