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Manifest Books Open and Looking for for Affiliates!

If you are committed to educating other people about their infinite power to Consciously Create a rich, happy and abundant life–and you'd like to make a little extra abundance for yourself, then sign up to be an affiilate of ManifestBooks.com. I'm proud to say that we have created an affiliate program for anyone who would like to put Manifestbooks.com on their website or distribute on their ezine (maybe even post to their social networking page!) You will earn 10% of any sales on the 400 books and products on the site.

Among the titles are those by by best-selling authors Dr. Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, Shakti Gawain, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joe Vitale, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Lynne McTaggart and more. Here you will also find many of the classics in prosperity living — Earnest Holmes (365 Days to Richer Living), Neville (Neville Reader), Christian Larson (The Pathway of Roses) and Florence Scovel Shinn (The Game of Life).

The products will be easy to find for your friends and colleagues—either by category (books, CDs or DVDs) or by topic: Manifesting –including Law of Attraction, Conscious Living, Creating Global Transformation, Meditation and Intuition, Healing, Conscious Relaxation, Love & Relationships, Abundance and Prosperity, Conscious Business, Science of Conscious Creation, Parents & Children, Spoken Word Recordings (includes Guided Meditations) Music CDs and more. The children’s section offers books that enhance children’s understanding of their power to co-create their world, along with books for parents on how to raise a consciously aware child.

To sign up as an affiliate, go to www.Manifestbooks.com and click on the blue bar at the top where it offers you the affiliate sign up.

Conscious Media Relations’ Exclusive New Radio Media Tour Taps 600+ Shows in Self-Help/Personal Development Genre

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA If you are an author, speaker, coach or leader in the personal development movement, would you like to be offered as a guest to more 600+ radio shows that are enthusiastically looking for interviews with people like you? Especially if you have a new book, product or service hitting the market shortly.


Authors and speakers will be able to tune into their audience in a big way with a new service being offered by Conscious Media Relations. The Conscious Media Relations Radio Media Tour is an exclusive turn-key agency package that strategically positions the spokesman for the marketplace and then connects with 600+ radio shows across the nation to arrange interview bookings. The proprietary list of media includes network, syndicated, local broadcast and Internet radio shows that have again and again demonstrated their intense interest in personal development/self-help/spiritual/conscious living/conscious business/New Age topics.


Conscious Media Relations will host a Q&A conference call each month, starting Nov. 11 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT, for individuals interested in knowing more about the service. To register for the call, go to: www.consciousmediarelations.com/Radio_Media_Tour.html


Conscious Media Relation’s Radio Media Tour is perfect for the person who:

  • Has a vital message and wants to reach more people in order to change more lives
  • Has new book, product, service or telecourse that needs to reach a targeted and willing audience
  • Has a publisher that doesn’t have the manpower or the willingness to reach out beyond the traditional list of book reviewers
  • Has been struggling to increase visibility, but still feels under-exposed in the mainstream and conscious marketplace 
  • Hasn’t enough people in his or her opt-in list to monetize the message and future product sales
  • Has a book that has stalled in sales and is wondering what to do next
  • Doesn’t have the resources for a traditional market-by-market book tour
  • Wants to augment a traditional book tour with a cost-effective way to reach hundreds—maybe thousands– more audiences than you can physically get to    
  • Desires to increase his or her profile, brand and visibility
  • Has an event or national speaking tour coming up and wants to build an audience

 “We can activate this list on behalf of our clients, and also add in other key radio media segments that match the book’s demographics and topic,” said Conscious Media Relations founder, Jackie Lapin, a 30-year veteran of the media relations business and the bestselling author of The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World. “We can add such contact lists as business radio, women and men’s interests, morning drive time, health, etc., thus covering the complete mainstream and personal development media map.”


For more information, go to www.consciousmediarelations.com or call (818) 707 1473. If you have a show that would like to be on the list for the future, please send an email to rita@consciousmediarelations.com with host/producer name, name of show, network or station, phone and email.


About Jackie Lapin

Jackie Lapin is the author of the #1 Amazon.com bestseller, The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World, a book acclaimed by such other leading notables as Joe Vitale and Mark Victor Hansen, as well as the media and readers worldwide. As an author, speaker, coach and visionary, Lapin advocates the practicing of Conscious Creation by individuals so that they may have greater control over their lives and the future of the planet. (www.theartofconsiouscreation.com)  To further this knowledge, she has created an online bookstore for the Conscious Creator ,ManifestBooks.com ( www.Manifestbooks.com) to assemble the leading books about manifesting and Law of Attraction.  Lapin is also the founder of United World Healing (www.unitedworldhealing.org), an organization chartered to unite people in shared vision to shape a peaceful and abundant world future.


Before embarking on her career in Conscious Creation, Lapin was known as a leading media relations expert, nationally recognized for the past 30 years for assisting companies with generating the publicity that has ensured their success. Among her clients were The World Poker Tour (where she was instrumental in launching the worldwide poker phenomenon,) Toyota, Upper Deck, The Golf Channel, the LA Marathon, Disney, Seagrams, Mazda, Avon, Showtime, PetSmart and more. Lapin’s most recent venture is Conscious Media Relations, (www.consciousmediarelations.com,) a public relations agency pairing authors, speakers and coaches with more than 600 radio hosts who seek interviews with leaders in the personal development industry.