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How Old Will You Be When…

How Old Will You Be When….


Every year as I go around instructing people in the Art of Conscious Creation, or in my every day personal interactions, I hear people lament that they are getting older and they have not followed their dreams. And the older they get, the more fearful they are that they will never do whatever it is that ignites their passion. Time is slipping away and they haven’t even started toward their heartfelt goal.


And when I hear these sad refrains, I tell them a favorite story. Many years ago, I read an item in Dear Abby’s column. A woman in her 60s wrote to Dear Abby saying that she had always wanted to go to Law School and she was torn over whether she should even start at that age—she would be so much younger than the other students, she was nearly old enough to collect social security, etc. “Should I do it, I’ll be 64 when I graduate?” she implored the columnist. Dear Abby’s response was classic. “But of course you should do it. How old would you be in four years IF YOU DIDN’T DO IT?”


The answer always made me laugh. We’ll be the same age if we don’t follow our hearts, but we’ll be a lot less fulfilled!


So what are you denying yourself because you might be too old, too tired, too different from everyone else, too embarrassed, too ashamed, too foolish, too busy, too fearful or too “poor?”


What are you yearning to do that you haven’t?

·         Complete a degree in school?

·         Go back for advanced training in some skill?

·         Start a treasured hobby?

·         Learn a skill passed on from your parent or grandparent?

·         Take cooking classes?

·         Have Lasik surgery so you can get rid of your glasses?

·         Rescue a puppy or kitten and taken it into your home?

·         Start your own business?

·         Begin a marshal arts class?

·         Sign up for an online dating service?

·         Start training for a marathon?

·         Take flying lessons?

·         Have a baby?

·         Write a book? Start a speaking career?

·         Travel around the world, around the country? See the National Parks?

·         Ask out someone that you’ve always admired from afar?

·         Study a foreign language?

·         Do a night of Stand Up Comedy?

·         Sail around the



·         Drop everything and try your hand at an acting career?

·         Move out of the house?

·         Become a teacher?

·         Plant a garden and grow your own vegetables?

·         Have a fling with an old flame who is single again?

·         Change career so that you are serving others?

·         Give yourself a week at a health spa, away from the kids?

·         Buy a ticket to the World Series, an NBA Final, the Super Bowl or the Masters?

·         Take up painting, or dance, or yoga, or playing a music instrument?

·         Or any other passion that has eluded you…


If you recognize yourself in any of these questions, than you should begin seriously thinking about the value of your time on this planet. Denial is a misuse of your spiritual capital. Go and be what you truly desire to be. You are denying your destiny.


Begin using your skills of Conscious Creation to manifest whatever it is you need to move forward with a plan to embrace your desire…Consciously Create the time, the resources, the opportunity, the mentor or the courage to move forth. But mostly focus on the goal – what you want to be doing — and let the Universe fill in the “how.” And take action. Step out, sign up, start moving. After all, how old will you be IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW YOUR HEART!