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Conscious Creation Tip

Burning candles are a wonderful way to support your spiritual unfolding. There are many reasons you might want to burn candles, not just for atmosphere. Candles represent light--your inner illumination and the Universe’ power of illumination---knowledge, wisdom, connection, expansion.

Jackie Lapin Launches 2009 Personal Coaching Programs

You know me as the consummate teacher of Conscious Creation, bringing my unique skills and perspective to aiding people in finding a new path to their own joy and success. If you are ready to take charge of your life in 2009, break through all the barriers holding you back, and create the life of joy , love, abundance, success and inner peace that you want, let me be your Conscious Creation and Law of Attraction coach!

Manifest Books Open and Looking for for Affiliates!

If you are committed to educating other people about their infinite power to Consciously Create a rich, happy and abundant life--and you'd like to make a little extra abundance for yourself, then sign up to be an affiilate of ManifestBooks.com.

Conscious Creation Tip

The next time you wince when you pay a bill, or dread paying for something, note this feeling--for it is one of the factors that contributes to your financial strain. Our conscious and unconscious dreads, fears and anxieties about money constrict our flow of Conscious Creation. However, there is a simple easy-to-remember way to open up that channel of abundance. BLESS YOUR MONEY!

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