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Conscious Creation Tip


Burning candles are a wonderful way to support your spiritual unfolding. There are many reasons you might want to burn candles, not just for atmosphere. Candles represent light–your inner illumination and the Universe’ power of illumination—knowledge, wisdom, connection, expansion. Candles are energy. They help to create a powerful vibration that resonates in concert with the Universe’s frequency. When you light a candle with intention, it is like sending a message to the cosmic post office. You are delivering it priority mail. You’re taking advantage of the candle’s energy transmission to hitch a ride with your intention. Concentrating on the candle allows you to focus your intention, to give it greater opportunity to manifest. You can light candles for others, as people have done throughout history, or you can light candles to support your desire to manifest. To make it even more powerful, we actually have candles in stock at ManifestBooks.com that are designated to support specific intentions including: Abundance, Compassion,  Confidence, Courage, Creativity, Good Health, Harmony,  Healing,  Joy,  Love,  Money,  Motivation,  Peace,  Positive Energy,  Problem Solving, Wisdom and even Manifest-A-Miracle.  The ingredients and scents are a vibrational match to your intention! Whether you use these or any other, hold each candle in your hands and invest it with your intention and desire before burning it.

Jackie Lapin Launches 2009 Personal Coaching Programs

You know me as the consummate teacher of Conscious Creation, bringing my unique skills and perspective to aiding people in finding a new path to their own joy and success.


If you are ready to take charge of your life in 2009, break through all the barriers holding you back, and create the life of joy , love, abundance, success and inner peace that you want, let me be your Conscious Creation and Law of Attraction coach!


Here's what my clients are saying:

  • Jackie’s 30 years in business as a highly successful marketing strategist, coupled with her innate wisdom and knowledge of the Universal energy principles is applied to sorting out  personal energy roadblocks and developing both practical and visionary strategies for manifesting a personally and professionally satisfying future.

“Jackie Lapin in her wisdom and experience had the knowledge and innate intuition to spot my dilemma and directed me out of the maze and pointed me to my north. Everyone has a north– it's the direction and the destination we all try to reach personally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Jackie is the guide—she knows the direction." Lisa Tenner–Marketing Promotional Consultant, Event Pro of the Year for 2007

“I just wanted to thank you for a powerful session yesterday.  I am going to take what you told me and do the exercises on clarity this weekend. I am really grateful for connecting with you and I feel very empowered about myself emotionally and for my business.  You are a powerful woman with amazing gifts!“ —Heather Picken, Self Improvement Coach and Intuitive Specialist

“I feel a tremendous relief after months …I feel much more capable in my business when you give examples of realistic landmarks and actions without pressure. Meeting you has been a pivotal step forward in my life. — David Chen, Internet Entrepreneur

Personal Coaching to Gain Clarity, Raise Your Frequency and Live the Life You Choose

Make an appointment and submit a Life Survey that provides background history and perspective. I assess what is working in your life and what is not. The first in-person or phone appointment is a two-hour session in which the Life Survey is reviewed and explored to evaluate where your energy is blocked and to begin laying out a plan for your transformation so that you may manifest your dreams. Clients are given specific "practical recommendations" and "energy tactics" to put into practice and they receive periodic encouraging email to ensure progress.


Group Coaching

Share the coaching experience with other blossoming Conscious Creators. I will offer guidance on specific topics and then open the call to her weekly participants. Ask questions, discuss your energy blocks, learn from others and share your victories. Participate in six 1.5- Hour Interactive Coaching Calls Beginning in January

            Topics will include:

    • Leaving fear in your rear view mirror
    • Tapping your inner flow for outer wealth
    • Facing up to challenges and challenging people
    • Unblocking your love stream
    • Joyously living your authentic self
    • Overcoming self-sabotage

Click here for more information and coaching fees: http://www.theartofconsciouscreation.com/conscious-creation-coaching.html

Manifest Books Open and Looking for for Affiliates!

If you are committed to educating other people about their infinite power to Consciously Create a rich, happy and abundant life–and you'd like to make a little extra abundance for yourself, then sign up to be an affiilate of ManifestBooks.com. I'm proud to say that we have created an affiliate program for anyone who would like to put Manifestbooks.com on their website or distribute on their ezine (maybe even post to their social networking page!) You will earn 10% of any sales on the 400 books and products on the site.

Among the titles are those by by best-selling authors Dr. Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, Shakti Gawain, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joe Vitale, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Lynne McTaggart and more. Here you will also find many of the classics in prosperity living — Earnest Holmes (365 Days to Richer Living), Neville (Neville Reader), Christian Larson (The Pathway of Roses) and Florence Scovel Shinn (The Game of Life).

The products will be easy to find for your friends and colleagues—either by category (books, CDs or DVDs) or by topic: Manifesting –including Law of Attraction, Conscious Living, Creating Global Transformation, Meditation and Intuition, Healing, Conscious Relaxation, Love & Relationships, Abundance and Prosperity, Conscious Business, Science of Conscious Creation, Parents & Children, Spoken Word Recordings (includes Guided Meditations) Music CDs and more. The children’s section offers books that enhance children’s understanding of their power to co-create their world, along with books for parents on how to raise a consciously aware child.

To sign up as an affiliate, go to www.Manifestbooks.com and click on the blue bar at the top where it offers you the affiliate sign up.

Conscious Creation Tip

Bless Your Money!

The next time you wince when you pay a bill, or dread paying for something, note this feeling–for it is one of the factors that contributes to your financial strain. Our conscious and unconscious dreads, fears and anxieties about money constrict our flow of Conscious Creation. However, there is a simple easy-to-remember way to open up that channel of abundance. BLESS YOUR MONEY!  Bless it when it comes in. Bless it when you pay a bill, knowing that you are contributing to economic liquidity. Bless it when you deliver it to the cashier because you are helping to keep that business healthy so it can be there for your convenience. Bless it when you give it to anyone or provide it for any purpose because somewhere in the chain you are helping someone else in need earn food and shelter. Bless it because it’s a joyful form of energy! (Money=a fair exchange of energy for a service or product.) Bless it when you give it away to help someone else. Bless it because it helps create your abundance. Just take out a dollar bill right now and kiss it! And say thanks for the grace it affords you.


Now just remember this whenever you have that sense of money pressure or lack! Instantly start blessing your money and very possibly you will soon begin to see those dollars multiply! I see my bills in a whole different light since I began doing this! And I actually feel good about paying them!