Ok…so the weather may be dismal…

Notes from Jackie:


OK…so the weather may be dismal, you’re struggling a bit financially and you’re buying into the lack mystique that’s permeating the nation, you feel stagnated and you’re giving in to depression. So take a break from the doom and gloom!  It’s not any fun anyway. Here’s what I did over the holidays, I did a re-boot! I took a week (you can do this in a weekend) and reset my mental attitude. I read 13 powerful spiritual books (some were small), and then sat down to meditate and connect to the Universe. Filled with that inspiration, I just decided everything was going to be fun and abundant–and got into that vibration. And most importantly got into the vibration of feeling love coming into me and through me so I could help others. Just sat in those feelings for a couple of hours each day, feeling them welling up inside me and spraying out the top of my head. And guess what? As soon as the New Year arrived, I had a flood of new business calls, lots of new opportunities and a good bit more fun and joy. And I even had standing room only at my speaking session at the Conscious Life Expo here in

Los Angeles

. (Thanks to those of you who came!)


So if you’re feeling down, time for a re-boot! Don’t wait for spring when everything blossoms anew, you can do it now!      



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