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God Has My Back

I recently read in a magazine that Natalie Cole said: “I know that God has had my back, even when I was screwing up.” 

And I thought, “How profound! What a simple, comforting thought!” GOD HAS MY BACK! 

Even for people who have trouble with the concept of “trust and surrender,” God Has My Back is a very simple and elegant way to realize that they are not alone and that they have an amazing support system in place to rely upon.   

It’s a great way to realize that even in the worst of circumstances, God’s hand is guiding you out of the morass, and pointing you to the light. 

Just think about the times when you might have experienced this support system at work: 

  • When you were guided away from an ultimately dangerous or risky situation
  • When money showed up when you needed it most
  • When someone came to you with just the helping hand or the information you required
  • When got a “feeling” or “heard a voice in your head” that moved you toward or away from some action that ultimately turned out to be for your benefit
  • When you were miraculously healed or were directed to a doctor, healer or practitioner that helped you heal
  • When a new client or new job just showed up at the perfect time in the perfect way
  • When you met your lover or partner through the most unlikely of means
  • When you were “in the right place at the right time”
  • When you surely looked like you were headed for disaster and suddenly escaped  

God Has My Back! 

What a wonderful thought! Even when I make a grievous mistake or am unkind or do self destructive things, God still has my back. And even if I am slapped with the consequences of my bad behavior, that’s still God looking out for me, teaching me that I must be more thoughtful, conscious and compassionate.  

What a relief! I am not alone and I have powerful protector! Whether you are a dynamic leader who feels like everything must fall to you and you are alone on the precipice, or someone who feels weak and battered by life– with God at Your Back, you can relax! When you relax, you  become more intuitive, more confident, less pressured to make decisions that could be ill considered. Your frequency rises. You manifest more effectively. Your life is easier. 

Just imagine going through life feeling that God is always there to nudge you in the right direction or pick up you up when you fall. How would that change the way you feel about your life? Would it make life easier, more comfortable, less harrowing, more encouraging, more hopeful, less strenuous, less taxing, more forgiving?  What would change in your attitude if you were always aware that

God Has Your Back!

Whether we know it or feel it, each of us deserves salvation in our lives—and by that I mean deliverance from unhappiness and unpleasant experience. Sometimes we can be the architect of our salvation and sometimes we just need a little help. If God Has Your Back, than you know that salvation is possible…that you can find a way–or that you will be guided to the way–out of misery and pain. 

And you know what, if you know in your heart that you have this great protection, than you can call up on it. Whether that is through prayer, meditation, conscious creation or other ways that you can reach out to the divine Universal source, you can speed up your rescue by asking for assistance. 

So don’t forget God Always Has Your Back! You can take that to the bank!


Notes from Jackie

Are you an A.M. Bright Light or Nocturnal? I think I mentioned in my last newsletter that I am a morning person. That’s when I am most alert, filled with energy, creative, enthused, most attuned with the Universe and powerful. Throughout the day, these faculties slowly wane until 8 p.m. when I’m largely spent. Don’t ask me to undertake anything that requires clear thinking or lots of energy after 8 p.m. because, intention aside, it may not be my best effort. On the other hand, many people I know don’t even get going until 4 p.m. in the afternoon and they do their best work at midnight or later! So the point is to play to your strengths. Set up your day and schedule your appointments to fit your Circadian rhythm. Don’t try to force important activities into times when you are typically not at your best. Schedule to maximize your energy and sharpness when you need these at peak level. Clearly, you will want to eat right, exercise and take supplements to support you energy level and clear-headedness throughout the day, but even then, you’ll find yourself at your best for certain activities in specific time frames. For instance, I always try to schedule my most demanding business tasks or my writing early in the day when I’m sharpest. I also try to schedule business meetings in the AM when I’m fresh. My workouts are now at 5 p.m. after I’ve completed my intellectual responsibilities for the day. This gives me an added burst of energy at the end of the workday, without having to exercise my mind. Instead, I let my body do the work. Reading is more passive so I save this for 6-8 p.m. By consciously choosing your timing of specific activities, you will find yourself more energized overall because you will accomplish more and have less resistance or friction in the your flow. Find you Circadian sweet spot and exploit it!      

In love and light, 



“You will never be given a desire without the power to achieve it!” — Barbel Mohr and Clemens

Book Review

Make Your Dreams Come True by Pamala Oslie

I loved this book! It is such a wonderful and direct guide to overcoming your negative beliefs. It’s divided into four sections, The Power of Belief, Discovering Your Beliefs, Changing Your Beliefs and Creating New Beliefs. If you’ve been bedeviled by the process of changing those deeply held notions that are running and maybe ruining your life, this book is a terrific aid. More than any other book I’ve encountered this one focuses on HOW TO eradicate and replace that negative program with positive programming. It’s definitely on my recommended list.

You can find this book at

It’s easier than I think…

Someone I know just gave me this wonderful piece of advice: If you are at all intimidated by something ahead, or worried about it being difficult or problematic, say this to yourself consistently: It’s Easier Then I Think! Stay in this thought and energy as you embark on the project and you may indeed find that it is Easier Then You Think! 

Inspiring Inspiration

AHHHH…Sweet Inspiration! Remember that song from the 1960s? Inspiration is indeed sweet. It’s the wellspring of our hearts, the gateway to our unique and fulfilling future. It is the manner in which we create what is distinctly unique about ourselves.

So here are some important questions to ask yourself: 

  • What inspires you?
  • How do you inspire yourself?
  • Where does your inspiration originate?
  • How can you inspire more inspiration in your life?
  • Where can you apply it?
  • What can it do for you?

 Inspiration is the great problem solver. It is where the ideas come from to change and correct our lives when they aren’t working. It’s the artistic expression when our souls are yearning to communicate or release our emotions and extol our love of beauty. It’s that connection to the Universe that brings forth newness—something breakthrough and amazing! It’s you co-creating with the Universe.

Where can you see Inspiration at work in your life?


  • Business – Inspiration can lead you to start a new business, revitalize an old one, create more appealing advertising and marketing tools, invent new products, develop unique new marketing niches, create new ways to motivate staff,  mold a new job that’s just right for you, develop a speaking platform that is different from all others, find new distribution options, develop creative breakthroughs in positioning your product or business, communicate in new ways with your clientele and reignite their interest. 


  • Relationships—Inspiration can be the key to returning the romance to your partnership and be the door-opener for more creativity in designing your relationship. It can lead you to new places to find a relationship partner. It can allow you to reinvent yourself so that you are attracting a different kind of partner, one that is more connected to your Higher Self. It can create positive news ways to communicate more effectively and with greater love.  


  • Home—Inspiration can put you in the perfect house for you. It can enable you to create the ideal environment—indoor and outside. It can lead you to the right place for your personal sanctuary and what needs to be there for you to allow your soul to settle in comfortably. It can allow you to imbue your home with your light and your character so that guests recognize your home as a beautiful reflection of you.


  • Artistic Express—Inspiration enables you to create from deep within your heart and your soul connection. Whatever your spirit wants to celebrate, express or release can be seen through your artistic expression. Whether that is art, photography, dance, music, song, design or other forms of self-expression, artistic expression is an essential outlet for everyone.


  • Playtime/Hobbies—Inspiration can be seen in what you choose to collect, make, create, cook, grow, craft, assemble, build, participate in or where you choose to travel. Your playtime is your childlike inspiration manifest in your adult life.


Inspiration is an imperative for a healthy life. Each of us needs both the influence of it in our daily existence and the expression of it.


So how does one inspire more inspiration?


  • Put aside time for it. Make time each week to allow for you to tap into your creative connection. However you are inspired.
  • Meditate or quiet your mind so that you are open to the inspiration that comes to you when the noise is screened out.
  • Listen to music that stirs your soul.
  • Go places that give you creative inspiration from other art forms—art galleries, design studios, car shows, boutiques and stores with unique merchandise, festivals and fairs, museums, other artists studios
  • Find a place in nature that inspires you. The ocean, a meadow, a forest, a waterfall, the desert, a flower garden, a butterfly sanctuary…
  • Surround yourself with pictures of beauty—from magazines, posters, photography, the web, digital slide shows, paintings, calendars, etc.
  • Change your home to be inspirational. Find the books, candles, images and other items that create the mood for you to call forth your creative side.
  • Go on a spiritual retreat or to a spiritual center of divinity such as the Self-Realization Fellowship in Pacific Palisades, CA, a place carefully designed for you to open yourself to Universal messages and connection.  
  • Help someone else on their creative endeavor (redecorating their home, for instance) which will give you ideas for your own life.
  • Collaborate with others on creative endeavors (for instance a mural or collage) because two or more people can inspire each other.
  • Find a teacher or mentor who will help you unlock your creativity.


Don’t overlook the role of inspiration in your life. And remember that as you are inspired, you inspire others! Let your inspirational light shine!

Note from Jackie

Everything has its place and every IN it’s place!

This is one of the most wonderful lessons I ever learned from my father who practiced it religiously. Living this piece of advice has been the key to my success in business (my sense of organization) and the key to managing a wonderful home. It has been the gateway to freedom from feeling out-of-control or claustrophobic. Whenever I use something I either immediately return it to its designated place or –if in the evening—I do it first thing next morning. (I’m a morning person so I have more energy then.) You won’t find clothes laying around my house, old newspapers and books scattered around, anything cluttering my tables or dishes in the sink. My neatness gives me spiritual freedom. My soul is expansive, because no guilt exists over what I should have done or should be doing. When I want something, it’s right where is should be. When a new document arrives at my office, it immediately gets attention and when completed, it goes in the appropriate file. (This goes for organizing the files on your computers, too!) Whew! It’s so freeing! Taking the extra minute to find the right place for an object or return something to its place is a moment well-lived. I don’t have to spend time later on cleaning up when I could be laying in the shade with a good book! 

So if this is not already your habit, I urge you to adopt it And enjoy its wonderful spiritual benefits as well as its spatial ones!

In love and light…