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“Spirit is substance which forms itself according to your demands, and must have a pattern from which to work. A pan of dough is as willing to be formed into bread as a biscuit. It makes as little difference to spirit what we demand.” — Frances Larimer Warner

Book Review

Excuses Begone! How to Change Self-Defeating Thinking Habits by Dr. Wayne Dyer 

Dyer has done it again! A very solid book that walks you through all of the ways we undermine our commitment to change—and then how to systematically undermine our excuses! He creates a roadmap that leads out of the abyss, and onto a solid path for change. Using his method of applying specific questions to any excuse, he shows you how to release the old habituated ways of thinking and set the new parameters in their place. No more explaining, justifying and equivocating. This book gives you the tools to leave it all behind and step boldly forward into self-commitment.

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Conscious Creation Tip

Letting Go of Negative Energy Objects

Do you have items sitting around your home from old relationships that are painful reminders of the past? How about gifts from relatives you dislike? Or maybe items that you bought a long time ago but no longer fit in your life? It’s time to release them to someone else. Take a walk around your home and let your energy tell you what no longer serves you. If you get a negative feeling about something, or you think “oh that’s ugly and I’m only keeping it because my sister gave it to me,” it’s time for it to go! Give away anything that makes you feel unhappy, is a reminder of previous unhappiness, no longer fits within the realm of being life enhancing or beautiful, or is a no longer useful…allow someone else to love it. Leave room in your home only for those objects that inspire you and support your high frequency vibrations.

Frequency Matching

Frequency Matching

As we look to manifest and Consciously Create our lives, we have begun to understand the power of raising our frequency, and carefully and fully crafting our vision. But one of the most important –and forgotten—elements of attracting and manifesting our desires is the concept of FREQUENCY MATCHING.

We know that energy attracts or repels. The fastest and most effective way to bring something to you is to match the energy of the thing that you want to attract.

For example, if you desire to become wealthy, you must project the energy of wealth and prosperity. If you want to attract love, you must project the energy of love, acceptance and compassion. If you desire to experience companionship with supportive new friends, than be a supportive and caring friend.

In order to bring it to you—whatever it is—you must already be emitting that energy, in some either tangible, thoughtful or emotional way.

Thus doesn’t mean that you must already be wealthy. It isn’t just that the wealthy get wealthier, although that is certainly likely if they exude joy and gratitude over their prosperity. It’s more about how you FEEL!  If you are a person of little means, but you feel wealthy in spirit, love and whatever you DO have, than you can attract greater means. So here are ways you can Frequency Match:


  • Action—Perform actions that put you in the situation where you would experience what you are trying to attract. Dress up and go dining in Beverly Hills, or fly first class on a short flight, but one where you get pampered. Put on your best work out clothes, and go work out where the well-to-do work out if you want to feel moneyed. If you want to have more fun, do kid’s things—finger paint, build sandcastles, ride bicycles. Be like what you want to become.  


  • Thinking/Imagination—Use your mental energy to create visions and scenarios where you are experiencing that which you want to attract. Imagine the money tree inside of you that continually replenishes each $1000 bill you pluck from it. Imagine putting thousands of dollars into a bank account from a new investment that pays a monthly dividend. Make choices about your life based on the assumption of having money.  Be grateful for the money you have and remember that all your other money is just waiting for you to call it forth!. Think wealthy to become wealthy.


  • Emotions—Feel as though someone wonderful loves you and wants to lavish you with their affection. Feel lovable and worthy. Feel loving toward everyone you meet –strangers, friends, family, animals. Feel passionate about your art or your singing or your dancing and translate that passion into your sensuality. Just send out love from every pore—be a love machine. Feel love to attract love.

Your job—if you choose to take it (remember Mission Impossible?) is to match your frequency with whatever you desire to draw in.

So sit down and make a list of the top three things you wish to experience. Then create a corresponding action, thought and emotional expression for each one of those desires. Now go out and live it! Rev up those vibrations so that you can become a frequency broadcaster like no other! Call forth your future by energizing it and Matching Your Frequency!


Note from Jackie

I was recently reading Catherine Ponder’s terrific treatise on The Dynamic Law of Prosperity and two pieces of wisdom jumped out at me. Ponder, a minister and New Thought Leader, is one of the great Conscious Creation teachers of the last 50 years. This book has always been one of her best sellers. In it she says: “Watch your thoughts when you are handling your money, because your money is attached through your mind to the one source of all substance and all money.”


Now that’s a really interesting concept…yes, we know that our money comes from the Source, but to realize that it is a two-way street puts a very different perspective on how we treat the funds that we do have. If you are handling your money carelessly, or are resentful when paying it out, or feel depressed because there isn’t more, that goes straight back up the wire! It’s like a telegram or email to the Universe! I know this will make me much more aware of what I’m thinking, especially when I’m handling my funds!


Now Ponder also proposes: “With every financial transaction that presents itself to you, multiply it by ten, giving thanks that ten times that much is coming to you for your private use.” So for every $10, give thanks that $100 more is already on its way. I think this is a wonderful practice and gets you in to that important habit of envisioning it already being yours and experiencing gratitude for it. I’m hopping on this one right away, too. I hope you can find it valuable, as well!


Wishing prosperity with love and light,




“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out in to the world, miracles happen.”—Henry David Thoreau