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Book Review

Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance by Ellen Peterson


This is a wonderful basic primer in Conscious Creation and Manifesting. A fun read, it combines all of the basic wisdom and tools of manifesting into one easy guidebook, with lots of pithy short reminders of the steps to true abundance and joy. This is a great book for the beginner or someone new to the concept of personal responsibility for life and wealth creation. Well written and easily accessible…sort of manifesting 101. A useful tool to have in your manifesting library.


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Conscious Creation Tip



As you grow spiritually, do you speak and then realize that you said something very counter to your new spiritual believes—something that just might manifest an unpleasant or unwanted experience? Does this happen when you are even thinking things that could manifest unhappily for you. When don’t despair…Many highly advanced spiritual beings (and some far less advanced!) use a very simple phrase to undo the damage.  They say –or think–these words: Cancel/Cancelled! And then restate their desire or their thought in a more positive framework. It tells the Universe that you’re taking responsibility and to disregard the errant statement or phrase—Please Universe, listen to the next one and act on that instead!

Watering Seedlings

Today is Earth Day! The time when we honor and rededicate ourselves to caring for our planet. And it is also Spring when farmers and gardeners traditionally plant seeds in our glorious Earth that will grow and ripen in the summer and fall.


But planting seeds is a metaphor for renewal–starting anew or creating something that never was before. And once you plant those seeds, you must water the seedlings and shower them with loving care.


So this is an excellent time to look at your own life and decide what seeds you will plant for your future and the future of the planet, and how you will water, protect and nurture them.


We can each waste our time precious time looking behind at what we did, what was done to us and how we got where we are –continuing to let the past limit us. Or we can stop that indulgent behavior and instead put our energies toward planting positive new seeds that will ripen and enrich our lives in the years to come. So what is it going to be for you? Stunted growth or rampant growth?


Here are some of the areas you can start planting and watering seeds:


  • Committing to educational enhancement—returning to school, signing up for re-training programs, attending seminars, going for an advanced degree, subscribing to online courses…


  • Committing to professional evolution—evaluate if this is the right career path and if not, begin making plans and taking actions toward something that would bring you greater satisfaction, research new options, look for new opportunities, create your own job and pitch it to a boss or a new company, start your own business, explore improving your resume and interviewing skills… 


  • Committing to personal growth—buying books or ecourses, getting a coach or mentor, joining a coaching group that meets by phone, securing an accountability buddy, embarking on a self-development program with a spouse or loved one, starting a mastermind group…


  • Committing to relationship growth—going to counseling with your spouse or significant other, attending family counseling, carving out more time for your relationship, listening more to your partner, taking a course in couples communication, attending an anger management course, developing strategies to keep the romance alive… If single, joining a singles activity group, signing up for an online dating program … 


  • Committing to spiritual growth—join a spiritual community in your area, begin a personal spiritual practice of meditation and self-reflection, get a spiritual mentor who will help you find your own path, sign up for a yoga program or other physically-based spiritual practice, read books that can help you understand your relationship to the divine…


  • Committing to become a better parent or better caregiver to your aging parents—practice more patience, learn new coping techniques, find new resources that provide assistance, align with others who have the background and experience to offer suggestions, read magazines and books that open your eyes to new ideas…


  • Committing to greater self-care and self-love—Getting more exercise, eating better and healthier, pampering yourself, discovering ways to honor and love yourself, working with experts to overcome low-self esteem and self-disregard, practicing affirmations and more conscious self love and acceptance…


  • Committing to greater health management– Taking care of all the doctor/dentist appointments and annual screenings you love to delay (mammogram, colonoscopy, etc), getting more exercise, eating better and healthier, finding out what you’re deficient in and taking ALL of your vitamins and supplements everyday, keep looking until you find doctors or practitioners you like, explore alternative healthcare and modalities, rest when you are not well instead of working through it… 


  • Committing to greater fiscal management—Reduce your credit card load, establish and keep to a budget, rectify your check book or get someone to do it for you, prepare your taxes in advance instead of the last minute, get professional help to resolve fiscal problems before they become legal and IRS problems, negotiate payments with your creditors and keep to that payment schedule, say NO when someone wants to go to the mall (i.e. avoid temptation)… 


  • Committing to create greater balance in your life—Cutting back on your work time, starting a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try, spending more time at a hobby you love, committing time to be of service in the community, spending more time with family, taking at least one vacation a year and some weekends away, carving out time for reading and relaxing, scheduling exercise time in your calendar so it doesn’t slip away…   


  • Commitment to the planet—Recycling more—not just paper—but plastics, batteries and other results of man’s production; using less energy and water; finding ways to reduce your carbon footprint; choosing Earth-sensitive products; supporting Earth-conscious corporations and causes; reducing paper waste, including contacting direct marketers to stop sending mailers and catalogues; refusing paper and plastic bags at stores; supporting organic growers; growing your own vegetables and fruits…  


These are just some of the possible seeds that you can choose to plant and water in your personal garden. Now is a excellent plan to decide where you want to focus your attention so that your efforts will result in beautiful blooms and ripe results over the next year. So on our wonderful Earth Day, plant your seeds, pour a little water and give those seeds a lot of your love!


May you reap joy, love, prosperity, health and peace of mind when these seeds mature! 

Notes from Jackie

I was musing today about how much I love clear, beautiful windy days. The sky looks crystal clear and the greenery looks brighter, everything smells fresh, and there is no haze to obscure the horizon. I feel especially vibrant and alive! And then I hear my friends complain how they hate the wind—it makes their allergies go crazy, all the leaves fly around, the wind makes them feel edgy and– of course, in Southern California, there is the risk of wildfires. Isn’t it amazing how the same experience effects people so differently! The wind makes me feel happy. For others, it makes them feel uncomfortable. This shows how we each respond to the same stimulus in our own ways. Let’s not make the mistake of being myopic and assuming that others share ours views and viewpoints. Let’s be empathetic, conscious, aware and respectful of others—rather than expect them to be like us. It is the diversity that makes life interesting!




Book Review

Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.


Brian Weiss is a brilliant physician and hypnotherapist who is best known for regressing his patients for therapeutic reasons, only to find them regressing back into previous lives (Many Lives, Many Masters) where their problems began. That revelation led him to become a powerful spokesman for the continuation of our consciousness and searcher for ways to let our spirits live the free and independent lives we were intended. With this small book, Halpern explores how stress takes us away from our inner stability and peace and how we can get back to it. Best of all, it has a remarkable CD in the back of the book that uses hypnosis to helps you to release all the stress in your life and relax into a peaceful, joyful state. This book is worth the price if only for this powerful CD!  


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Conscious Creation Tip

Bathing and Manifesting


OK guys…this one is for us girls! One of the best ways to open yourself up for manifesting is to treat yourself to a wonderful bath with essential oils and candles, both tools of soul enrichment. Settle in for a nice long hot bath where you set an intention as you slide beneath the surface, and then spend the rest of the time dreaming about the future you desire to have, the solution to a problem, or of expanding your heart to embrace more joy, love and peace. Happy soaking! 

The Blame Game

If you find yourself blaming someone else for anything, stop immediately! Remember that you are responsible for what happens in your life whether you are aware of it or not. Look first at what you might have done to create the situation or failed to do to allow the situation. Then look at how you can use this as a teaching opportunity with the other person or people, rather than assigning blame. Lastly, if the other party regularly fails to live up to his or her responsibilities after having been presented with an opportunity to change, look at ways to release this person, rather than blaming him or her. It’s within your hands to adjust, change or release.


“Everything that happens in your life is moving you in the direction of your goals.”—Bob Proctor

The Power of Commitment

Most of us are a paralyzed at the fear of making change, of letting go of what we know, of taking a risk. It is the nature of our ego to hang onto to what’s familiar…what we can be sure of. Why let go of a sure thing for something far less sure? And when we reach the precipice that requires us to jump, we fall back, afraid of that unknown future. Noted motivational coach and speaker David Nagle calls this The Terror Barrier.


Now you can waffle all you want. And just not decide. It’s OK to assuage yourself with a life lived in fear, complacency or downright misery. Whether it’s only one aspect of your life –relationship, career, addiction, personal development, etc.– or all of it. And you can feel alone and stuck.


Or you can MAKE A COMMITMENT and watch the magic happen! 


Here’s where the ride gets fun! The Universe Rewards Commitment. Once you make a Commitment, all of the doors will open in your favor–in sequence! You may not know exactly how you’re going to get where you’ve planned to go, but once you make The Commitment, you will be guided to the next step. And then the next. And the next one after that.


It’s like that scene in just about every Indiana Jones or jungle adventure you’ve seen in the movies. The hero arrives at the chasm with no means across, and some wizened character says, “Trust—Just take the first step.” And sure enough, a hanging bridge appears just as the hero’s foot steps forward and with each step, more of the bridge appears.


That’s the Power of Commitment. I’ll bet that if you look back on your life, you can see this Universal Law in action. When you were passionate about something and you made the Commitment to move forward, all of a sudden the doors started to fly open, people you needed showed up, synchronicities appeared, everything just fell into place.


So what Commitment are you avoiding? Is it a big one or a little one? Does it involve habit change, career change, financial investment, home change, relationship change, releasing a co-dependent person from your life, addressing an addiction, or avoiding confronting a health challenge, for example.


So here’s a good exercise to start getting you comfortable with the idea of Commitment. Write your Commitment at the top of a page of paper. Then make a list of pros and cons. Make sure to add on the “cons” such things as: “I’m unhappy. I’m afraid. I can live with what I’m making even though it’s poorly paying and I hate my job. I don’t feel well, but if I have the operation, I could be worse.”


Then on the pros, write the upside: “I am so happy. I feel free. I have more money. My kids are benefiting because I feel radiant and can give them more of my time. I’m loving life. I have a great new home that I love. I’m living addiction-free. I don’t have to worry any more now that I’ve had the operation.”…. you get the picture.


Most of us focus on the risks, but hopefully this exercise reminds you of the extraordinary upside—and how could you miss when the whole Universe is lining up to help you once you Make The Commitment! 


So stop waffling! Engage the Power of Commitment to create your dream and free yourself to move forward!


Just remember however, that once you reach the next level, you will likely again find yourself at a crossroads. You can fall back to fear, or Commitment and trust again because you know the exhilaration of succeeding through Commitment. Take that first step!