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Book Review

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


This amazing classic originally published in 1937 distills the traits of leading dynastic men of the early 20th century (Ford, Edison, Carnegie) –into some very specific attitudes, beliefs and actions that are key to manifesting wealth. With more than 15 million copies sold, it has been a guidebook to those seeking the insights that can radically change one’s fortunes. It’s an easy read with great kernels of wisdom that is timeless, even though parts of the book are a bit quaint. Keep in mind this book was written in the depression when people sought financial relief, just as in today’s recession. A must have for anyone with a library of manifesting books.


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Conscious Creation Tip

Drive, He Said


When you are stuck in a car for a long ride, try not turning on the radio, CD or the iPod. Instead use this time to set new intentions and to refine your desires with clarity. While being careful not to “zone out” so that you are driving unconsciously, you can still use this valuable time for Conscious Creation. It’s also a great time to open your channel to receive and see what comes forth!

Note from Jackie

An Accountability Buddy! Sometimes that’s what it takes to fulfill a commitment. For many years I have been challenged by the priority of putting my work before taking care of myself. This translates into starting exercise and weight release programs, and not staying with them. I imagine some of you might identify with that. Then I would feel guilty, berate myself, and just feel worse. “I know better, but why can’t I stay with it?” These are not exactly high frequency thoughts and emotions. But then at the beginning of the year, I was ready to make the commitment, but the key to it was that I didn’t do it alone where I could just slip back into old habits. I committed to a workout trainer three days a week, where he also tracks my food on an online log, and on the days I don’t see him, I ride my exercise bike. Guess what? It’s now more six weeks and I’m staying on track. The reason? I have someone to whom I must be accountable. I can’t make excuses, I can’t not go or I pay for the sessions. I work to please both him and myself with my progress. Sure there are a lot of days I don’t feel like going, but I do and I feel better. Most of all, I can feel my self-respect and my self-love restoring. I’m releasing pounds slowly–more slowly than I’m used to when I’m focused on weight releasing—but I’m also not so manic and paniced. This is a process, and I have someone to support me and to whom I must report. So my message is, if you are having difficulty making a commitment to something in your life, try an accountability buddy…whether friend, mastermind partner or professional. It could very well get you over the hurdle and into a new way of life that indeed raises your frequency!


Notes from Jackie

Who is on you team?


In life we either build teams or we try to go it alone. It’s a lot more fun and life is a much easier if we progress forward in teams. We can also get a great deal more accomplished if we indeed have people who are “the wind beneath your wings” as my office manager Rita proposed she would be when she applied for her job…And indeed she has been that and more. But our team members can also be family members, or friends….anyone who helps to lighten our load by carrying some of it. I am so fortunate to have staff, mastermind partners, business partners, consultants and friends that I can call upon when I need them or who are already in place assisting me to do my work. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to do all of this without help—and I am so deeply grateful for their aid. So look around and see who is on your team. Write a list and what they do for you. Look to see where there are holes in your “batting lineup.” Then figure out where are the people you can recruit to join your team—officially or unofficially! Workers,  advisors, emotional support, or other kinds of assistance. Or who can carry more than they are carrying now and be excited to take on new roles? Look at your family members, your roommate or your significant other and where they might be willing to provide more support. Do NOT go through life trying to do it all alone. That will only make you bitter, unhappy and overworked. So be a Conscious Creator and build your team around you with a vortex of joy and shared purpose. Gift your team with continual praise, recognition and gratitude and they will only grow in their support of you!


I call mine “Team Lapin”…what’s yours?  





"There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream or desire a reality." – Anthony “Tony” Robbins

Book Review

The Life You Were Born to Live  by Dan Millman


Millman presents his Life-Purpose System, providing a way for you to discover the meaning, purpose and direction for your life. In the book, he looks at the 37 paths to life; a precise method to determine your own life path and the life paths of others; the core inborn talents and special needs related to each path; guidelines for finding a livelihood consistent with your own innate drives and abilities; the hidden purpose of your relationships; how to live in harmony with the cycles of your life, and the key spiritual laws to help you understand your past, clarify your present and empower your future. This is a very powerful pathway to enlightened and purposeful living – awakening within you the full power of your gifts.


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Conscious Creation Tip

The Best is Yet to Come!


Most people spend their lives looking backward at their fondest experiences and worrying that life is getting away from them. That’s a good way to fritter away the rest of your life without living it. If you want to make sure that life is just one great experience after another, hold the vision that “The Best is Yet to Come!” And believe it!

Quote for the month

"Being True to your vision means fitting your Life into Your Dreams rather than trying to fit Your Dreams into your Life." –Barbara De Angeles

Book Review

Joy on the Job, Over 365 Ways to Create the Joy and Fulfillment You Deserve   by Doris Helge, PhD


If you’ve been waiting for a book to come along that will help you reinvigorate your worklife, then this book meets your objective!  Written in a snappy, no-nonsense fashion, Helge provides hundreds of specific tactics to put the Joy back in Job. She reveals the three simple secrets of happy working people and using interviews she conducted all over the world, distills the actions, emotions and attitudes that transform a job into an inspired lifestyle. She shows you how to maximize what you already have to turn it into a golden asset, and ways to eliminate, reduce, manage or cope with stress. There’s something for everyone here who is an employee, a treasure trove of working wisdom.


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Assorted Wisdom

Dress As If…


Let’s say you don’t feel very attractive this week. And you’re used to going around in a ratty old pair of jeans and a decade old top. You’re in the dumps and life doesn’t seem real abundant right now. How to dump the funk? Dress As If…You’re a Million Bucks! Don’t leave the house without putting on appealing clothes, full make up, jewelry, a jaunty hat, a sexy scarf, your nicest boots…whatever makes you feel fantastic! It doesn’t matter if you are just going to the mall, a mixer or the mailbox. Dress up and Consciously Create a feeling of being wealthy, well-cared for and charismatic. As you feel better about the face you are showing to the world, the more the world will show you the face of welcome, opportunity and love. Strut your stuff!