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Note from Jackie

I have a newsflash! If you feel kinda stuck in life, start something new! I recently felt myself stagnating professionally. Things weren’t moving. The energy was stuck. So I decided to start a new endeavor, one that seemed promising and fun, something that directed me toward work that was easy and that I know I’m good at. Immediately, I could feel the energy moving, and elements aligning to help make this a success. Everything started to coalesce without a lot of effort. Now, I’m excited and feel enthused when I get to my desk in the morning. I can’t wait to see what else presents itself that will contribute to its success. I know that good things will come of this very shortly.


It wasn’t that I left the old part of my life with things undone. I just felt it was time to shut the door. By shutting the door and starting anew–not wallowing in all the reasons the old part wasn’t working–I created new fresh energy that was free of obstacles. So if you feel stuck, don’t just stay there and wonder why. Start something new for which you have hope, faith and joy!  

Quote for the Day

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.”
 - Samuel Johnson

Conscious Creation

Living in a Love-Centered Society


Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we lived in a Love-Centered Society? If Love were the most valuable commodity instead of money and possession?


This amazing Utopia would mean that we would exalt those who show the most compassion, humility and selflessness—instead of celebrities and the wealthy. Instead of being competitive, we would actually strive to cooperate. Imagine that! Each of us would work for the good of whole, so that abundance could increase for all of us. No more “me first!”


In a Love-Centered Society, there would be no one homeless and the aged would be cared for. People would rear their children with such care and thoughtful awareness, that those children would not seek solace in drugs, alcohol and sex. With such love between couples, family abuse would disappear.


In a Love-Centered Society, we would actually strive to truly rehabilitate those who have erred against the law. People of all different cultures would share the wealth of their culture with the wider society as a whole. Society would be a polyglot of cultures and mixed race peoples because there would be no barriers to love.


In a Love-Centered Society we would recognize the humanity in everyone else. We would realize that we are truly one great energy compartmentalized temporarily in individual human frames. Therefore by giving love to one, we are giving to all.


In a Love-Centered Society we would extend that love to all the living beings on the planet and to the Earth itself. We would treat them with kindness, compassion, common sense and respect.


In a Love-Centered Society we would love ourselves so that we can fully love others, and we would teach love to all of our offspring and everyone influenced by us. We would set an example of being a loving force in the world.


In a Love-Centered Society, we would assume someone’s innocence, accept responsibility for our own actions, encounter others with trust in our hearts, work to alleviate dissension or dis-alignment with others, engage in a relationship with love as the true outcome and not ownership or control.


In a Love-Centered Society, we would love our bodies and take care of them, so that our health radiates. We address discord in ourselves and with others quickly so that emotional blocks evaporate and leave a loving and free flow of energy coursing through us.


In a Love-Centered Society, each of us would adhere to our conscience, open ourselves to the wisdom and guidance of the Universe, and use love as the guiding principal for all decisions in our lives.   


In a Love-Centered Society, success is judged not by how much money you have, but how much you’ve lived a life of love, joy and compassion. And how loved and uplifted others feel around you—how far your love light shines.


I don’t know about you, but I’m working on my little part of the world right now, creating my little Love-Centered corner. I’m putting love first as my new life commitment. Care to join me?  How about we then link up our Love-Centered neighborhoods and see what wonders can occur! 

Quote for the Day


"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."   - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Book Review

Seeking Serenity by Pilar Stella


This is a children’s book like no other. It’s a wonderful, fabulous parable, yes, but what other children’s book do you know that has been blessed by seven Noble Peace prize winners! Pilar Stella tells the story of Serenity, a child in search of the meaning of her name. Urged on by learning her name means Peace, she seeks out The Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and five other Laureates to discover each of their interpretations, and what that means for the world. With charming illustrations by Maris Cummings, this slim little paperback oozes love and learning for youngsters, and will entice their parents, too. It’s a perfect book to read to very young children many times over. Indeed, Stella has met each of the Nobel Prize winners who gave their blessings to this sweet endeavor and their spirits imbue it.   


You can find this book at

Conscious Creation

The Compassion Quotient


Do you think of yourself as compassionate? How do you react when you see someone on the street begging for money or work? How do you respond when your aging parent complains about never seeing you? What happens in your mind when you see thousands displaced after earthquakes in Third World countries? What is your response when you see a child crying?


Do you take a bare notice and rush on with your busy life, or perhaps think, “at least that’s not me?”  Perhaps you have a moment of reflection and a small feeling of care or concern—and then focus on something else.


As our lives become so complicated and the emotional demands on us so intense, what has been lost is compassion. Whether that takes the form of a kind word, a wish for better circumstances for the unfortunate, or an act undertaken to comfort or aid someone, we can each do more. Compassion, a vibrational form of love, is in short supply. We are quick to give money, and slow to give of ourselves.


So what is your Compassion Quotient and how can you increase it? Keep in mind that the more you give, the more you will get when you need it.


  • Are you oblivious to other’s pain, loss and longing?….a 0% quotient
  • Are you a little bit compassionate? You remember to call on someone’s birthday and you have to be prompted to call your sick relative?…a 10% quotient  
  • Do you feel anguish when you see someone fall in the street, and go over to help? Do you comfort someone in obvious emotional pain…a 25% quotient
  • Do you reach out to someone you know who is suffering in silence and take them to get help? Do you offer aid and a kind word to a homeless person? Do you comfort someone who has lost his or her home due to financial reversals?…a 50% quotient
  • Do you volunteer to help strangers in need in your community? Are you unfailingly kind and willing to listen to the elderly, regardless of how cantankerous they can become? Are you always on call for family members in a crisis—but available when it isn’t a crisis?…a 75% quotient. 
  • Do you get on an airplane and head across the country to help with a rescue mission? Do you take in an unwanted child to your home? Do you expend your own love, time and money to help someone who is not related to you?…a 100% quotient.


Upping your Compassion Quotient requires being in your heart, not in your head. Here are a few key steps:


· Stop and feel. Don’t just let it pass through you. Feel for that person.

· Consciously create a reserve of love, warmth and kindness within yourself and hold a vision for healing for the other person or people.

· Express that feeling you have to the person in need.

· Ask what you can do; help without asking if you know what needs to be done.

· Be available to those who are lonely, who are in need or who are without resources. Sometimes a kind word is as valuable as a gold coin.

· Commit to doing something weekly to help someone you don’t know. Commit random acts of kindness. Pay it forward.

· Volunteer when there is a crisis in your community. Reach out with your heart..Be compassion, don’t just do compassionate acts. Show others how to be compassionate. Some people just don’t know and they learn by observation.  

· Be compassionate to yourself. It will make you more compassionate to others.

· Forgive—a lot! Forgiveness is compassion for you and for the person you are forgiving.

· Be compassionate for the world and for both its sufferers and for those committing the acts that create suffering. Compassion—feeling love and respect for someone and expressing that love and respect– is the only true key to resolving the planet’s problems.


May you grow to have a 100% Compassion Quotient!

Manifest Message

Your spiritual connection has proven time and time again that you are cared for.  Look around you and see how the Universe takes care of things such as the earth, the birds, and the trees.  The Universe does indeed provide for your every need.  It is your feelings of fear and lack that get in the way of simply allowing that to happen.  Trust is the answer to life's many questions.

from "Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance" by Ellen Peterson

For more wisdom from "Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance" please visit, where this book is available.

Manifest Message

Adopt an attitude about money that adds color and vibrancy to your life.  After all, money is nice, but it is not everything.  Money is a means with which you meet your needs.  Money is not the actual need.

from "Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance" by Ellen Peterson

For more wisdom from "Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance" please visit, where this book is available.

Manifest Message

The Universe guides your everyday life experiences, and as such, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.  Yet you tend to fight that fact…Until otherwise informed, enjoy where you are in life.

from "Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance" by Ellen Peterson

For more wisdom from "Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance" please visit, where this book is available.

Manifest Message

Your level of being is what determines where you are at any given moment because your experience is always who you are.  Let me repeat this. For better or for worse, you experience who you are, not where you are.

from "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie

For more wisdom from "Loving What Is" please visit, where this book is available.