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Tip #11 – How to Run Your Company Using Conscious Creation

Motivate Through Teamwork, Collaboration and Cooperation, Rather Than Competition


The world is moving toward an awareness of its oneness, that we are all part of one single energetic matrix. Advancement for mankind lies in our ability to support each other and cooperate, rather than divide and compete. The paradigm of the future is one of collaboration, and the Universe will support people and entities that demonstrate this. So make teamwork, collaboration and cooperation the hallmark of your company inside and out. Work with others in the industry to build the industry, rather than by being rivals.

Tip #10 – How to Run Your Company Using Conscious Creation Principles

Make Everyone’s Growth Your Growth


As your team grows in spiritual consciousness, self-confidence, Conscious Creation skills and inner gifts, so will you and the company. It will show in a happy and productive workforce and in the bottom line. As you manage such an enlightened group, you will grow in your skills, ability to lead and your ability to serve more and better.  

Tip # 7 – How to Run Your Company Using Conscious Creation Principles

 Make Courtesy, Kindness And Compassionate Action The Primary Form Of Interaction


Set an example and establish a culture that emphasizes, supports, rewards and encourages courtesy, kindness and compassionate action as the primary form of interaction in the company. Laud those whose good work and gracious attitude show this kind of leadership. Let your staff see you demonstrating this in your daily interactions. 

Tip #5…How to Run Your Company Using Conscious Creation Prinicples

Enroll Them In Your Vision


Let your employees help your vision manifest by enrolling them in it. Help them understand where you want to take the company and then guide them in seeing how they can play a role in its ultimate success. They need to grasp how they can benefit as the company grows and expands, and that they are part of a greater whole. Make them feel a vital part of the company’s growth and future.

Tip #4… How to Run Your Company Using Conscious Creation Principles

Select Employees With A Positive Optimistic Attitude


When you are hiring, look for people who already have a tendency toward this mindset. With that attitude and approach, they will not only fit into your company culture and be successful, but will help increase the success of their immediate co-workers. It’s a cumulative effect! They will accept your leadership and create their own initiatives. Negative energy employees, on the other hand, are a drain on a company right from the beginning. They are like a virus, bringing others down with them. So invest in the people who are already on this high-frequency path, who will be important engines for growth and success in your business.

Tip #3…How to Run Your Business Using Conscious Creation Principles

 Recognize That You Are Responsible For What You Experience


As an aware Conscious Creator, recognize that your life, your experiences and the state of your company are a direct result of your thoughts and your actions. You cannot blame others for what you experience. Where you are now is an exact result of what you were thinking and doing in the past. If you were thinking negatively and focusing on fear, then you have unconsciously manifested today’s difficult circumstances. If you were optimistic, positive and filled with believe that everything will work out in your favor, than it is likely that your ride has been and will continue to be smoother. Take responsibility for your experience and change your thoughts, emotions and the resulting actions to ensure a better, brighter future.

Tip #1 from How to Run Your Company Using Conscious Creation Principles

Create the vision

Create the vision of the company that you desire to have. It should be derived from or exist in concert with your personal passion and dreams for this business, because your personal passion and joy pave the way for your future success. If this is your life purpose, and you are clear on this, and you are following your heart, you are creating the powerful positive waves of energy that lead to success.


You can even commit this vision to paper in the form of your business plan, or simply a description of what you desire to create. Establish not just the monetary, structure and sales goals, but the company culture as well, and the ways you will motivate and lead. Make a complete picture and invest it with all your passionate emotions of seeing it come to fruition. How would you feel once the company is thriving–just as you created it in your mind? Let this be the guiding framework throughout the life of the company, but allow for new visions to expand it as you grow. 


Use this same process on individual projects, specific tasks and resolving the challenges that face you as you grow and lead the company.


"In a world filled with noise, we need to quiet ourselves to hear God's voice."  – Paul Borthwick