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How Old Will You Be When…

How Old Will You Be When….


Every year as I go around instructing people in the Art of Conscious Creation, or in my every day personal interactions, I hear people lament that they are getting older and they have not followed their dreams. And the older they get, the more fearful they are that they will never do whatever it is that ignites their passion. Time is slipping away and they haven’t even started toward their heartfelt goal.


And when I hear these sad refrains, I tell them a favorite story. Many years ago, I read an item in Dear Abby’s column. A woman in her 60s wrote to Dear Abby saying that she had always wanted to go to Law School and she was torn over whether she should even start at that age—she would be so much younger than the other students, she was nearly old enough to collect social security, etc. “Should I do it, I’ll be 64 when I graduate?” she implored the columnist. Dear Abby’s response was classic. “But of course you should do it. How old would you be in four years IF YOU DIDN’T DO IT?”


The answer always made me laugh. We’ll be the same age if we don’t follow our hearts, but we’ll be a lot less fulfilled!


So what are you denying yourself because you might be too old, too tired, too different from everyone else, too embarrassed, too ashamed, too foolish, too busy, too fearful or too “poor?”


What are you yearning to do that you haven’t?

·         Complete a degree in school?

·         Go back for advanced training in some skill?

·         Start a treasured hobby?

·         Learn a skill passed on from your parent or grandparent?

·         Take cooking classes?

·         Have Lasik surgery so you can get rid of your glasses?

·         Rescue a puppy or kitten and taken it into your home?

·         Start your own business?

·         Begin a marshal arts class?

·         Sign up for an online dating service?

·         Start training for a marathon?

·         Take flying lessons?

·         Have a baby?

·         Write a book? Start a speaking career?

·         Travel around the world, around the country? See the National Parks?

·         Ask out someone that you’ve always admired from afar?

·         Study a foreign language?

·         Do a night of Stand Up Comedy?

·         Sail around the



·         Drop everything and try your hand at an acting career?

·         Move out of the house?

·         Become a teacher?

·         Plant a garden and grow your own vegetables?

·         Have a fling with an old flame who is single again?

·         Change career so that you are serving others?

·         Give yourself a week at a health spa, away from the kids?

·         Buy a ticket to the World Series, an NBA Final, the Super Bowl or the Masters?

·         Take up painting, or dance, or yoga, or playing a music instrument?

·         Or any other passion that has eluded you…


If you recognize yourself in any of these questions, than you should begin seriously thinking about the value of your time on this planet. Denial is a misuse of your spiritual capital. Go and be what you truly desire to be. You are denying your destiny.


Begin using your skills of Conscious Creation to manifest whatever it is you need to move forward with a plan to embrace your desire…Consciously Create the time, the resources, the opportunity, the mentor or the courage to move forth. But mostly focus on the goal – what you want to be doing — and let the Universe fill in the “how.” And take action. Step out, sign up, start moving. After all, how old will you be IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW YOUR HEART!   

Is Your Stock Going Up or Down?


Notes from Jackie:


Is your stock going up or down? As the market dips and jobs disappear, are you focused on the stock market or on your own personal stock? What do you have that will buoy you in this environment? Optimism, gratitude, love, talent, intelligence, determination, vision, a willingness for collaboration, inner strength, integrity, creativity, intuition, and other gifts and positive values. If you focus on bringing these to the table, it doesn’t matter what happens in the stock market. You will survive and thrive and so will those whom you influence! Focus on your gifts. These are the true gold in your life.




"Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live." – Mark Twain

The Power of Now


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle


By now, you have probably heard of Eckhart Tolle, the little elfin man who did an 8-part webcast with Oprah Winfrey that drew as many as 11 million people, as he led a discussion on the chapters in his book A New Earth. As groundbreaking as that webcast was, I happen to feel that his first bestseller, The Power of Now, was a more important book. Tolle was the first of the New Age authors to devote an entire book to the concept of living in the Now, to releasing the prison of the past and the trap of the future from our consciousness. Tolle explains how living in the now, this present moment, is a life transforming act that opens the door for far greater joy and peace. He traces his experience as a homeless man, lost in misery, to a man who lives each moment in a state of equilibrium and harmony. It’s an incredibly thought provoking book and one which will open your eyes to a different way of living.   


You can find this book at


Conscious Creation Tip




One the best ways to start re-programming yourself to be in a higher vibration state, and to release limiting fears and anxieties, is to engage in self-hypnosis. This relaxing practice enables you to bypass your conscious mind and your ego, and to change your beliefs. Some people find it easy to perform self-hypnosis (I use it to sleep) and others will need an external stimulus or direction. There are wonderful guided meditations available to address many personal challenges and limiting beliefs. I personally would be delighted to recommend the special programs created by my friend and colleague Anita Pathik Law, available at Anita has a wonderful, conforting and encouraging voice and I love doing consciousness work with her. You’ll find her downloads and CDs a great tool to start shifting your vibration.


A Dialogue Between You and Your Money

I know this sounds strange, but it’s time you started talking to your money. If you are feeling strapped by the economy, than you need to develop an up-close-and-personal relationship with your money.  And when I say “your money,” that may be money already in your bank or dollars that are on the way and you have yet to deposit in your account.

So let’s start a dialogue between you and your money.

What would you like to say to it? How do you want to make it feel? Do you appreciate it? Do you enjoy it? Do you love it? Are you grateful for the things it’s helping you do—pay your bills, get a manicure, give gifts to your children, pay for the car repair, buy dinner with your best friend? It’s fantastic, isn’t it? It’s just a tangible method to track the exchange of services and energy between people, but it’s just so GREEN! Green represents abundance, harmony, rebirth and growth! Money lets you celebrate the success of your work life.  It enables lots of forms of joyful entertainment. It provides enriching food.

So talk to it. Romance it. Love it. Just like you would a puppy or a kitten.

What do imagine it would like to say to you? I love being able to service you? I love being YOUR money and letting you pass me along to someone else to help make their life better. I love making you feel good when you see lots of dollars fill up your bank account. Please spend me smartly and save me for a rainy day. It’s just so fun to bring joy, happiness and prosperity to you!

Now what would you say to the money that has yet to arrive? I’m so looking forward to your arrival. Thank you for helping me to grow and prosper. I promise to use you for my personal growth, for making wise choices and for helping others. You’re a blessing on the way, since I know that you’ll help me pay down my mortgage quicker, and will get into a great place financially. It will be so fun to have you by my side when I go to buy my new car, and get the wood and tools to build my son’s treehouse. Now I can take care of that treatment I need to get into peak health! Oh and wonder of wonders! I can take that trip to


regardless of how the dollar is faring against the euro. I am so thankful for your arrival!

Fun, isn’t this! It’s a unique to Consciously Create your future wealth employing joy, fun and imagination, instead of intense focus on changing the future. This is a light-filled joyous celebration of your wealth today and a celebration of wealth to come.   

So what other imagination tools can you devise to attract money and keep it coming?

Try these:

·         The Money Tree. Imagine you have a money tree in your tummy. (I actually pulled a picture from the Internet of a money tree and put it on the wall in front of my desk as a reminder.) Imagine it growing inside of you and each time you need some money, you plug some of its $$$ leaves. And watch, they grow back! There’s an unlimited supply!

·         Magnetize Your Aura. Imagine your aura in brilliant colors all around you. Set the intention to magnetize it. Zap! Now you are a money magnet and money is coming from all over to stick to you! Pluck one from your crown chakra. Oh there’s another one I can grab right off my ankle. Those dollars are just arriving from all over the Universe!

·         Your Genii in a Bottle. Go find a funky old lantern or bottle, something antique-y and fun. Imagine this is the bottle in which your Genii lives and he (or she!) is there to grant your money wishes. See your Genii bringing you that money whenever you want or need it. But make sure to feed your Genii lots of love and gratitude to keep him feeling special about your relationship. He’ll keep trying to please you as long as he feels appreciated.    

·         Your Magic Box. Find a beautiful box that evokes lovely thoughts whenever you open it. Each night go over, open it up and put in your imaginary savings. Keep piling in dollars—and oh and then, put in the real thing! (Now that’s an idea!) 

·         The Emerald Gem. This one has always been a powerful one for me and when my business was in trouble many years ago, this imagery helped turn my life around. Go outside in the sunshine. Imagine a stunning deep rich green emerald in the sky above you. See beams of emerald green light shining down on you, knowing that this light represents abundance, prosperity, safety. Let it warm your shoulders and caress your body. Feel financially taken care of and blessed by the rich green Universal gemstone.  

So the minute you start feeling poor, turn your mind to one of these lovely fantasies or talk to your money. I have no doubt you’ll start to see a change in your fortunes.

Ok…so the weather may be dismal…

Notes from Jackie:


OK…so the weather may be dismal, you’re struggling a bit financially and you’re buying into the lack mystique that’s permeating the nation, you feel stagnated and you’re giving in to depression. So take a break from the doom and gloom!  It’s not any fun anyway. Here’s what I did over the holidays, I did a re-boot! I took a week (you can do this in a weekend) and reset my mental attitude. I read 13 powerful spiritual books (some were small), and then sat down to meditate and connect to the Universe. Filled with that inspiration, I just decided everything was going to be fun and abundant–and got into that vibration. And most importantly got into the vibration of feeling love coming into me and through me so I could help others. Just sat in those feelings for a couple of hours each day, feeling them welling up inside me and spraying out the top of my head. And guess what? As soon as the New Year arrived, I had a flood of new business calls, lots of new opportunities and a good bit more fun and joy. And I even had standing room only at my speaking session at the Conscious Life Expo here in

Los Angeles

. (Thanks to those of you who came!)


So if you’re feeling down, time for a re-boot! Don’t wait for spring when everything blossoms anew, you can do it now!      



"Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do."   – Brian Tracy

Love Colors, A New Approach to Love, Relationships and Auras by Pamala Oslie

Book Review


Love Colors, A New Approach to Love, Relationships and Auras by Pamala Oslie

Life Colors, What the Colors in Your Aura Reveal About You  by Pamala Oslie


I thought February was a particularly fun time to review a wonderfully lighthearted book on relationships as viewed through the prism of one’s auras! Pamala Oslie is a charming psychic and consultant who works with clients around the world to help them live more fulfilling lives by using the color of their auras as a compass. Life Colors was a revelation for me, helping me to discern the colors that ruled my life and what they revealed about my patterns of behavior. I correctly determined that I was a “blue/purple,” and I think you’ll find discovering your colors as fascinating as reading astrology books that pinpoint your traits and insightfully present you with opportunities for growth. With Love Colors, you discover the key to successful relationships. You’ll learn your personal love colors and those people you are most compatible with. You’ll discover ways to find, recognize and attract your ideal partner. There are new recommendations for you to move past year fears and open to love, with the knowledge of your love colors guiding your throughout. If you have a lover, share these insights. If not, spend Valentine’s Day with a “colorful” good book!       


Supportive Listening

Conscious Creation Tip


Supportive Listening


Don’t you just want to jump in and fix someone’s life when you see them doing things you don’t agree with? It’s so easy just to tell them what they should do. Especially children, spouses and people you are close to. When you live in close proximity to someone, you feel as if they are almost an extension of you, and you are more likely to be critical. Because by fixing them, you fix part of your life. But the problem simply is you can’t fix their life. And if you push your ideas, you will only find resistance and pushback. Try listening and encouraging instead. Ask questions. Let that person talk. Show you support him or her regardless of whether you agree with the path that person is taking. Show confidence that he or she will ultimately make decisions that will lead to maturity and success. And in your mind, Consciously Create a happy and fulfilled person, giving that individual the space to grow and thrive, whatever path she or he follows. You’ll be surprised at how this will change the relationship for the better and erase the tension and strain for both of you.