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“Don't wait for your Ship to come. Row out and meet it.”- Anonymous

CD Review

The Secret Universal Mind Meditation by Kelly Howell

The Secret to Attracting Love by Kelly Howell

The Secret to Attracting Wealth by Kelly Howell


Kelly Howell is an extraordinary woman who slipped down into the depths of despair before she began recording positive affirmative states on tape and then listening to them over and over again. Almost overnight she turned her life around and began to thrive. er her fHer  Her friends asked if she could do tapes for them, and soon was born an empire. Kelly is the most successful producer of Guided Meditation Intentional CDs on the market. Her beautiful soothing and melodious voice is backed with music encoded with “brain wave therapy,” vibrational sounds designed to move the listener into various stages of deep meditation to anchor the concepts and create healing. Kelly’s Secret Universal Mind Meditation is one of the best selling in the personal development/ meditation genre and the two CDs on Attracting Love and Attracting Wealth are sensational. She advocates listening to them every night for a month before you go to sleep. This is a great way to jump start your positive mindset and activate those attracting cells!


You can find these CDs at

Conscious Creation Tip

Speed Dial the Universe by Jeanna Gabellini

We just added something very fun and useful to the inventory. It’s “Speed Dial the Universe” by my friend Jeanna Gabellini, a leading Laws of Attraction expert. This very cute little spiral bound notebook is a daily Manifesting Journal which is the perfect aid for Consciously Creating Your Day. Each day you record your thoughts in each of its categories, starting with “Today (date) I appreciate….” You then record what the dominant feeling you want to have that day. Then you list the six most important tasks you have for that day, setting an intention to achieve them and letting go of lesser ones that might drain your focus. That category ends with this phrase” Everything else I desire is being delegated to the Universe. Thank you, Universe for handling the following for me:” Hand over all the rest. Then she includes this wonderful section called “My Wild Hair Intention…Wouldn’t it be awesome today if….” The next category gives you the opportunity to create the perfect vision for that day…”One of my desires has manifested in the most perfect way. It unfolded like this…” Lastly, you would fill out a section that allows you to state “the most important thing for me to focus on today is…” and here is where you declare your intentions for your focus and attention. After a brief affirmation about how you, the Universe and your higher spirit are working together to support you, you affix your signature. This great tool lets you create wonderful vision, focus and manifesting habits that can sustain you for a lifetime.       

The Conscious Creation Equation for Manifesting Success

The Conscious Creation Equation for Manifesting Success:

Vision+Initiative+Faith in Self+Faith in Universe=Your Desired Outcome


Someone recently asked me why I know that I will be successful when I undertake something and the answer popped into my head so clearly that it astonished me. My response to him was because of four key factors:


            –I could envision the project in advance and see how I wanted it to unfold. I saw it succeeding as I perceived it

            –I was willing to put in the effort that was required to bring it to fruition

            –I have faith in my intelligence, my intention to do something of value, my commitment to achieve it, my good judgment that this filled a need

            –I have faith in the Universe, its willingness to respond to my desires and bring me what is in my highest good


So how can I put that simply for you? 

Vision+Initiative+Faith in Yourself+Faith in the Universe=Your Desired Outcome


I call this the Conscious Creation Equation for Manifesting Success. If you are practicing each of these when you embark on a new endeavor, you will succeed. I have spent my life creating successful businesses, forming alliances, doing non-profit work, etc by operating with these four elements as part of my day-to-day mindset. Let’s look at each of them a bit closer.


Vision: If you conceive a vision of something you want to start, you must have a passion for it—or else why do it? So you already begin with the high vibration energies of “birth” and “passion.” This gives any idea or project a great jump start. But as you visualize it, you also place your focus on it. And as we know about the Universal Laws, what you focus upon is what you will manifest. By creating the high frequency image in your mind and investing it with your emotion, you are generating that “express mail package to the Cosmic Post Office.”  


Initiative: When I first mentioned this equation to my friend, I used the term “hard work.” But then, I took that back and rephrased it. Why work hard? That’s absolutely not a necessity in the Universe that I am experiencing today. I can work smart. I can work with commitment. I can work with enthusiasm and passion. What I was trying to say was that I was willing to put in the initiative and the effort to make the project successful…but I can do that without “working hard!” There is no reason to make anything “hard,” when we can work effective and still work easily.


Faith in Self: This is a big one! People who believe in themselves tend to be very successful at whatever they endeavor. Each of us has great gifts, but to allow them to flower fully, you must appreciate and honor them with your belief. This is where you must actually take for granted how talented and smart you are—because the minute you start doubting, that’s when you allow failure to creep in. Now we are each evolving spiritually at different rates, so you may feel confident professionally, but have lower self esteem in your personal self-view. Where you feel confident is where you will likely see your success. So start taking stock of your assets and being grateful for them. These are your beacons that shine on the path to your success. Count up your past great achievements—don’t overlook them. Build your faith in yourself so you can use this as a springboard to future successes. Where are your skills—in your intellect, your creativity, your problem solving ability, your facility with people, your skill with numbers, your diplomacy, your persistence? Keep your faith in yourself and you will be well rewarded.


Faith in the Universe: If you start from a premise that you are supported and that the Universe is just waiting to assist you in your success, you cannot fail. By demonstrating your faith, you are enabling the Universe to line up all the elements in your favor, unblocked by your own doubt, fear or feeling of separation from The Source. What this also does is tell the Universe that you are open to guidance. If there is a flaw in your plan, the Universe will let you know and either will tweak it on its own, or steer you in a different direction. This high frequency energy is a powerful ally that streamlines the path to success.


So this Conscious Creation Equation for Manifesting Success is very simple and unencumbered. You don’t need to make it any more complicated than this if you want to ensure the success of your endeavors—in whatever aspect of your life they may manifest. Do the Math—Then Toast to Your Achievement!    

Who Inspires You?

Who among your friends and family are an inspiration to you? When I’m feeling that I’m insignificant, I like to look around and take inspiration from people I know that make a difference with big and little gestures. Here are some of the experiences that have helped me grow:


   *My grandmother was a Polish immigrant who sought to locate her relations in the refugee camps after the holocaust, but instead found 10,000 survivors without food or clothes. So she set about supplying the entire camp with used clothing, canned food and everything else she could get donated from friends and family.  

   *My former love made a habit of compassionately giving a few dollars to street people outside of supermarkets who just needed a meal.

   *My bookkeeper and dear friend Ann came and stayed with me or delivered food after my back surgery, regardless of whatever else was going on her life.


These acts have inspired me to step up to the plate and “pass it on.” Who do you know that you can emulate, and can inspire you to be a shining example to someone else?

Wishes for the World





United World Healing Launches Website To Capture & Celebrate People’s

Positive Healing Visions Of Earth


Kicks off Valentine’s Day with Beautiful Viral Slide Show and

Concludes on Earth Day



With Valentine’s Day upon us and Earth Day slated for April 22, what a better time than now to send your love letter to the Earth. The non-profit that I founded,UNITED WORLD HEALING is launching WISHES FOR THE WORLD, a web posting campaign to capture people’s intentions and visions for a better planet.


Kicking off with a beautiful slide show of Earth in all its grandeur on the United World Healing website and available for viral distribution, the WISHES FOR THE WORLD campaign encourages people to post their most passionate dreams of the world they want to experience.


United World Healing’s mission is to bring citizens together to use the power of their intentional energy to shift the world’s future.


“By giving people a forum to focus their energy on a prosperous, abundant, healthy, peaceful, tolerant and climatically balanced planet, they begin to generate the powerful energetic waves that create such a reality, “said Jackie Lapin, founder and president of United World Healing. “The public is invited to read the WISHES, and lend positive energy to these visions. We really want to encourage everyone to take part.”


It is free to post a WISH FOR THE WORLD. United World Healing chose Valentine’s Day to kick off the campaign as a way to remind people that love for the Earth is vital to sustain its future. As humans, we must be grateful for the planet we inhabit. WISHES FOR THE WORLD will conclude on Earth Day, April 22, when United World Healing will host a live video webinar to ceremonially “send those WISHES TO THE WORLD.”     


The public is invited to sign up to join the webinar or to view the video on the United World Healing website after the ceremony is concluded.


Go to to view the slide show, send it to friends, or post a WISH FOR THE WORLD.


About United World Healing

United World Healing is an international organization dedicated to harnessing the conscious intent of people and organizations to synergistically create a healthy, compassionate world. Using simultaneous guided visualization as the core of its powerful transformative mission, United World Healing seeks to cohere the intelligent directed energy of millions and focus it on visualizing, creating and actuating a better world—one that protects, respects and reveres mankind, animal kind and the environment. United World Healing calls upon its people and organizations to also take real-world action that enhances the globe. United World Healing is the world’s leading organization dedicated to educating humanity about the power of conscious creation for both personal and global transformation.


10 Steps for Attracting Love

Cupid’s Wave: 10 Steps for Attracting Love



Cupids’ Bow. Valentine’s Day is coming soon and we will see hundreds of cards in the store with cherubic Cupid pointing his bow and arrows at his soon-to-be victims, smiting them with love.


But as much as this sweet image has been part of our cultural legacy of a day devoted to finding and celebrating love, it needs an update! Cupid needs to add particle and wave physics to his arsenal! The little guy needs to attract instead of attack!


All that said, you’re probably not waiting around for Cupid to do you any favors. If you are a single person today, you are more likely to be searching for love online ( or, in your social networking organization (Facebook, My Space), at work (where statistics show a high percentage of relationships begin), in school, at your workout gym/yoga studio, or within your special interest group (church/spiritual center, pet rescue, cycling club, cause-related organization, etc). Or maybe you’ve just given up looking, but not given up hope.


Anytime of the year is a good time to be open to finding for a lover/partner/spouse, but with Valentine’s Day upon us, we are reminded that love is possible for any and all of us. However, we need to begin to view the search for love in terms of Conscious Creation and energy…a far more effective and compelling way now that the Law of Attraction and energy management have come to light.


So, how would you go about attracting a soul mate, a true love? Let’s look at ways to apply your skills at Conscious Creation. Here are 10 steps.


  1. Raise Your Personal Frequency

In order to be attractive to a prospective partner you must be vibrating positive, compassionate, appreciative, loving frequencies. If you are vibrating negative waves of energy (desperation, resentment at past lovers, judgment, criticism, self-centeredness, etc) you will drive people away even if your words are sweet. People will sense what is underlying because your body will be radiating that energy. Furthermore, if you raise your frequency, you will become a faster and more effective manifestor, attracting your partner more quickly. 


  1. Become Love to Attract Love

Like energy attracts. If you want to attract love, you must vibrate love—unconditional love. You must be loving in intent, in your heart, in deed, in action, in appearance. Loving energy should permeate your entire being. Get quiet and allow love to become your default energy. 


  1. Love Yourself

If you are constantly self critical (I’m not thin enough, I’m too bald, I wish I was smarter or more glib with the opposite sex, etc.), you are vibrating energies that will repel your prospective lover. Because if you are critical of yourself, you will be critical of him/her. If you accept and love yourself, you have begun the process of accepting your partner for who he or she is. Furthermore, if you dislike yourself or find fault, you are not operating in a state of unconditional love, the love that will draw forth your partner.   


  1. Start Consciously Creating Love

Create a vision of the person you want to bring into your life. Not just what he or she might look like, but what qualities that person has, what interests might you share, what values, how the relationship will feel to you. When you start Consciously Creating, remember that the emotional component is most critical for this is the “express mail to the cosmic post office.” You must feel the emotions of living this beautiful relationship.


  1. Be Specific

It is essential that you be specific in your Conscious Creation about what you desire in your soulmate. My friend Lee is a very handsome, charming, intelligent and successful entertainment entrepreneur, but he had difficulty finding the right woman for him. So he sat down and started writing, getting very specific about what he wanted in a wife. Very soon after that, she walked into his life and they have now been blissfully married more than a dozen years. The Universe can’t bring it forth if you are unspecific or conflicted. It has to have clarity to match the vibrational request.


  1. Make Space in Your Life for Your Lover

Is there room in your life for this lover? Is there enough time in your life? Is there enough “attention bandwith” to make someone feel valued? Is there space in your closets? Create spiritual and energetic space so that the Universe can fill the vacuum with the partner you are seeking. This also applies to releasing old energies relating to past partners. If you hold onto bad memories, anger, resentment, etc, this energy will not allow positive new loving energy to come forth. Dump the garbage and let the Universe fill up your psychic space with the vibrant, loving energy inspired by your relationship with a wonderful new partner. 


  1. Trust the Universe

Have faith that once you start this process, and you have done all the aforementioned steps, that the Universe is at work creating a new reality for you, presenting you with opportunities to connect with possible partners, maneuvering you into situations where the right person may present him or herself. Believe that you will meet your partner and you will…but note that this will be in Divine timing. It may not be on your timetable. So be patient.


  1. Affirmations

Create and restate affirmations that reinforce your belief and readiness for this person’s arrival. Words like this: “I willingly embrace the loving partner who is coming into my life and am creating a safe haven in my life for him/her” or “I am filling myself with abundant and unconditional love so that I may share it with my lover who is now in my life.” It is especially effective to act as if that person has already arrived on your doorstep when creating affirmations. 


  1. Preparing for Love

Take the steps to prepare yourself for love. Be groomed beautifully, even when running errands. Take pride in your appearance. Pamper your body. Work on your fitness. Make your home welcoming. Take classes to enhance your knowledge and wisdom. Practice your charm, kindness and focused attention on others so that you will be accustomed to doing so when your partner arrives.


  1. Raise Your Antenna for Love

Be out in the world. Don’t isolate yourself. Raise your antenna and use your wavelengths of energy to start connecting with people. Put yourself in places where you might meet someone—or meet someone who can introduce you to someone else.  Let your waves go out and bring back your new love…just like a modern wave-wielding Cupid.   

Noteable Quotes

“The world that you see is a reflection of your own state of consciousness.

Your state of consciousness is reflected, in how you see the world.”-–Steven Sadleir

Come Hear Me Speak!

I am going to be making two personal appearances in Southern California in February.

On Saturday, Feb. 7 I'll be doing a workshop at the Soul Blazing Institute. It'll be a full-two hour program, where I will not only lecture on Raising Your Personal Frequency to you can be a better, faster manifestor, but we'll be doing lots of interactive exercises and practices! The workshop portion is called Retrain Your Brain for Positive Energy Habits

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Then on Friday, Feb 13 at 5 p.m. I'll be speaking at the LAX Hilton for the Conscious Life Expo.

The Art of Conscious Creation:  Take Control and Manifest Your Life — Rather Than Let Life Happen to You – 6  Steps to Unlock Your Infinite Potential & Ensure the Planet’s Future


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