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No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.”   - Dr. Barbara De Angelis

Book Reviews

Children’s Books for the Holidays

What I Believe by Jennifer Murphey Morrical

Fun Is A Feeling        by Chara M. Curtis

Just Imagine    by John M Thompson/George M Schultz



      by Sandra Hanken

Little Soul  and the Earth     by Neale Donald Walsch

Little Soul and the Sun        by Neale Donald Walsch

Who Am I?     by Brian McClure


So when you are buying gifts for little munchkins this this coming year, why not introduce to spiritually uplifting children’s books that provide a message of empowerment and Conscious Creation. We have assembled a delightful selection of books that are a perfect way to begin giving kids a sense of positive vision and unlimited horizons. Each have beautiful illustrations and charming articulation. Two are by Neale Donald Walsch, the acclaimed author of “Conversations with God” and one is by Brian McClure, founder of The Universal Flag Foundation. These are a great addition to any child’s library.    


You can find these book at

Holiday Rituals


The holidays are a great time to begin new Conscious Creation rituals that will hitch a ride on the wonderful goodwill of the season. Consider holiday tree where everyone in the family places a special card with a short vision of something they would like to manifest in the new year! Or place in a stocking a wish for someone else, so that you are “giving” a wish of Conscious Creation—for someone who might be ill or someone who needs “light” in their life. Do a ”pay-it-forward” holiday practice where each person must do a good deed for someone else. Make a Conscious Creation with every Hannukah candle that is for you and the next one for someone you know! Allow this festive time to be an incubator for Conscious Creation visions and wishes that can manifest in the next year.

Happy Holiday! The Spirit of Joy.

This is a week of great emotions. Make them joyful! On Saturday night Hanukah began and of course Christmas is tomorrow, with New Year's only a week away. It's a time when we spend time with family and friends. For most of us that time is wonderfully enjoyable, but then there are those irritating people whose attitude might bring you down or put a damper on the party. Be the uplifting force! Make sure your love and joy are a counterpoint. Be a leader and inspiring force wherever you go. Don't let the economy and people's financial woes set the tone for this holiday season. Turn everyone's attention to blessings and gratitude! 

But this is also an emotional time for people who don't have a lot of family and friends around them. I encourage you to get out and connect with others. Volunteer your time, be of service to those less fortunate, help wherever you can, visit someone who is alone. This will restore your joy when you see how you touch others! 

Remember that the joy you vibrate today will create joy for you in the future!

So I wish you great joy on this holiday week! May it grow exponentially from this special moment!  

Spiritual Gifting During a Financial Crunch

If you are like most people this holiday season, than you might be feeling the financial crunch. Your budget for gifts may not what you have had in the past. This should not be a source of embarrassment or dread, you are being prudent. We are all in the same boat right now. So I would encourage you to remember that this season is about spiritual reconnection and renewal, and the power of love. If you focus on these elements in your gift giving, I am positive that you can use your creativity to devise beautiful gifts of your spirit. These do not need to be costly. They can be letters you write and frame, massages you give, daylong road trips taking someone to a place they’ve always wanted to go, dinners you cook, books you read to someone whose sight is gone, pictures put in a scrapbook, homemade crafts, private musical performances. If the spirit of giving is filled with love, it doesn’t have to have a dollar value on it. It can be –in the words of Mastercard—priceless. Enjoy the creative process of becoming a master of spiritual gifting!

5 Tips on How to Not Let Your Relatives Ring Your Holiday Bell

Are you one of those people who dread the holidays? Last minute shopping, decorating disasters, difficult people to buy for, demanding kids—and most of all the run-ins with relatives!


If you're anticipating a rerun of previous years where your relatives made you crazy and your holidays were filled with headaches, then you are sure to experience that again this year. Because the energy you put into dreading and anticipating will pave the way for more of the same. The energy—also known as the vibration—that you project in the world will manifest the reality you imagined.


However, you can begin to change all that just with your thoughts. You can use  “personal frequency management” and visualization to manifest a truly happy holiday and keep the joy in the holiday season. By Consciously Creating your day–juggling work, shopping, cooking, tree trimming, kids, the management of those pesky relatives etc–you can have the kind of holiday season you desire effortlessly and without hiccup.


Here are five tips for creating “Relative Harmony” for the Holidays:


  1. Throw Out the Love Net

Well before they show up at your door, when you begin planning your holiday, send your “love net”—your high vibration loving energy–out to your relatives—and keep doing it throughout the holiday season. Feel love toward them even in the most trying times. Know that love is patience and understanding. Plenty of loving energy can head off, diffuse and transmute negative energy emanating from your relations. Ask for an unending supply of loving energy to pass into you from the Universe and through you to your family members.


  1. Visualize

Take some quiet time each day and visualize just how wonderful your time with your relatives will be. In your mind, see them helping you instead of criticizing, offering support, staying out of the way, picking up after themselves, volunteering instead of demanding, loving the gifts you have picked for them, finding ways to make your time together joyful and loving. Relish the emotions of these wonderful reunions. Thank the Universe in advance for granting this incredible camaraderie, goodwill, grace and warmth.  Then go ahead and visualize the rest of your day going smoothly, too!


  1. Stay in Your




      Whatever happens, do not allow your relations to pull you into the low frequency range of anger, frustration, bitterness or regret.  Stay in your high frequency states of love, contentment, joy, compassion and generosity –play music and tune out negativity, focus on those who appreciate what you are offering, do something creative that serves your soul. If you are being bombarded by negative energy—excuse yourself and go do something yummy just for you—take in a movie, go for a walk, play with your puppy, give yourself a bubble bath, shoot some hoops.


  1. Redirect Them into Helping you in a Good Way

If you know that they are likely to be under foot, in your way or just over-helpful in the wrong ways, have a list in advance of things you would like them to do to help you in a “good way.”  They’ll feel good about being able to help, and making you pleased, and you will manifest goodwill on all planes.


  1. Give Santa Those “Hot Buttons” and Let Him Take Them Back to the North Pole

      You can do all of the above four things, but if you allow your relatives to push those “Hot Buttons,” you’ll be back where you started. Make a conscious decision that you are giving those Hot Buttons to Santa—as your gift to yourself. Release those previous memories of pain and angst with your relations and start fresh. If they start down the old path, surprise them and don’t engage! Let go of the mind-chatter in your head that gets you crazy and allows them to get your goat. Just decide NOT to go there. Instead just keep telling yourself, you deserve joy, peace, goodwill and good, kindly relatives at the holidays! And they just might turn out to be what you imagined!


Actor Bill Cosby once said “I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." Please yourself during this holiday season and you will truly have a Happy Holiday!

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday and I have decided to spend it with some of my wonderful friends. But since a birthday is a lovely right of passage, I have elected to enjoy it surrounded by other women who are traveling the conscious path! How fun to be with people who share my passion for conscious creation, intention and living a life aware of one's relationship to the Universe!

I am also blessed to have a wonderful brother who always remembers to call and wish me happy birthday in whatever amusing and fun way he can conceive. Thank you Willie for being the greatest brother!

Moreover, a birthday is a great reason to step back and realize how fortunate you are. I am truly grateful for all the incredible blessings in my life! And love all of you who continue to shower me with your friendship, love, support and gratitude! 🙂

Jackie Lapin Launches 2009 Personal Coaching Programs

You know me as the consummate teacher of Conscious Creation, bringing my unique skills and perspective to aiding people in finding a new path to their own joy and success.


If you are ready to take charge of your life in 2009, break through all the barriers holding you back, and create the life of joy , love, abundance, success and inner peace that you want, let me be your Conscious Creation and Law of Attraction coach!


Here's what my clients are saying:

  • Jackie’s 30 years in business as a highly successful marketing strategist, coupled with her innate wisdom and knowledge of the Universal energy principles is applied to sorting out  personal energy roadblocks and developing both practical and visionary strategies for manifesting a personally and professionally satisfying future.

“Jackie Lapin in her wisdom and experience had the knowledge and innate intuition to spot my dilemma and directed me out of the maze and pointed me to my north. Everyone has a north– it's the direction and the destination we all try to reach personally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Jackie is the guide—she knows the direction." Lisa Tenner–Marketing Promotional Consultant, Event Pro of the Year for 2007

“I just wanted to thank you for a powerful session yesterday.  I am going to take what you told me and do the exercises on clarity this weekend. I am really grateful for connecting with you and I feel very empowered about myself emotionally and for my business.  You are a powerful woman with amazing gifts!“ —Heather Picken, Self Improvement Coach and Intuitive Specialist

“I feel a tremendous relief after months …I feel much more capable in my business when you give examples of realistic landmarks and actions without pressure. Meeting you has been a pivotal step forward in my life. — David Chen, Internet Entrepreneur

Personal Coaching to Gain Clarity, Raise Your Frequency and Live the Life You Choose

Make an appointment and submit a Life Survey that provides background history and perspective. I assess what is working in your life and what is not. The first in-person or phone appointment is a two-hour session in which the Life Survey is reviewed and explored to evaluate where your energy is blocked and to begin laying out a plan for your transformation so that you may manifest your dreams. Clients are given specific "practical recommendations" and "energy tactics" to put into practice and they receive periodic encouraging email to ensure progress.


Group Coaching

Share the coaching experience with other blossoming Conscious Creators. I will offer guidance on specific topics and then open the call to her weekly participants. Ask questions, discuss your energy blocks, learn from others and share your victories. Participate in six 1.5- Hour Interactive Coaching Calls Beginning in January

            Topics will include:

    • Leaving fear in your rear view mirror
    • Tapping your inner flow for outer wealth
    • Facing up to challenges and challenging people
    • Unblocking your love stream
    • Joyously living your authentic self
    • Overcoming self-sabotage

Click here for more information and coaching fees:

Noteable Quote

“Remember that there is only one difference between an ordinary woman and an extraordinary woman. The belief that she is ordinary.” — Fawn Germer

Book Review

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L Hay

Louise Hay is the godmother of the Consciousness movement. You may know her today as the creator of Hay House, the largest publisher of books in the genre, but she laid claim to her leadership in this arena long before the huge success of Hay House, with the publication of her book You Can Heal Your Life. This amazing book is filled with simple, yet profound truths that pave the way for a happier and healthier life.  She explains how limiting beliefs and ideas are often the cause of illness and shows how changed thinking can lead to increased wellness. Her Chapter 15, “The List” describes each physical problem, the probable emotional cause, and what thought you might adapt to alleviate the problem. I believe that chart is worth the price of the book by itself! At Manifest Books, we carry the new collector addition with beautiful, charming and heartwarming illustrations.


You can find this book at