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“Choosing” Our Future

As each of us takes on the mantle of Conscious Creator, we begin to become aware of the thoughts we have let overtake us, the emotions that have previously ruled us and the words we use to imprison us. As newly-birthed Conscious Creators, we learn that we can indeed counter these powerful negative forces by consciously willing ourselves to think, feel and speak differently, to raise our personal frequency through choice.


And in raising our frequency, we vibrate the positive energies that create greater harmony and ease in our lives, influence others in positive ways, and provide a smooth, easy, speedy path for manifesting what is in our hearts.


And so we might find ourselves reframing our thoughts and words into far more positive statements of possibility, opportunity, faith and confidence. Indeed we often may find affirmations a valuable tool in making these changes, by saying such vital and impactful words as “I am….” This is a compelling practice that truly helps shift our world view, and allows us to grow into who we want to become. Instead of focusing on the negative, we now also go about our daily lives with great intentions of positive declarations, instead of focusing on the negative. We often say we “will” do something, or we “want” to take action.


But while these are all very important positive and valid steps toward becoming a Conscious Creator and Master Manifestor, there is one word choice that is even more powerful—because it implies a conscious will…and that is to say “I choose to…”


By saying these simple three words “I choose to…,”  you are telling the Universe that you are taking responsibility for your actions, that you are deliberating going down this path and you are signaling to the Universe that you desire to attract its help in reaching the preferred outcome.


For example, here are the kinds of statements that are powerful incentives for the Universe to help you achieve what you have selected:

·         “I choose to” open my heart, be more compassionate and look at everyone else with the knowledge that we are one.

·         “I choose to” to be more abundant in my giving and my receiving.

·         “I choose to” be open to receive love, support, compliments, joy, respect and wisdom.

·         “I choose to” be healthier and more disciplined in my self-care.

·         “I choose to” be more confident and willing to speak up for what I need in my job and in my relationships, but to do this with grace and consideration for others.

·         “I choose to” release my fears and trust the Universe.

·         “I choose to” make wiser choices about the people with whom I spend my time.

·         “I choose to” eat only those foods today that are nutritional and valuable to my body, and in my highest good.

·         “I choose to” to love and respect myself today.

·         “I choose to” to express my emotions in a healthy and appropriate manner, so that they free me from imprisonment.

·         “I choose to” to have a positive and healthy relationship with my parents and to forgive them for their unconscious actions.

·         “I choose to” to be a powerful attractant for abundance, and to show the Universe I am worthy of its gifts.

·         “I choose to” be more patient with my children today, regardless of how they behave and what I am doing at the time.

·         Etc…


See how much more power these words produce? You are standing tall and proud when you make a choice that is right for you. Proclaim that choice! And when you do, two things happen, you are consciously aware that you have made a commitment that you must now live up to, and the Universe sees the seriousness of your intent and supports you. 


Choose to choose! Show the Universe that you are truly conscious of your thoughts, emotions and actions. Let your choice be your ticket to a life of your design.  

Savoring the World

"Every morning I awaken torn between the desire to save the world and the inclination to savor it." –  - E.B. White

Book Review

The Power of Intention, Learning to Co-Create Your World Your Way by Dr. Wayne Dyer

This profound book was one of my earliest influences in Conscious Creation. Intention is the key to setting the course for our future, and understanding its critical importance in our lives is essential for anyone who wishes to live a fulfilling existence.  Part 1 of this book deals with the principles of intention, offering true stories and examples showing how to make the connection. Dyer identifies the attributes of the all-creating Universal mind of intention as creative, kind, loving, beautiful, expanding, endlessly abundant and receptive, explaining the importance of emulating this source of creativity. In Part II, Dyer offers an intention guide with specific ways to apply the co-creating principles in daily life. Part III is an exhilarating description of Dyer’s vision of an individual connected at all times to the Universal mind of intention. Definitely a must on the Conscious Creators’ library shelf!  


You can find this book at

Conscious Creation Tip

Bless Your Money!

The next time you wince when you pay a bill, or dread paying for something, note this feeling–for it is one of the factors that contributes to your financial strain. Our conscious and unconscious dreads, fears and anxieties about money constrict our flow of Conscious Creation. However, there is a simple easy-to-remember way to open up that channel of abundance. BLESS YOUR MONEY!  Bless it when it comes in. Bless it when you pay a bill, knowing that you are contributing to economic liquidity. Bless it when you deliver it to the cashier because you are helping to keep that business healthy so it can be there for your convenience. Bless it when you give it to anyone or provide it for any purpose because somewhere in the chain you are helping someone else in need earn food and shelter. Bless it because it’s a joyful form of energy! (Money=a fair exchange of energy for a service or product.) Bless it when you give it away to help someone else. Bless it because it helps create your abundance. Just take out a dollar bill right now and kiss it! And say thanks for the grace it affords you.


Now just remember this whenever you have that sense of money pressure or lack! Instantly start blessing your money and very possibly you will soon begin to see those dollars multiply! I see my bills in a whole different light since I began doing this! And I actually feel good about paying them!

The Secret Life of Bees

This weekend brought a lovely film that demonstrated the power of both love and Conscious Creation. The rapidly growing-up Dakota Fanning plays a 14-year-old living in a lonely household with an abusive and uncaring father after an early family tragedy. Her one desire is to have someone to love her as her mother would have done had she been alive. By the end of this charming film, she had more "mothers" than she can count, all loving her profoundly. It is through the power of her passionate desire for love that she indeed creates it. This film, The Secret Life of Bees, with Queen Latifa as the beekeeper to whom Fanning flees, is well worth the time. 

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About Jackie Lapin

Jackie Lapin is the author of the #1 bestseller, The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World, a book acclaimed by such other leading notables as Joe Vitale and Mark Victor Hansen, as well as the media and readers worldwide. As an author, speaker, coach and visionary, Lapin advocates the practicing of Conscious Creation by individuals so that they may have greater control over their lives and the future of the planet. (  To further this knowledge, she has created an online bookstore for the Conscious Creator , ( to assemble the leading books about manifesting and Law of Attraction.  Lapin is also the founder of United World Healing (, an organization chartered to unite people in shared vision to shape a peaceful and abundant world future.


Before embarking on her career in Conscious Creation, Lapin was known as a leading media relations expert, nationally recognized for the past 30 years for assisting companies with generating the publicity that has ensured their success. Among her clients were The World Poker Tour (where she was instrumental in launching the worldwide poker phenomenon,) Toyota, Upper Deck, The Golf Channel, the LA Marathon, Disney, Seagrams, Mazda, Avon, Showtime, PetSmart and more. Lapin’s most recent venture is Conscious Media Relations, (,) a public relations agency pairing authors, speakers and coaches with more than 600 radio hosts who seek interviews with leaders in the personal development industry. 



What Would My Soul Do?






Most of the time when we are faced with choices and decisions, we anguish over them because of all of the baggage that we have built up over the years. Our decisions are made more difficult because of fears, anxieties, past memories and other emotions that press in from all corners. We allow our mind chatter, mistrust and self doubts to project all kinds of negative consequences and these either cause indecision, delayed decision or the wrong decision. Even if we make the right decision, we have anguished over it and suffered the painful process of sorting through the baggage before we get to the relief of commitment. And then, even, we may second guess ourselves.


Now just imagine that you were your soul. Your soul is filled with light and joy! This incredible being vibrates with love and peace. It is completely trusting in the Universe to guide it, and has at hand the faith that every decision is one that will lead to its highest good. And if the decision doesn’t appear at first to be a clear path to expansion, than the soul knows that this is a valuable lesson that will redirect it to the light. This soul has a knowingness, it taps into the Zero Point or Unified Field to gain information that allows it to make a good decision, it relies on an intuition that is always right. The soul is a repository of integrity and honesty, making choices that show honor for its existence and honor for the other souls in which it comes in contact. This soul recognizes that we are all one and that there is no separation between beings, so it blesses each contact with another soul with love, kindness and compassion. It sees in each and every other being that soul’s dignity and demonstrates appreciation for the path it has taken.


Essentially, your soul is a clean slate that brings only its joy and love to the party. It doesn’t have all of the other baggage that your earthly human life has amassed. It is free of all restrictions, pain, anquish and limitations. All it asks is “does this lead me to expansion, light and love?”  


So, as you go about your life, why not ask “What Would My Soul Do?”  Just let go of all of the other mind chatter, pair back to basics and ask this one simple question: “What Would My Free, Expansive, Happy Spirit Do In This Circumstance?”  


Get quiet, go deep into yourself and just open the door for your soul to answer.


Unencombered by all of the worries, anxieties and history, your soul can make a clear decision based on your highest good. With the freedom of not being weighed down, it can fly! It will soar with the knowledge of the right decision, guided by the Universe, embraced by God. Note how this feels to you in your emotional core! Clear, joyful, easy, peaceful, confident, relieved? That’s what you should be feeling if your soul takes the lead. 


Now you may still have to consider the consequences to others close to you when you make your decision, but at least you will have the wisdom of knowing what your spirit believes is right for you before you make your final commitment. And this clear knowledge and wisdom should be given the weightiest consideration. If you must compromise your soul’s guidance to accommodate the circumstances, than at least use this wisdom as a compass to where you ultimately want to go.  And begin Consciously Creating a good outcome for the decision you have to make and for an even better opportunity in the future to fully implement your soul’s guidance.  


“What Would My Soul Do?” Whether this is about a relationship, a career move, a financial decision, a health matter, or anything else…This one question can simplify your life, allow you to drop away all of the inessentials that hold you back when you are faced with a situation, enable you to see more clearly what is truly in your highest good, focus on what is really important, be decisive, and blaze a trail to a happier, more productive, more relevant and more soul-satisfying life.