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Pursuit of Happiness

The Barna Group recently asked adults to identify the things they regard as very impotant in their "Ideal Life." You might think that in America today that "having a comfortable lifestyle" would be near the top of the list, but it only came up 7th. Here were our priorities:

  • Good physical health 85%
  • A high degree of integrity 85%
  • One marriage partner for life 80%
  • A clear purpose for living 77%
  • A close relationship to God 75%
  • Close personal friendships 74%
  • A comfortable lifestyle 70%

This is very heartening, to know that integrity, life purpose and spirituality are all valued higher than lifestyle. Let's hope that these numbers would hold up through all demographics! 

Book Review

Healing the Heart of the World: Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life And Your Planet
by Dawson Church, Ph.D.
This wonderful anthology brings together some of the most profound Thought Leaders in the consciousness movement.  Church has assembled brilliant, insightful, elegant, wisdom-filled prose from such writers as Carolyn Myss, Barbara De Angelis, John Gray, Masaru Emoto, Joan Borysenko, Bruce Lipton, Neale Donald Walsh, Andrew Harvey and even Prince Charles and Naomi Judd!  40 authors present cosmic questions, pose thoughtful answers and inspire action.  The topics range from individual wellness to planetary health.  From the core of their hearts to the core of the world’s heart, they explore the issues and hopes that lie at the center of the dilemmas facing humankind on the cusp of vast change.  These are visionary ideas that point the way to a sane, hopeful and sustainable future.

You can find this book at


Jackie Lapin is the author of bestseller, The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World.   She is also the founder of Jackie Lapin Media Relations, an award-winning public relations firm that helped launch the worldwide poker phenomenon and has served such clients as Toyota, Mazda, Upper Deck, Avon, Caesars World, Philip Morris, Seagram, Heineken, Borden, Old Spice, The World Poker Tour, NHL, Doctors Foster and Smith, Showtime, GolfChannel, PetSmart, Star Trac Fitness Equipment and U.S. Playing Card. 
Now she is combining both expertise’ in Conscious Media Relations, (,) a specialty division of her company, aimed at helping authors, speakers, coaches, leaders and companies serving the self-help, personal development, consciousness marketplace.  The agency has been created to aid with book and product launch media relations, publicity for speaking tours and seminars, media tours, radio media tours, article distribution, awards submission and more.


With 30 years of experience, Lapin has long been a leader in the PR industry, but she is now applying her knowledge of both media and the dawning of the Consciousness movement on behalf of the agency’s clients. Lapin is in a unique position to know what a New Age/Self-Help/Personal Development author, coach, speaker, visionary leader or company needs in terms of media relations, having been there herself and brought to the table her expertise from decades of successful PR experience. Thanks to publicizing her own book, Lapin has assembled proprietary lists of media in this specialized market segment, including nearly 600 radio and internet radio shows.


“Our campaigns will offer either a full package, for example a book launch, or will provide an à la carte menu to people with more directed objectives or funding,” said Lapin. “Depending on subject matter and whether it has wider appeal to the mainstream market, we will tailor the campaign to meet the client’s needs and budget. An excellent option for an author with a limited budget is our highly targeted Radio Media Tour.”


 Conscious Media Relations’ Radio Media Tours will package an individual’s current topic, platform or book into a means to reach thousands of prospective buyers or clients without ever leaving his or her desk. The effort can also increase opt-in lists by thousands of subscribers though the booking of targeted radio show interviews with hosts who have wide audiences both online and on broadcast radio.  


For more information, go to or call (818) 707 1473.

Create Your Fantasy Vacation!


There's still a little time left in summertime!  The sun is warming you, the birds are chirping (I seem to have an aviary in my backyard—each of my potted plants has a nesting mother bird in it.)  The beach beckons.  Nature calls you to its alter.  Your thoughts turn to frolicking with your lover, your children, and your friends.  The movie theatres are filled with summer blockbusters and whimsical art house films.

As you are thinking these wonderful thoughts, you’re probably sitting at your desk, with that big chain around your ankle!

So let’s create our fantasy vacation!  Let’s create the visualization that will open the door for the vacation that you crave.  Let your imagination soar!  Feel free to get out the travel magazines to set your imagination free.

So where are you going?  Wandering beautiful Paris, enjoying the crystal islands of Greece, stalking game with your camera in Africa, touring the U.S. national parks, climbing Machu Pichu, surfing in Australia, exploring exotic corners of the globe?

With whom are you going?  With your husband, wife or life partner?  With your fantasy lover who is on the way?  With your children?  Your parents?  Your girlfriends or guy friends?  With someone you wish was more than a friend?  Or even happily alone!

Where do you want to stay?  In a 5-star resort?  On a houseboat?  In a converted castle?  In a tiny village?  In a cabin?  In a tent?  In an eco-resort?  In a beachside villa?  In an over-water bungalow?

What do you want to do when you get there?  Completely relax and become toast?  Sightsee everything!  Take a tour?  Walk or hike the area?  Photograph?  Visit the best eateries?  See how the locals live?  Try all the adventures—parasailing, horseback riding, diving, bungee jumping, play among the manna rays, swing in the tree tops?  Meet other singles?  Check out the nightlife?  Go to museums?

What do you want to take with you beside your sunblock?  Your telescope?  A novel you’ve been meaning to get to?  Your golf clubs?  Your tennis racket?  The list of collectibles you want to acquire?  Your iPod?  Your camera?  Your pet?

Where do you want to shop and what do you want to shop for?  The souk? The authentic crafts market?  The antique mart?  The jewelry factory?  The rum factory?  The local farmer’s market?  The art dealers?  The t-shirt shop?

What do you want to do to pamper yourself or how do you want to be pampered?  Have a luxurious massage?  Go to the spa?  Read all day in bed with breakfast delivered?  Sit on the porch with your favorite music playing?  Cuddle with your lover in a hammock?  Give your full attention to your child all day long?  Sit in the hot tub as the sun goes down?  Take a walk on the beach holding someone’s hand?  Eat one very rich desert?

Describe your most memorable day.  (No help here…Let your imagination do the work!)

Describe your most memorable night.  (Same as above)

What photo do you want to come home and show to everyone else?  The giant marlin you caught?  The attractive playmate who romanced you?  You at the peak of Mt. Everest?  The wonderful village family that charmed your heart?  Holding a koala bear with your kids?  Walking arm in arm in Waikiki with your mate?  The fabulous lion that crossed your path, strolling as if you weren’t there?  You and your friends waving from the castle-top?  You kissing the hand of the Pope?

Now make sure to write this down!  And have fun on your imaginary vacation.  May it manifest for you now or in the future!

Happy travels!


“Humility is the understanding that we are just like everyone else—no better, no worse.  This negates the ego’s primary purpose, which is to fool us into believing we are better than others.”
Sandy Gluckman

CD Review

Chakra Clearing
by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
This is one of the most soothing Chakra Clearing Meditations I have heard in a long time.  Many people recognize Doreen Virtue for her books on angels.  Here she puts her focus on gently guiding you through spirit release and healing therapy, clearing your energy chakra centers and activating your inborn healing and intuitive powers.  Her morning meditation begins the day with a bright, positive energy frequency, surrounding you with healing light.  The relaxing evening meditation that follows clears away energy that you may have absorbed during the day and invites you to enter your dreams is a state of positive repose.  I especially like to do this on weekends, when I don’t feel rushed and want to savor the experience.  It’s a wonderful feeling of being refreshed to start the next week!

You can find this CD at

Conscious Creation Tip

Look for Messages in Movies and TV.  These days it’s almost hard to go to the movies and not find a wonderful message about Conscious Creation and spiritual upliftment.  If you are now on this path, you will find wonderful support in the media who are awakening to the concept of Conscious Creation and the critical value of choosing our thoughts.  Ratatouille and August Rush are perfect examples, where choosing to hold a vision by the main character allowed that vision to manifest.  I’ve heard wonderful things about Kung Fu Panda.  Eli Stone is a relatively new TV show about a lawyer who’s supposed visions from a brain aneurysm are leading him down a spiritual path, one where he makes choices that are not popular with his bosses, but are high frequency decisions.  So these days if you want reinforcement for your beliefs and truths…turn off the news and scour the listings for something that will be satisfying your soul… It’s there more often every day!

Led By Faith: Rising from the Ashes of the Rwandan Genocide

Img_ilibagiza_ledbyfaith Immaculée Ilibagiza's astonishing story of survival was documented in the bestseller Left To Tell. Now Immaculée's amazing journey continues in her new book Led By Faith: Rising from the Ashes of the Rwandan Genocide.


Through her simple and eloquent voice, we experience her hardships and heartache as she fights to survive and find meaning and purpose in the aftermath of the genocide. She struggles along with her homeland to heal from the wounds of war and to keep love, and forgiveness alive.


Purchase Immaculée's miraculous and inspiring story, Led By Faith, and you'll receive free gifts and be entered into a prize draw.


For additional details, visit:


Are You Surfing the Love Vibration?

Surf The Love Vibration: 10 Tips for Using Love to Make Your Life Happier and Easier

Do you want a happier, easier life?  Surf the Love Vibration!

Is life a bit of a struggle?  Do you find yourself thwarted at work, unhappy at home, yearning for romance, feeling unappreciated?  Then love is your answer.  Not romantic love, but Universal love — the kind that opens the doors of infinite possibilities.

We live in a world where fear, anger, disappointment, jealousy, hopelessness and self-hate are the primary currency.  These are just some of the underlying negative emotions and thoughts that are most people’s default response to their experiences.  Such thoughts are limiting and destructive perceptions that simply permeate one’s world, and perpetuate misery and unhappiness.

The reason is that our thoughts and emotions are energy.  Quantum physics is proving that they have the power to influence and change our future.  What we think, we manifest.  We are Conscious Creators.  If we put out negative energy, we will attract more in return.  Negative energy throws up roadblocks in our life; it makes everything more difficult.

Consider for example the last time you had a disagreement with a co-worker.  Did you show your anger or disappointment?  What happened?  Did you create tension?  Did you get your way?  What was the cost?  What about the last fight you had with your lover or spouse?  Could your negative approach have made things worse?  If you do see yourself in these descriptions, then maybe you are ready to try Surfing the Love Vibration.

Love is the highest frequency energy in the Universe.  It is the positive energy that drives and powers the Universe.  When you raise your own personal frequency—the frequency of your thoughts and emotions—to match the Universe, you will be floating along in concert with the Universe instead of going against it.  In other words, you have the opportunity to grab your board and go Surfing the Love Vibration.

So how does one grab the wave?

  • Whenever you are confronted with an unpleasant situation or conflict, send love as your advance guard.  Stop before you speak.  Instead imagine sending out pink light from your heart or throwing a net of love over the participants.
  • Before you enter a situation you think might be confrontational, shower yourself in pink light.  Feel yourself being loved and embraced by the people you are soon to encounter.
  • When you feel down, depressed, unworthy, unloved or unattractive — give yourself a love bath!  You are a fabulous human being, a part of the Universe’s essence.  Remember that you are loved and that you must love yourself.  By doing so, you will attract more love.
  • Love those who you often forget to love.  This includes people such as mailmen, auto mechanics or store clerks who make your life easier and provide a service to you.
  • Forgive and love difficult relatives, ornery neighbors, demanding bosses, forgetful boyfriends, nagging wives, bad waiters, clueless salesclerks, crabby seniors and anyone else that has been an annoyance in your life previously.  Love them ‘til they begin picking up your “vibe” and begin behaving differently!
  • Choose love first when you must have a heart-to-heart talk with your loved ones—no matter what the topic.  Start from that framework — not anger, disappointment or need.  State what you are feeling and perceiving, and then ask what he/she feels about the matter and what is that person’s perception.  Don’t accuse or demand.  Seek compromise.
  • Practice random acts of kindness.  Whether it’s for someone you know or someone you don’t, such acts of grace are a powerful message of love in the Universe.
  • When you feel fear, seek its opposite.  Are you afraid of success or failure?  Are you afraid of trying something new?  Are you afraid to voice your feelings?  Whatever you fear can be transformed with love.  Give yourself love and permission.  Trust the Universe to help you, once you’ve administered that love.
  • When in doubt, spout love!  Not sure what to do or how to handle something?  Just send out waves of love.  Direct them toward anyone that impacts you and your decision.  Direct them toward the desired outcome.  Direct them toward yourself.  Direct them toward the Universe.
  • Love the World!  Love the Earth and its inhabitants—all living things.  Love the people who are courageous and conscious leaders.  Love the people that put their lives on the line to protect us (police, firefighters, servicemen and women, search & rescue).  Love the people who live a conscious life—and love those who don’t so that they may become conscious and caring.  Love the animals, sea creatures and insects that share our Earth.  Love the food and water that sustains us.  Love truth and integrity; and respect everyone so that they may become the social engine that drives the world forward.

Conscious Creation Tip

Taking the Pressure Off—Giving in to Divine Timing.  Do you ever get to the point when you feel you’re a tea kettle about to boil over because you feel the pressure from so many deadlines?  Here’s what I do… when I get stressed and worried about the limited time I have to get something accomplished based on deadlines that I have imposed on myself or that have been imposed on me–and perhaps I'm stuck waiting on other people–I sit back and say, "Trust the Universe.  It'll come together in my highest good."  Then I remind myself, "It may not be my timing, but it'll be in Divine timing."

And that takes the worry and control off my shoulders…And, of course, then everything happens just as it should.