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Still Interconnected 10000 Miles Away

For those who may live the illusion that we are an island unto ourselves in this world, we had an experience this week that reminds us how interconnected we all are. You can read about the headlines of terrorists on the other side of the world and think that it’s not our concern, those are not "our" people under seige. But then again you might pick up the phone the other day, as we did, and talk to someone in India who is helping on an outsourced web project we have initiated, only to hear him say that he has been asked to stay home the rest of the week, so he won’t get blown up by a terrorist bomb in the tech center of Banaglore.  That day bombs had killed two people and injured five–people just going to and from work, like you and I do. While we may not personally know the horror of terrorist bombs, here is someone we know and respect –who is committed to helping us –seeking shelter from these nightmares. The world is getting smaller by the day. Let us all put our hearts and minds to work Conciously Creating a world where no one has to worry about terrorists on their way to work.      

A World Set Right

Each day we hear such gloom and doom about our world, and people feel so weighed down, that everything is heading toward an apocalypse. But this week I read two stories that tell a different story. In Sunday’s LA Times, a front page feature showed the fantastic recovery of the Bolsa Chica wetlands, how thousands of birds were now nesting and making their homes in the watery meadows, and how scallops were multiplying, and dozens of endangered species were making a comeback. By recovering the precious wetlands from parking lots and an oil field, environmentals, federal and state agencies and volunteer groups had transformed the Bolsa Chica area once again into a natural haven for wildlife. It’s a true transformation and the experts are just awestruck by the success! Where there is a will, (an intention or conscious creation) there is a way!

I also read today about Steven Kwon, a 60-year-old scientist and researcher from Pasadena who has single-handedly convinced 4,400 Afghan farmers in 15 provinces to plant 80 tons of soybeans, resulting in 2,000 tons of protein for the nutritionally-starved nation  –and in so doing gotten them to forego planting opium poppies. And 6,000 more farmers are waiting to get into the program, but limited funding from Kwon’s nonprofit Nutrition and Education International and the Afghan government means that only 25% of them will be able to participate. But there is great hope for the future! There wasn’t one soybean plant in the country when Kwon started in 2005! This is a real solution to the protein shortage and a way to stem the drug trade!

Now I prefer to see these as the leading edge toward taking the world in the right direction,and by focusing on these victories and applauding them, we open the door for more!   

“Why Don’t I Ever Get a Break?”

Most everyone at one time or another has thought, “I never get a break!,”  “Nothing ever goes right for me” or asked “Why doesn’t my life work?”

It is simple to think that uncontrollable forces are conspiring against us. But who is really at fault here and what can you do about becoming one of those people where nearly everything falls perfectly into place?

Quantum physics, is proving that we create our own reality and that the life we currently have is one we’ve manifested for ourselves. We are Conscious Creators, or UnConscious Creators, whose thoughts and emotions attract the outcomes we experience. Our thoughts are packets of energy that go out into the world and bring back similar energy.

Do you hate your job?  If so, that energy is likely to foster more dissatisfaction and sorrow, and should you seek a new job, you’ll find one that is equally unsatisfying. If you choose instead to picture yourself in a better working environment with happy relationships and supportive co-workers — and emit that type of thought energy — you’ll realize an improvement. If you’re having fiscal issues and focus only on your lack of money, the Universe will match your negative energy with its own and further the lack. However, think of yourself as a happy, wealthy person with an abundance, then money will begin to flow your way. If you’re unsatisfied with your body, that thought’s energy will keep you stuck in a downward spiral. Begin to love yourself and accept who you are, then you’ll draw joy to yourself and love from others.

What’s likely happened in your life is that you’ve become an UnConscious Creator. You are manifesting your future through default. Negative emotions and thoughts guide your existence. Want to stop asking “What is wrong with my life?”  Then start asking “What is right with my life?”

• Strive to become a Conscious Creator. Form your new life by envisioning it with love! Create an image in your mind of the life you’d like to experience, and include all the outstanding aspects that bring you joy. See your new life in detail … and actually feel it!

• Start to consciously change negative thoughts and feelings. Ask what is the opposite thought you might conjure in your mind? What emotion or thought will produce positive energy that will draw from the Universe your desired results?  Think from the perspective of what it would be like to be in the space where your desire is already present.

• Look at your assets and take stock in those things for which you should be grateful. Gratitude is a great location to start the process of transformation. The Universe responds to gratitude by bringing more things for which to be grateful.

• Begin to monitor your thoughts. Are you self-sabotaging your life with negative thoughts and emotions? It helps to keep a list of negative thoughts that emerge in your consciousness. Carry a notepad with you to catch yourself in the act of creating negative energy, and note those thoughts.

• When in doubt, spread love! Compassion, kindness and love are the most powerful thoughts and emotions that resonate with the Universe. These will not only come back to you, but they will help pave the way to your new existence.

Focus regularly on the positives and you’re on your way to transforming your life! Plus, you’ll be helping the world as a whole because happy people add positive energy to the planet’s consciousness and assist in transforming the Earth into a happier, more loving and compassionate place. So do yourself and the Universe a favor — start Consciously Creating your own joy. 

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Quote for the Week

“Sow a thought, you reap an action,
Sow an action, you reap a habit,
Sow a habit, you reap a character,
Sow a character, and you reap a destiny"

Samuel Smiles, 19th Century author, Philosopher

Book Review “Where Peace Lives” by Debbie Robins

Where Peace Lives is a book of timeless wisdom for people of all ages.  Both children and adults will delight in the adventure to free the angel Peace who has been locked in an unbreakable glass box and can’t get out.  The only hope for the world is to find the three keys to set Peace free.  Inspired by the universal teachings of Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Buddha, Jesus Christ, Moses and Mohammad, the story teller (who is never mentioned by name, gender or age, so each reader can make this journey on his or her own) discovers that the “Three Keys to Peace” are not physical keys.  To learn what they are, Robins invites you to read the book.  Where Peace Lives was written to inspire the world to study, learn and practice more peace, and to encourage parents to become their children’s peace teachers.  Where Peace Lives is a call to action to strengthen our peace ‘muscle’, and make it our most dominant, global trait.  Written in the vein of The Little Prince and beautifully illustrated, Where Peace Lives is a classic in the making.
You can find this book at